Old Lonely Finds a Friend (Part 3)

"Ohmigod - Michael's back!" Amy said, wide-eyed. Here I was in the Baptist minister's bed with his wife, both of us naked and dripping with love juices. The room had the unmistakeable aroma of fresh sex, the sheets were a mess, and he was home.

"Quick - you've got to hide!" she said, hopping out of bed and looking for her robe. Cum was oozing down her thighs as she grabbed it and hastily wrapped it around herself. It was thin cotton, and her erect nipples stood proudly up.

I looked around the room. The window wasn't an option - all I was wearing were my socks and it was nine o'clock in the morning! There were only two doors, the hallway and the closet and he was coming in the front door, so I went for the closet. I glanced back to see her kick my clothes and shoes under her bed as she ran her fingers through her tangled auburn hair and closed the closet door.

Fortunately it was a walk-in closet, so I didn't have to crouch down. My heart was pounding as I looked around - nothing I could wear!

"What are you doing back?" I heard her ask her husband just through the wall beside me. "I thought you were teaching classes this morning?"

"I stopped to get coffee and spilled it on my suit," I heard him say in his British accent. "I need to change my pants. I've already called and told my graduate assistant to begin the class until I get there."

SHIT! He needs pants and I'm in his fucking closet - naked! The old adrenaline started pumping full blast, "fight or flee" was kicking in. I was definitely NOT dressed to fight - something about being naked with your junk dangling makes you feel sort of vulnerable....

"Do you want me to get them for you while you take those off?" I heard Amy say.

"Oh, don't bother, I can get them myself."

I heard footsteps approach the bedroom and then the closet door began to open. My heart was pounding as I tried to prepare an explanation of why Old Lonely the Maytag repairman was in the minister's closet with a dripping wet cock.

The door opened and Amy stood there. She looked at me but said nothing, went to the wall beside me and grabbed a pair of wool pants. I breathed a sigh of relief as she put her finger to her lips.

"I thought you were having the dishwasher fixed this morning?" I heard him say to him as the sound of zippers came through the wall. "Is he here?"

"Um, no, he had to leave," I heard Amy say. I could hear the nervousness in her voice - I just hoped he couldn't!

"Well his lorry is still parked out front."

"Oh, one of his employees had to come get him for something. He said he would be right back." Way to come up with a good line, Amy!

"Were you up when he was here? You haven't dressed yet," I heard him say disapprovingly.

"I overslept and so I just let him in. I'll be dressed by the time he's back."
(Yeah, baby, you let me in all right - all the way in your back door!)

"Well, my wife shouldn't be in a nightgown with a man in the house. Do you want me to stay until he's done?"

"Thank you for offering, Michael, but I'll be fine. You don't need to worry about me, I'm just fine."

"All right, then. How about a kiss before I go?"

I heard the sound of them kissing - with her mouth still lined with our cum! Wonder if he tasted it?

Then the the front door opened and closed and I heard him get in his car, start it up, and pull out. I let out the breath I had been holding, and stood there trembling.

The door opened and Amy stood there. "My god, THAT was close!" she said. Then she looked down. "Oh my!" she said, staring at my crotch.

I looked down. The adrenaline rush had given me a boost - I was flying at full mast. My cock stood out like a red flagpole. She put her hand over her mouth, staring at my manhood wide-eyed.

What the hell. After the adrenaline rush we'd both had, you had to do something.

So I laughed. After a moment, she saw the humor in the situation, too. Here I was, stark naked except for my socks, standing in her closet with an erection like a construction crane. She began to giggle, too, and then started laughing. Her tits jiggled and her belly quivered as we both let out the tension so I stepped forward and covered her lips with mine. We continued laughing as she reached down and felt my stiff cock, and began rubbing it.

"This is INSANE!" she said. "We shouldn't be doing this!"

I replied by untying her robe and letting it fall to the closet floor. I squeezed her nipples and her kiss turned into a moan as I felt them respond to my touch. "Your cock feels so good!" she gasped, as pre-cum started oozing out and making it slippery. I reached a hand down to her slit and began massaging her mound again, and felt her juices going again. She was still wet from our fucking just minutes before, and her thighs were sticky with my babybutter.

I let go of her cunt and took her face in both hands and began licking all over it. Her eyes, her nose, her ears, I licked her while she took my shaft in both her pudgy little hands and tickled and squeezed it. She was a fast learner - she took my swollen balls with one hand and gently felt the hard lumps in my sack.

I'm 6'4" and she was a foot shorter, so she was on her tiptoes and I was leaned over as we kissed. I straightened up and her mouth was at my chest, so she began kissing my nipples. "Mmmm" I murmered, "That feels nice!"

"It does?" she asked. "I like having my nipples kissed, but I never knew men did?" as she continued to fondle my junk.

