This is not really porn, but anyway

It's sad when you first fall in love with a man who doesn't care much for you.
It's sad when you realize he just wanted a blowjob. Yeah, I know, how could I have been so naïve?

When your first lover dies on you, you think people are actually nice and they also want a relationship. It took me a couple of years to go out again.

It was sad for me to find out most people only want sex. You might think: How can you be so dumb? In a conservative society like Mexico, you have to keep a low profile. I struggled all through my teenage years, thinking I had to be feminine to get a masculine partner, and I hated that possibility. I don't like feminine men. I like regular manly guys. And then I found one; well the first one rocked my world and he showed me you could still be manly and have the best sex in the world. I was actually in love with him.

My second experience was... not so great. At first, it was for about a month and then he simply went away. I gave him three blowjobs exactly and then he left. The sad thing is that I enjoyed these encounters and I actually thought we could turn it into something serious.... I was so wrong. Stupidly enough we became friends for a year!!!!!, That was a huge mistake, but it made me realize sex is just sex and falling in love is dangerous.

Now, I can actually enjoy sex for the sake of sex. And I have had some other relationships as well. At some point in time, I could finally control my feelings for the people I met. I can still fall in love, and so far, I'm in love with just one, but I enjoy the porn I watch on the net.

My current relationship is going fine. I'm 50, he's 42. He's less into porn than me and somewhat religious, but that doesn't bother me. And in spite of the problems we face, we're getting by. we'll soon celebrate our sixth year together and we still say that we want to grow old together.
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