Old Lonely finds a Friend

In the days when I had an appliance business in a small town in Kansas, I often laughingly referred to myself as "Old Lonely", the Maytag repairman. But occasionally I did find that being in the business of making customers satisfied meant going beyond the normal "service" work.

One hot July afternoon, the phone rang and I picked it up.

"Pioneer Appliances" I answered.

"Hello, Bob? This is Amy McMullen. You sold us our Maytag dishwasher last year and it's full of dirty water and it won't pump out."

"Have you tried hitting cancel and drain?"

"Yes, but it won't do anything. Could you come out tomorrow and take a look at it?"

"Sure. What time works for you, Amy?"

"Anytime after 8 is good. I'll be home until noon."

"Fine, I'll be there first thing then."

Now Amy is the wife of Michael McMullen, the minister of the local Baptist church. He also teaches church history at a seminary in Kansas City (wonder why they call preacher's colleges SEMINaries?) so he's gone all day several days each week. He's in his 50s, and Amy is much younger - about 37. She's a cute girl, about 15 years younger than he; she's his second wife because his first wife left him because she wanted a more fulfilling sex life than he was able to provide. I often wondered if his first wife got tired of straight missionary sex?

The next morning I pulled up and went to the parsonage door with my tool kit in one hand and my red Maytag floor pad in the other. Amy answered the door, wearing a robe and slippers - the robe went past her knees and was tightly cinched. She showed me to her kitchen, where I rolled out the carpet and got down on the floor and began inspecting the dishwasher.

"Would you like a cup of coffee?" Amy asked. "I'm just getting ready to fix some."

"Sure," I replied. Now I don't drink that much coffee, but in small town America it's bad manners to refuse such a request.

"I'll have to get some water from the sink. No, don't move, I'll just step over you," she said.

As she stepped over to the sink next to where I was lying on the floor, I looked up. Her robe parted, revealing a red nightgown and a thong! I suppose I should have looked away, but I was enjoying the view of her thick thighs. She turned on the faucet, rinsed the carafe a couple of times, and was humming a tune quietly as she filled the pot. Then she stepped back over me, and I saw her thong had a wet spot right under her vulva. No hair showed around her thong - Christ, she had a shaved pussy! Immediately I felt a bulge growing in my groin.

I worked on the dishwasher for a while as she rummaged through drawers for coffee and filters. We spoke a little - her daughter from her first marriage was off at church camp, and Michael was teaching summer school that day.

As I put the dishwasher panel back on, I was lying on my stomach with my butt in the air. I wear shorts in hot weather, and as I was finishing up screwing the panel on I felt her bare foot graze my leg as she stepped over me again to get the cups. Her toes lingered on the hair on my leg - it sure didn't feel accidental as her foot lightly rubbed down the back of my leg. I rolled over and watched her plump breasts swaying in her robe - God, she wasn't wearing a bra, either!

I got up and she put the cups on the table. I sat down and pulled out my paperwork - I told her what the charge would be. When I slid it over she got up and came around to sign the form. Her robe fell open and I could see her nipples poking through the red satin nightgown. As she leaned over to sign the paperwork, her breast touched my arm and she left it there as she smiled at me.

"Anything else I can do for you?" I asked.

"Well, since you're here, could you help me get a box down out of my closet?" she replied.

"Sure. Where is it?"

"I'll show you."

She got up and I followed her down the hallway to her bedroom. "Up there," she pointed to a box on the top shelf in her closet.

I reached up and it was fairly heavy, so I took both hands and lifted it up. I'm 6'4" so it wasn't difficult. "Where do you want it?" I asked.

"Can you put it in Mike's study?"

"I'll follow you."

Her ample ass swayed as I followed her to his home office. She pointed to the desk so I sat it down.

"Thank you so much. I've been trying to get Mike to move that for months and he just ignores me," she said.

"I could never ignore a pretty woman," I ventured, smiling.

"I wish Mike felt that way. He's so wrapped up in his Bible that he seems to forget I'm here," she sighed. I loved watching her sigh - those big tits were a sight!

"I'm sorry," I replied. "You're a good wife and mom."

"Yes, but I'm a woman, too. Sometimes I think he forgets that I have needs, too."

I looked at her and she had a wistful look in her eyes. She still had the robe on, but it was now open revealing her full breasts. I started toward the door, but as I got there she quietly closed it behind her and looked at me. Then she looked down where my shorts were showing a bulge.

I stood there and she took a step toward me. I thought "What the hell?" and wrapped my arms around her and gave her a hug.

She sighed and went limp. I could feel her soft bosom against me, then she shoved her ample belly against me. I knew she could feel my aroused cock as we hugged. Her arms came around me, then she slid them up and

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3 years ago
I agree, I hope the rest of the story is on its way
3 years ago
More please!
3 years ago
very good start but your a naughty tease
3 years ago
Nice setup ...
3 years ago
Hey, I had to go to work this morning. Maybe I can find time to finish it soon...
3 years ago
I love the way you are keeping us on edge! Makes my mind go all kinds of wild places!!!
3 years ago
Good story but need more
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
What happens next I can't wait
3 years ago
nice story but you stopped to soon.