Just a lil chatroulette log....

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You: you like
You: ?
Stranger: mmm yes
You: want me to cum for you
Stranger: yes
You: lick your tits
You: and i'll jag it hard
Stranger: cant reach): haha
You: show them to me
Stranger: one?
You: both
Stranger: one?
You: no, both tits
Stranger: you have one dick i show you one boob.
You: imagine my dick sliding into you
You: that sounds like a deal
Stranger: okay then
You: two for cum, one for one but two for cum
Stranger: fine both.
You: ok
You: help me and tell me how much you love black cock
Stranger: so much i want it in me
You: ok
You: ,,,,,,,,
Stranger: mmm yumm
You: shows over goodnight
You: big tits
Stranger: thanks
You have disconnected.
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