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Kim's Vacation - A Very Sexy Story

Kim’s Wonderfully Erotic Vacation

Kim stepped off the bus in the small rural, central Illinois town. She was as happy as could be, as she turned she saw her Aunt Mae standing waving to her. She ran and threw her arms around her favorite Aunt and was enveloped in a warm hug and smelled the nice perfume her Aunt wore. Her Aunt’s soft full breasts felt so good against her body. Her perfume reminded Kim of fresh flowers.

“My goodness Kim, you have grown since I last saw you, you are really getting to be a lovely young lady.” Her Aunt said holding her at arm length. Kim’s young fi... Continue»
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by Art Martin

Desperate situations beget desperate measures...

Nick scanned across the lobby, sizing up the guests as they came and went from the elevators to the casino floor. The unctuous smile, ever present, concealed the contempt he held for the suckers that filled the casino in hopes of a quick buck. It was simple, the odds favored the house, not greatly, just slightly, just enough that if you played long enough, the casino would eventually win everything you put at risk. It was a mathematical certainty, and therefore if you played, you were a sucker.

Th... Continue»
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How do you eat a pussy?

I spend definitely too much time on Tumblr, but sometimes I see a post that just can't go unnoticed. When I saw this one, I thought I might share with you, because so many people simply don't know how to do it and what you're about to read is actually a great guide.

"You know when you bite into a really juicy piece of fruit, like a mango, and you have to purse your lips against it to make sure you catch all the drips of juice?

That’s exactly how to perform oral on a person with a vagina. Your whole mouth should embrace them. Over the clitoris and the labia, over the entrance to the v
... Continue»
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[Story] Wife met her BBC friend alone - her perspective

I met my M-man at the door with a kiss. We talked very little. He doesn’t waste anytime when he first gets there. He sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled me down on top of him. We both love to kiss a lot! He plays soft like I do and uses his hands to touch me all over. We kissed while he ran his hands under my blouse and inside my pants.

I wore a low-rise pair of black pants with a lowcut blouse with matching bra and lowrise briefs. I told him I was wearing more this time so he had more to take off. I love being undressed. He slowly lifted my blouse off of me and took my br... Continue»
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[Story] Loving Little s****r and Friend

Loving Little s****r and Friend

Rachel is my younger s****r by three years. Since we were little she and I have been best buddies. For the most part we have always gotten along great together. I love playing games and hanging out with her. She's the happiest person I know and has the cutest smile and the most adorable laugh ever. She is so fun to be around and she's kind and friendly to everyone.

As her older b*****r, naturally I enjoy teasing the hell out of her. I learned early on that I could get her all worked up pretty easy by k**napping her dolls or holding her bears for... Continue»
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Here is the loudest Australian masturbator - I luv her. She yells and moans loudly when she rubs her coochie. I luv her knubby fingers and sexy feet. She is usually naked and most times indoors. Most of her content is on IFM. She doesn't speak much besides reacting to her own jizzery.


[video]http://xhams... Continue»
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I will never sl**p again, I realized.

I will not rest until you are mine and when you are, I will spend every night thereafter making love to you.

I wait like Florentino-

It seems unjust, the torture of desire. Who could tame a fire like an arsonist?

I am your consummate moth and nothing will keep me from you, but you. I pencil myself in to your destiny, get in where I fit. I become the shadow to your flame and we meet in licks.

In my mind I have already bedded your mind, seduced your l... Continue»
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[Story] little sis

I knew what I was planning was seriously off-limits. I had been thinking about doing it since I was sixteen. I knew it could ruin the only friendship I had. I knew it could escalate into a total disaster. I guess to understand my situation I have to explain my c***dhood. My mom and her best friend are like s****rs. They both married their high school sweethearts. Her best friend sandy had a k** right away. My mom was devastated. She couldn’t conceive. She had several miscarriages. Nine years later a miracle happened. She got pregnant with me. Her best friend got pregnant a few wee... Continue»
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[Story] The Wank

The Wank

I don't know why I like this story so much. You could say it's small potatoes compared
to my other adventures, but hey.

It concerns my ex boyfriend Rob but BEFORE he was my boyfriend, I was working at
a comms company, and he'd worked there as a student, before he left and went to
the South Coast to study proper.

He was 5' 11' wiry with a mess of surfdude hair, and if you could imagine a MALE Claudia Schiffer
than that is him.

