Old Lonely Finds a Friend Part 2

I gazed at Amy's plump moon as I touched my cock to her backside. Her tiny anus was puckered and so I decided to hold off for a moment. I leaned over and began licking the small of her back, then down her buttcrack. As my tongue reached her back door, she twitched! This was definitely virgin territory for her. She moaned as I licked her anus, so I began rubbing her twat again and she sank back against my face. Her ample hips began grinding back and forth, so I concentrated on running my tongue down from her butthole to her introitus and was rewarded by her shoving her ass even higher in the air.

After a couple of minutes of attention, she began spasming and jerking as she grunted "Oh Goddd - I'm coming again! Keep doing that!"

"Like that, baby?" I asked. "Here, feel THIS!"

I guided my pole to her throbbing cunt. Slowly I eased the head into her dripping vagina, and then as slowly as I could began sliding it deeper into her. The heat of her pussy was amazing - I have never felt anything so hot! I could feel the ridges of her young woman's pussy gripping the head of my glans, so I tickled the inside of her as I parted her lips until my balls were against her clit. Instead of fucking fast, I pushed my testicles against her twat and began rubbing it with a swollen ball. She began whimpering and pushing her ass against me, so I very slowly withdrew almost all the way out. There was an audible sucking sound as I popped out. She moaned and reached back and pulled my cock back to her quivering quim.

This time I paused for a long moment with my dick against her reddened lips, then grabbed her ass with both hands and plunged back inside quickly. I stayed there a moment, savoring the way it felt like I was in a bowl of hot oatmeal, then gave her buttcheek a slap as I quickly withdrew and slammed back in. I paused again. then slowly pulled back and thrust back in hard. We did this a few times, then I went back to slow strokes.

I could feel the unmistakable sensation of the train building steam, so I stopped for a while. I wanted to save fucking a preacher's young wife as long as I could! We just knelt on her bed, her ass in the air as she ground her hips against me. I let her cunt muscles milk my tool, and it felt heavenly. "Amy, do you want more?" I asked.

"Don't stop," she begged. "Whatever you're doing, DON'T STOP!!"

I went back to work, sliding in and out of her slick pussy. I felt it clenching my hardon as she began bucking again, so this time I decided to fill her up. I grabbed both tits and began kneading her nipples as I quickened my pace. My balls slapped against her with the sound of sex, slurping sounds emitting from our coupling. Amy began ramming her backside against my groin, and it felt like I was in a tight bowl of warm honey as she continued oozing her musk. I felt my toes curling as the cum rose from my sack to my dick, and I could feel my erection swelling to fill her vagina. I thought I was hard before, but now I was like iron as the train left the station and I felt the spurts shooting up my penis.

There's a moment in sex when the entire world contracts to just the feeling of a man's penis; I was my penis, feeling hot cunt all around me as I throbbed into her. I erupted with a groan, "God, AMY I'M CUMMING!" Again and again I felt globs of semen spurt into her, as she gasped and bucked to receive my seed. I felt our juices mixing as her womb got even wetter, sucking noises from our fucking filled the room and I could feel cum oozing out her gash. I kept hard for the longest time, then as we slowed I could feel my penis beginning to relax, spent for the time being. I was still pinching her nipples, and she sank back to the bed with a sigh. My cock, now limp, slid out of her with a slurpy "pop" and the cum began trickling out of her slit onto her thighs.

I moved down and sucked some of our mixed fluids into my mouth, then rolled her over and kissed her with our cum. She opened her eyes with a startled look - she had never tasted a man's sperm! I took her finger and guided it to her dripping pussy, and then placed it on her hard nipple and began licking it off. She twitched as I did so, having post-coital miniorgasms.

A woman can continue having orgasms for a long time - once you've reached the mountaintop, it's not hard to dip into the valley and then climb back. I touched her all over, gently stroking her and tracing down her breasts; she would quiver and shake all over! Amy's eyes would roll back, her lips parted in a grimace as she had spasm after spasm. It seemed every part of her was on fire, just needing to be touched so I did my best.

She reached down and fondled my limp cock. It was still dripping wet, so her hand kneaded and pulled at it, squeezing it gently. I took her other hand and cupped my balls with it, and she began massaging them.

"I've NEVER come like that before" she said with a smile. When she smiles, Amy is gorgeous - she has perfect little teeth. She began kissing her way down from my lips to my neck. I rolled her over and spooned her from behind, massaging her tits as my wet cock smeared semen over the small of her back. She began moaning again as I worked my finger down to her still-sensitive clit and I squeezed it between her outer labia - I knew it was still to sensitive to touch directly!

"Mmmm, that feels so good!" she said as I felt her nub. "I could do this all day!"

"We've got all day, baby" I said. Cum was drooling down her thighs, sticky and wet, as I squeezed her twat through her plump pussy lips. Her breath came shorter and quicker as I brought her to the edge again. "Oh my god. OH MY GOD! YOU'RE NOT DONE?"

"Not till you say stop" I said. "Want me to quit now?"

She didn't answer, just began moving in time to my squeezes. She panted a bit, then started crying out "Oh Jesus. Oh God. OH KEEP DOING THAT!" She rocked and shook again, this time more pussy juice flooded my fingers.

I moved down and her cunt was swollen and engorged. Her outer labia were like a plump donut, so I munched on her until my tongue lightly grazed her clit. SHe shook like I had shocked her with a prod! I don't think her husband had ever done her like this - he was apparently a "wham bam thank you ma'am" kind of guy?

Then I heard the car door slam outside. Shit, what was her husband doing coming home so early?

...To be continued...
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3 years ago
oh oh hope it is not him
3 years ago
This is very good!!! Keep it up!
3 years ago
weel done cant wait for part 3