Nuns make great nurses!

I was in eighth grade football when I took a helmet to the back that hurt like hell. I sat out a few plays, but the pain went down enough I returned to finish the game.

The next morning when I got out of bed and took my morning leak, I was amazed to see brown pee! I mentioned it at breakfast, and my mom called the doctor who said to come in immediately.

We went to the doctor's office, and after I repeated the brown piss, he said that was bl**d in my urine and that I had a bruised k**ney. By this time, it hurt to even walk. He suggested I spend a few days in hospital, so it was off to St. Marys Hospital for me.

At that time, St. Marys still had a lot of nuns working as nurses. Most were older, but there were a few novices and young ones. They still wore their habits then, complete with wimples.

The first morning I was there, after breakfast s****r Bridgette came in with a washbasin and washcloth and said I was getting a bath in bed. Now she was hardly out of her teens, wore the white wimple of a novice, and had green eyes, traces of red hair peeking out of her headgear, and a delightful Irish brogue.

She efficiently soaped and rinsed my face, arms, legs and torso, all the time chattering about her life in Ireland before coming to the States. I assumed we were done, but then she cheerfully said "Now it'll be off wit' yer drawers, laddie."

I must have blushed, because she said "We've got to have ye clean all over or I'm not doin' me job."

So I slid my briefs down and she soaped up her washcloth and began washing my groin. Feeling the warm washcloth gave me an immediate hardon, and as she carefully soaped my 14 year old's boner, her eyes grew wide and then twinkled with a smile.

"Ooh, I've got to make sure ye doon't have any pain there, boyo!" she said as she gently stroked my penis with her soft hands. She carefully rubbed my swollen scrotum with the wet cloth, and then went back to my painfully erect tool. I must have groaned a bit, for she immediately got a crestfallen look and said, "Oh, did I hurt ye? Here, I'll make it go away." She let the washcloth drop, leaned over the bed and began fondling my now bone-hard stiffie with her bare hand. I could feel her tits against my arm as she began to breathe a bit harder, and my pre-cum leaked out making my swollen shaft even wetter.

As she lovingly massaged around and over my aching member, I closed my eyes as I felt my groin tighten with an impending explosion. "Oh God!" I exclaimed. "That feels SOOO GOOD!"

s****r Bridgette swept the sheet away so she could see what she had been working on under the sheets. My penis was throbbing now, standing proud as she delicately traced her fingers over it until my ass muscles tightened and I began to hump against her hand. She bent over and kissed it, then gripped it firmly and as she gave a couple more strokes, I shot a fountain at least three feet into the air! I hadn't masturbated for several days, so I had quite a load built up and she drained every drop!

"That's a good boyo," she smiled, and then she took the head of my now-spent rod into her mouth and licked the last drops off me. As I softened, she gave me a little squeeze and said, "Now everything is clean - I'll be back tomorra to make sure ye haven't got any more pains down there..."
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1 year ago
I loved this. I had a doctor who was a nun. I wrote a story about it. You might enjoy.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very good
3 years ago
Nice story. Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
great story