He was a surf dude and I was a young exec in a suit. I used to go and see him every other
weekend. He lived in a shared house with some ot... Continue»
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Old Jews Telling Jokes

Sam goes into Macy's to the lingerie dept were he meets the lady sales assistant,my wife has sent me in for a Jewish bra size 34B and she says that you would know what i meant.and the sales lady looks at him and says,boy its been a long time since anyone has asked me for a Jewish bra,i usually get asked for a Catholic bra,or a Salvation bra,or a presbyterian bra,so he looks at her kind of funny and says whats the difference,to which she replies,well a Catholic bra supports the masses,the Salvation bra uplifts the downtrodden,and the Presbyterian bra keeps them staunch and upright,right then he... Continue»
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[Story] Blackmailed

Vic lay on his bed, stretched out on his side, naked, his hard, throbbing cock in his hand. As he stroked himself harder and harder, faster and faster, his breathing growing hoarse and ragged, his gaze was locked inexorably upon the centerfold of the magazine before him.

Her name, according to the XXX magazine at any rate, was Honie and, despite the unusual spelling, Vic certainly thought that she was. Her body was lean and trim, smooth and petite, hairless and just lightly tanned. Her nipples were hard as she smiled coyly for the unimaginably lucky photographer who'd been privileged enough... Continue»
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[Story] Am I A Bad Aunt?

Am I a Bad Aunt?

By billy69boy

My name is Eve. I'm a single, twenty-something woman, pursuing a post graduate degree. I consider myself to be fairly cool, and "with it" when it comes to my relationship with my young niece. Ariel had recently turned 14, and we get along great. She seems comfortable talking with me, and she has confided in me about her adolescent concerns that her mother (my sibling) knows nothing about.

Lately, though, I am worried that we may be getting too close, if you know what I mean, and I don't want to do anything wrong that might hurt her. So, I want to... Continue»
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How to go down on a Girl

Here are a few tips…

1) Start out by getting extra-horny!

Kiss down her body:


OK, maybe it’s more like this:

Or kiss up her legs, and her thighs…

[imag... Continue»
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An Invitation To The Party Pit

Lord Dark

**The Master whispers a little something to a Maid. She looks at him funny for a second and then zips off. He smiles softly. Eyes sweeping the room but you cannot tell who he is really looking at**


Curiosity is taking over my senses. Why so much primal pain and punishment, I have to wonder as I finish off the last of the now bitter tasting drink.

The room begins to spin. The thin metal goblet she was drinking from feels suddenly very heavy. Sassy looks up and see's a flurry of motion, hands everywhere, all over her body for a few long seconds... The... Continue»
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Sassy Breaks In The Party Pit

See more of The Party Pit at http://xhamster.com/user/LordDark

**She holds the wound as the bl**d seeps through her fingers and onto the bright yellow bricks.

Drip. Drip.. Drip…

Sassy is dazed. The chill in the air around her threatens the warmth she feels from the time spent with the lionman creature.**

Damn. She reflects back, shaking her head. Why was I so afraid? He was harmless.
(Looking down at her arm) Mostly...
Just a big pussycat.
Danger? Yes. He had a lot of issues to work through, and Sassy tends to absorb things.

She has ummm… uncanny abilities. O... Continue»
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My first time with a girl

I want to tell about my first time to make love with another girl. I haven't been with her for years but maybe she will see this. I still think about her from time to time......

I was sl**ping over at my best friend's house one summer night. School was out and her parents had already gone to bed. It was after midnight and we we were up late in pajamas talking in her bedroom. I don't remember exactly how old we were, but I remember I had just gotten my first period a few months earlier.

She was a couple of years older, with lovely long blonde hair and a budding figure that drove boy... Continue»
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[Story] The Redhead and The Ticket

Again this was posted under my previous nic, Wildwoman.

It was a relatively quiet night when out of no where a speeding navy blue Mustang convertible with USA tags flies past his patrol car that’s sitting hidden on the side of the motorway….FINALLY some action, he thinks as he pulls the car out onto the roadway. Keeping the speeding vehicle in his view he starts to clock the speed…..he laughs as he shakes his head as he turns on lights an siren. He puts the pedal to the metal in an attempt to catch up to the vehicle. Damn Americans, think they own the world.

It doesn’t take lo... Continue»
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