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b*****rs & s****rs are not always taboo...

Society says that b*****rs and s****rs should not have sex with each other. Well, that may be a social taboo based upon genetics and recessives, but it's not always absolutely true. What about when neither is related to each other?

My s****r (3 years older than myself) and I were both adopted - so we share no genetic ties. Neither of us were related to our parents, for that matter...

Growing up, we were pretty casual about nudity - our house had only one bathroom, and if I had to pee and she was taking a bath, I would go in and use it. Now J***** was a pretty girl - she was a cheerleader later in high school, rather small with tiny tits. Her nickname was LBJ during the Johnson years, which stood for Little Boobs J******.

When I was about 10, I began to notice girls. And I noticed that they were changing (as I was), starting to grow little mounds upon their chests. Few wore bras in fifth grade, so sometimes one would bend over and I could peek down her shirt and see that her nipples were growing bigger. I was beginning to grow pubic hair myself, and occasionally awakened with a little morning hardon.

My s****r was 13, and in junior high. She was growing her own breasts, and it seemed like she became more self-conscious about me seeing her nude. Now when I "walked in" on her, she would cover herself. As my curiousity about sexuality grew, I wondered about the mysteries of the feminine anatomy. I knew that girls had boobs - after all, we took National Geographic magazine at home and there were pictures of naked African women, with tits hanging down. And I knew our mom had tits - she had big D cup tits, and I had occasionally seen her bending over, placing them into her bra. But I knew J****** had nothing like mom's!

That year my s*s got a Barbie doll for her birthday, with all kinds of accessories. One day when I was home alone, I decided to investigate Barbie to find out more about women. I undressed Barbie, and found she had huge boobs (but no nipples!) and no penis. Now I knew girls had different plumbing "down there," but I didn't know any of the intimate details of the pussy. Remember, this was in the era before Playboy, Penthouse & Hustler, let alone the Internet!

Her Barbie had a fur coat - somehow I found myself naked, playing with that little fur coat and it felt good as I rubbed it over various parts of my ten year old's body. When I stroked my little penis with it, to my surprise my shaft grew longer and stiffer - and it felt good! So I continued, gently rubbing the fur against my swelling erection and after a few minutes I had an unbelievable sensation - an overdose of pleasure that ended with a few drops of something white like milk spurting from the end of my little dick! It sure wasn't pee - I could tell that!

So whenever I was home alone, I would repeat the experiment to see how this worked. Pretty soon the little fur coat was crusty with the results of my ventures - I finally washed it off in the sink.

Then one day as I was fondling myself with Barbie's coat, my s*s showed up. She was a bit upset with me playing with her doll, but she was curious, too - she had discovered boys and though she knew we had little pricks that she lacked, she had no idea of how the male organ could change from a soft little thing to a longer, harder, bigger toy!

She asked if she could try. So I showed her how to rub my cock with the little fur coat, and it got even bigger than ever before. It took her a little while to get the hang of it, not squeezing too hard or too slowly. As she stroked my hardon, my little butt started rocking faster and faster and when I erupted with a shot of sperm, the semen burst out the end of the coat all over her hand! She had never seen anything like this, so she tried to do it again but nothing happened - my load was spent for a little while.

After that, every afternoon when we got home from school we would "play dolls." We found that not only fur worked, so did Barbie's silk slip - and then we found that her panties worked just fine, too! She would rub my little dong until it grew, then jack me off like an expert til I blew cum all over her! She would laugh and I did, too. She would even lick her fingers off, and said it tasted salty and sweet, not like pee at all!

Of course, since she was seeing me nude I wanted to see her naked as well. So I talked her into taking off her blouse and little "AAA cup" training bra. J****** had little mounds that barely qualified as tits, but her nipples were much bigger than mine. She let me touch them and squeeze them gently, but not very hard.

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