She gently teased my nipples, then bit lightly on them with her pretty teeth. She pulled them out a bit and let them go. "That's nice, but how about my bellybutton?" I suggested.

She responded by bending down and licking my bellybutton. She ran her tongue into it - "Nice!" I said. Her tits were dangling in front of my cock, so I took it in my hand and began rubbing my ooze on her nipples. Then she let go of my cock and squeezed her C cups girls against it and we tittyfucked for a bit. Her soft breasts felt warm and slick with our sweat and fluids.

She sank to her knees and began licking down my groin. When she got to my erection, this time she began licking all around the head of the shaft. "Like that?" she smiled up at me.

Now there's nothing finer than having a pretty woman's eyes look up at you while she has your dick in her mouth. "Ummmm" was the only reponse I could make.

She began taking me into her mouth and encircled my glans with her lips. Sucking cock is a learned skill, and this was virgin territory for her - she'd never had a man's penis in her mouth until today! "Lick the underside." I suggested. "It's the most sensitive spot."

For me, the ideal way to have a woman suck me is having her tongue where it can reach the underside of my penis. All the way down to my balls, it's just better that way. If there's a downside to 69, it's that her tongue is on the top unless she's really skilled and can get the head under her tongue.

"Now my balls," I begged. She was fondling them, so she let my crank out of her lips and began kissing my hairy sack. "Suck one," I demanded. She took my left nut, the one which hangs lower, into her mouth and began tickling it with her tongue. Her little hand continued to stroke my shaft as it rubbed on her face, dripping precum on her forehead. I took some of her hair and tickled my cock with it - she had shoulder-length hair with hints of red in it.

"Now both," I told her. She opened wide and took both nuts into her mouth - they would barely fit. "Mmmm that feels SOO GOOD!" I groaned.

We were still in her closet, the door wide open, and I could look down at her head as she struggled to fit my sack into her mouth. I kept popping out, and she kept grabbing the loose testicle and shoving it back in while my cock bobbed on her head.

"Now my cock again," and she obeyed, returning to my manhood. "Open wide and say "Aaah."

She gagged a little as I went deeper into her mouth. A pussy is softer than a woman's mouth, but the upper palate is curved nicely for a dick like mine and her tongue provided lots of warm, wet pressure on the bottom. "Now tickle behind my balls."

She began stroking the area between my scrotum and anus - another erogenous zone for me. She slid one finger up to my puckerhole and began rubbing it while she bobbed on my penis.

I could feel my groin tingling with another impending eruption. I took both my hands and put them over her ears with my fingers tangled in her hair, and began rocking her up and down on my cock. The second time I cum, it takes longer than the first, but is often more explosive. My breath started coming faster, my heart began to pound, and the sensation of warmth began to flood my hips. My penis swelled to fit her mouth as I began rocking my hips faster and faster - it takes longer to cum in oral, but the results are the same.

Now I could feel the seed rising from balls to the base of my cock. She was slurping eagerly and taking me deeper and deeper - my balls were slapping her chin as she worked a finger into my asshole. I moaned "Oh Amy, baby, keep it up. I LOVE what you're doing to me!"

I felt the sperm come rushing up the bottom of my lovestick and I began bucking and moaning. "Oh god, I'm CUMMING!" I gasped as my semen began spurting into her waiting mouth. She choked a little as I filled her mouth with hot spunk, gagging on my load. But she gamely kept sucking on me as I shuddered in release, throbbing into her again and again. I could feel my cream lubricating our motions as she continued to milk my cock, squeezing it with her tongue until every drop was gone.

She kept massaging my nuts and tickling my anus as I deflated in her mouth. She looked up at me, smiling, then began swallowing. Her Adam's apple bobbed as she drank down my gift, with a twinkle in her eye. White spunk dribbled down her chin, and she naughtily leered at me as her tongue licked it off. "Mmm, that was wonderful" I said, praising her for her virgin facefuck.

"It tastes like - well, salty and sweet at the same time," Amy said. "I've never tasted anything like that before! Did I do it right?"

"Baby, you were great!" I said. "But if you want more practice, I'm ready any time you are...."

She struggled back up from her knees and leaned up for a kiss. I could still taste my sperm on her lips as we tangled tongues, and I pressed her soft tits to me in thanks. My limp cock dangled against her belly, sticky and wet with our morning's efforts as we hugged each other. I squeezed her plump bottom and felt her thighs wet again - she had been oozing the whole time we were in the closet!

I went out into the bedroom and knelt down to reach under her bed for my clothes and shoes. As I turned, she was sighing and bending over for her robe, her heavy tits swaying, so I kissed her pussy once more. "Do you want to take a shower together?" I suggested.

But that's another story...

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Very good and hot story.
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nice story, cant wait for part 4