Horny Mother And Son


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i am 28 year old horney woman, married to a 45 year old man whose first wife died due to some illness.he has one son with his first marriage.i married to him b’coz mine is a poor f****y.he is a businessman.his name is arif khan.we had good sex life for first two years of marriage.but after that he is not so good at that and he became worst after his business ran in to huge losses.he went to gulf to earn money leaving me and my stepson back home. now i tell about me. i’m sameena 28 years of age.my vital stats are 37d-30-38 a bit on the plum side.

My son abdul 14 years of age and just wrote his 10th exams. even though i’m ahorney woman i never thought about having it with my son until that incident happened.one day after taking my bath i am puting on clothes in my bed room. suddenly abdul came in to my room.i was wearing my black lacy bra and trying to hook it but couln’t properly as hook got struck.i was only inpetticoat and his eyes glued to my boobs.i could see initial urges of a teen boy in his eyes.he quickly left the room.soon after i found he is paying lot of attention to my boobs.he even looking in to my cleavage while i am serving food to him.i never study his intensions in his eyes.but one after one day after lunch i’m taking a nap.while i woke up i saw him masterbating before me. his eyes are staring my cleavage as my pally went off in sl**p.i saw his erected manhood to 6 inches quite big for his age.bl**d is running fast in my weins and i’m becoming passionate.he tried to cover his manhood as he saw me came out of deep sl**p and tried to rush from my room.

I called ‘abdul’ loudly.he stopped meanwhile adjusted his lungie.i again called him.he came near me and i asked him to sit on the bed.he sat on the bed still his head sank to ground.i know i became horney.i now understand his basic instincts. but i try to play it coolly.i look at my self. i wore a green sari matcing low neck blouse which is revealin my ample bosom as my pallu still on the floor. i adjusted my pallu swiftly. i spoke to him a soft voice that what he is doing in my bed room.he kept quite.don’t do that hand work it’s bad( i mean masterbation). he nodded. i asked me u like me he said yes.what do u like most in me i asked him.he kept quite. i took his both hands and guided them to my breast and asked him do u like them. he nodded shyly.then i asked him to close the main door properly and come again.he rushedly closed the door he came back.he is still shy but not as early.

I asked him about his girlfriends but he said he has no girl friends.i asked him to come close to me.i took him in to my arms and tried to french kiss him.we smooche for about 5 minutes.meanwhile his hands traveled down to my boobs and fondling them.i took a step back and asked him to undress me.he took off the pallu and saree off my body.i was standing b4 him in blouse and petticoat.then abdul sobingly asked me mama i luv u.i am dying to see ur boobs and want to play with them.i grabed his hands and placed above my boobs and play with them.he started kneading my blouse claden boobs which are much fuller than his hands like chapathi atta.ahh ! i moaned .i’m getting such pleasure for the first time after years.he bent to my boobs and started licking my cleavage while squeezing my boobs.

I’m becoming horney by that act.i stopped him but he was reluctant.i told him to take off my clothes.then he started unbuttoning my blouse one by one while licking my cleavage.he opened my blouse and throw ti on the floor.my boobs bunched like two big juicy mangoes in my black bra.he became impatient and want tear off my bra but i stopped him and took his both hands to my back while crushing my boobs to his chest.i could feel his bulgein his lungie.i immediatly pulled his lungie which fell on floor.abdul invaded my boobs with his both little hands but couldn’t succeed.his bare hands touching my boobs made me more passionate.

I stripped of his t-shirt.he was naked standing b4 me and trying to hold my boobs and try knead them to his heart content.then i said hey slowly it’s paining but he is reluctant to hear me spent 10 min. on my boobs with both hands then i pushed him on to the bed.swiftly i pulled the not of petticoat took it off . i went to bed lay beside him .he came close to me.i took his head with both my hands and took it to my breast.suck them i ordered.he took my right nipple in his mouth and started sucking.i cried with joy. i took his hand and asked him to squeez my other nipple hard. he spent a lot of time altering my boobs.i closed my eyes and enjoying his mouth and hands on my boobs and moaning softly.in the mean while abdul tried to take my whole right boob in to his mouth but failed.i smiled and desconnected him from my right boob and offered my left one.he spent full one hour.i decided to go for ultimate action.i stopped him and pushed him on his back on the bed. i took his cock in my hand guided it to my juicy cunt lips and sit on his lap.

My cunt slowly accomodated his full length.he moaned .i started jumping on his lap.my boobs r bouncing like two foot balls.he took both of them and strted kneading them.i am moaning with pleasure and riding him for 10 min.to shattering multiple orgasms.abdul pushed me back on bed started pumping me.after 5 min. he exploded in my cunt mean while i had 2 more orgasms.he lied on me for 10 min.after that he said thanks maa u gave life time exp.then i kissed him and beta u too fine . and i pushed my right breast in to his mouth.he is sucking like a hungry baby. i held him close to my boobs.he got erection again he entered me and ride me for 40 min.exploding inside me.i have shattering orgasms.i am thoroughly enjoying his young cock and his hands and mouth on my breast.we slept night together like that.next day i woke up early took bath wear a nighty with bra and petti coat inside. i rarely wear panties in the house.i went to kitchen want to prepare some tea for both of us.i don’t know when abdul wake up he embraced me from my back and started kneading my boobs.i told him to take bath in the meanwhile i will prepare tea.no mom i want milk .o.k baba i will give milk but u take bath first i pretend to be angry.

He left bath room saying milk from ur milk pots.he completed everything and came out of bath room in 10 min.as i am preparing some break fast he came from back and embraced me from back.i could feel his hardness on my ass.i asked him to wait outside i will prepare break fast.but he reluctant to move.while i am grinding in the pan his hands kneading my boobs. i couldn’t stop him b’coz i’m thoriughly enjoying it.when he demanded me he want my boobs out off my cloathes i asked him to help ur self.the nighty has ajipper in the front he pulled it down while i’m cooperating with him.he took of nighty.when he tried search for the bra hook he couldn’t find on on my back.i smiled to him and told that it is front open one.i took his both hands taught him to open the brahook in the front.he opened the bra and throw it on th floor.

He is looking admiringly at my boobs as i stood only in my petticoat and topless.i became impatient draged his head to my boobs pushed my one boob to his mouth while another his hand to squeez.i told him to enjoy like that mean while i’ll complete cooking.he is altering boobs i cooperated with him and finish cooking in 10 min.suddenly a i have an idea flashed my mind.i held him close to my breast as he is sucking one while jneading the other i took him to fridge and took out ice cream out of it. iasked him to pour ice cream all over and suck me off.he poured on my boobs and started sucking my boobs wildly i started crying with joy making lot of sound as he feasted my boobs for two hours.after sucking them he took me to bed fucked me like any thing.we enjoyed like this till my husband came from gulf.ofcourse whenever we get a chance or my husband out i enjoy with my son
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lovely story
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