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Not taboo part 2

Of course, playing with her budding breasts was fun for me, but I had no idea that she would enjoy it as well. J****** had never masturbated, never kissed a boy even. We only had ever kissed as siblings do, chaste pecks upon the cheek. So we wondered what real kisses felt like?

One summer afternoon we had been to the swimming pool and got home but Mom was out. We just had ridden our bikes home and it was time to change out of our swimsuits and back into regular clothes. I noticed that she had on a tight swimsuit, one which showed her cleft through the crotch. She was complaining that her back was a little sunburned from the afternoon at the pool and wanted some lotion on it. So I followed her into her room and began rubbing lotion on her back. I covered every part that was accessible with her swimsuit on, then began peeling it down so I could lotion the rest. As I rubbed her little tits, the nipples grew hard and stiff and so did I!

Then she pulled her swimsuit off and I kept rubbing lower and lower. I had never seen a woman's crotch before - there was no penis there, just a slit! As I lotioned her thighs and belly, she began to make sounds of pleasure. She had no sunburn down there, but seemed to like my lotioning. There was just a little hair around her pubis, more fuzz than hair. As I felt this unknown territory, she laid back on the bed and spread her legs. I could see her tiny hole, and asked how she peed without a penis?

So she showed me by going into the bathroom and squatting on the toilet - I could see how she did it, much to my amazement. We went back into her room and I spread her little labia and touched the parts of her which I had never seen.

When I poked my finger up towards the top of her slit, she shivered and moaned. I felt something harder there, like a little grain of rice that grew into a little pea. She grabbed my hand and rubbed it against her crotch, faster and faster and then it happened - she arched her back, her tummy muscles began pulsing and her breathing grew ragged until she came! She had never had an orgasm before, and I was witness to her first... Her thighs were suddenly wet with something slick like my semen!

I grew so excited from this that my little penis was stiff and begging to be yanked. So she put both hands on it and tuggged and pulled until I began to moan and jerk in response. This time when I came it splattered all over her naked little tits! We were both surprised at how much I shot, because before it had only been a couple of drops. Her chest was all sticky and milky with what she called my milk, so I rubbed it into her nipples because we both knew that girls' breasts were for making milk!

After that, we found many ways to have fun with each other. We knew this was something to keep just between the two of us, not to tell anyone else about. She liked having me put my finger into her tiny hole while I rubbed her little tingling twat, and I could feel her muscles contract around it when she came. Since she could keep coming time after time, I would get her off first and then we would cum together, just for the fun of it. I sometimes would wake up in the morning with a little stiffie, and though I could jack myself off it was always more fun to feel a girl's hand do it. She, too, found that she could make herself have that sensation of pleasure by herself, but it was much more fun to have me play with her than to do it herself.

After a few weeks of play that summer, one afternoon when I put my finger in her it came out covered with bl**d. I was afraid I had hurt something down between her legs, but she assured me it was normal - she was just having her period. She didn't like to have me play with her then, but she liked stroking me until I came just the same. She was fascinated with how my little balls jiggled and my cock went from soft to hard back to soft again - and so was I! It felt so good to have her fondle me even after I had made my mess.

About that time our cocker spaniel, Wendy, went into heat. One morning I saw Wendy out the window with another dog mounting her. I called to my s****r and we watched the male humping her from behind. When he got off, we could see his red dick sticking out and realized where he had just put it! That gave us ideas of other games we could play...

(to be continued)

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Very nice!