A Cuckoldess's shopping trip part one

My name is Nadia l am russian by birth and a dominant bitch by nature, l have ben married for 5 years and during that time l have trained my husband so that he knows that what l say and want is all important and that his position in life is with his head between my legs cleaning my pussy after one of my many lovers has fucked me. You see l am a domintrix / cuckoldess and one of my favourite things is to dress like a slut and then parade myself in front of one or more horny men or women and then fuck them while my husband stands helplessly by and then making him clean us all up with his tongue afterwards. Nowadays he has to permanently wear a cock restrainer and an ass butt plug, worse for him l have been training my stepdaughter to be a domintrix and she enjoys practicing on her father and making him lick out her pussy especially if i'm using one of my strap-ons on his arse.

His not inconsiderable salary is paid directly into my account and he is given a small allowance to buy gifts for me and his daughter and he has signed over the house to me as well, this is because if his secret gets out he would be ruined.

A few days ago l had to go out shopping for some new boots for a forthcoming party and l had arrived at a shoe shop where a nice male assistant walked up to me and said 'can l help you' I explained my desire and he smiled and nodded and said to take a seat, my husband who was standing two paces behind me aas l require stepped forward and standing on tip toe ( l should explain my husband is 5'7", l am 5'10" in my stocking feet and l always wear heels so l tower over him) reached to take off my long leather coat.

Today l had dressed to make an impression short black leather mini skirt, white silk blouse, black leather gloves which l'd pulled over the sleeves of the blouse so they reached up to my mid-arms, l also had on a pair of black shoes with 4" stiletto heels and black patterned stockings l don't normally wear panties unless it's that time of the month.

I sat down and pointed to my side with a leather gloved hand at my husband and like the obiendant slave he is he came and stood there, the assistant came back and opened the box inside were the longest most supple thigh length black leather boots the shop had.

I looked at my husband and he knelt down and as l raised a leg he removed my shoe and did the same with the other, l smiled at the assistant and said 'Could you help me with the boots please' he smiled and kneeling where my husband had been he fitted one leg with the boot l knew he could see right up my short skirt and l wondered what he was going to do, he zipped up the boot all the way to the top and two of his fingers 'accidentially brushed my pussy lips as l brought up the other leg l opened my legs slightly wider and waited as the assistant fitted the second boot this time his fingers entered my pussy and flicked my clit l smiled at him and held out my gloved hand to him and smiled asking if he could help me up.

He got up and returning my smile took my hand and helped me up the boots had 5" stiletto heels and l walked around the shop a few times and smiling at the asistant said ' well their alright to walk in but l need to give them a proper test' the assistant smiled and adjusting the bulge in his crotch said 'l know exactly what you mean madam if you would like to follow me l have just the place'

He walked towards the back of the shop and into the storage area and l followed l noticed his female colleague smiling as l imperialiously waved with my leather gloved hand at my husband to follow me carrying my coat and bag,the assistant led us to the back of the storage area where there was a bare plastered wall, he stopped and looking me up and down said ' l believe this is what madam requires'

I smiled and reaching out with a gloved hand started stroking his bulge replied 'l believe you have the rest of the equipement that l need for the test', l unzipped his trousers as he undid his belt and puling them down revealed a thick circumised cock which was nice and thick and about 8" long.

Leaning against the wall l slowly slid down and motioning him forward with a gloved hand l grabbed his cock and took his shaft into my mouth whilst one gloved hand massaged his hairy balls, my other gloved hand went between my legs and started playing with my clit and inserting a finger or two into my pussy.

My husband was standing there with a look of helplessness on his face which only increased my lust and desire to have this cock in my pussy the fact that there were several customers in the shop only made it even exciting,after a few minutes l stood up and looking at my husband smiled and said 'Look slave he's so big and hard l can't wait to get it into my pussy where he'll then deposit his lovely thick spunk and you can then do what your so good at and clean me out' his only response was to nod which made me laugh.

I looked at the assistant and breathing deeply said 'Come on then give it to me' and grabbing his now hard cock with my gloved hand guided it into my wet pussy, it slid in easily and putting both hands on my arse started to rythmnically fuck me.

The head of his cock was flicking the tip of my clit as he thrust in and out and this was making me even hornier, then my mobile phone rang my husband pulled it out of the side pocket of my bag and handed it to me, l looked and could see that it was my stepdaughter and so l decided to answer it ' Hi Gemma', l said breathlessly as the shop assistant had stopped fucking me and l could feel my pussy getting wetter as my orgasm started to build.

'What are you up to at the moment' she asked ' Just field testing a new pair of boots' l replied l could hear her laugh and then she said ' so your've got some blokes cock up your cunt while the worm stands there helpless, anyway l'm phoning to ask if you can pick me up a pair of boots as well anyway somethings come up and l've got to deal with it'.

I casually lobbed the phone in the direction of my husband and noticed that one of the female assistants was standing by the doorway and had hitched her skirt up and was playing with herself as she watched us, l smiled and then grabbed the hair of the assistant saying ' fuck me hard you bastard l'm going to come' he just speeded up and l was soon screaming as my orgasm hit me and then he was thrusting hard as he pumped his spunk into my pussy.

We stayed like that for a minute and then he pulled out saying 'l take it that madam is happy with the boots' l looked at his cock which was glistening with my juices and noticed that the female assistant was walking over and gazing at his cock, she reached down and then bending over started to lick his cock.

I motioned to my husband and he scuttled over and looking at him l slapped him around the face with a gloved face and said ' stop gawping and do your job' he got on his knees and grabbing his hair with my gloved hands pulled his face into my wet pussy and snarled ' start cleaning me out', the female assistant had finished cleaning his cock and the male assistant had adjusted his clothing.

Looking at the Male assistant l said 'l'll wear these home but i'll need a second pair size 7' he nodded and walked away, the female assistant walked over and stood next to me and l leaned over and we shared a lovely kiss which tasted of spunk and pussy juice l slipped a gloved hand between her legs and slipped past her knickers and inserted two fingers into her sopping pussy.

To be continued

He walked to the
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1 year ago
That was amazing, i loved it

I can not wait to read the rest.
3 years ago
is there more we hope
3 years ago
3 years ago
That was a great story thank you for sharing
4 years ago
Enjoyed your story and fully agree with your lifestyle. And I like that you have complete financial control as does my wife
4 years ago
great story cant wait for more
4 years ago
Loved it!
4 years ago
Marvellous.... Many Thanks
4 years ago
4 years ago
you are truely a dream cum true
4 years ago
I would absolutely love to fuck this way. Excellent story! Please write more.
4 years ago
Would love to fuck you while your hubby watched some time! I would like to fill your pussy with my cum and watch him clean you out after!
4 years ago
superb read Nadia..love the way you use your hubby as your pussy cleaner..mmmmmmmmmmm
4 years ago
your story has me pulling my stiff fucking prick.looking forward to part two.
4 years ago
An excellent beginning. I'm looking forward to reading and wanking to more.