First time in her home, her bedroom & her bed.

Now that school has started, her teenage daughter is gone during the day. The second day of school I had a day off, so I drove up 45 minutes to take her to lunch. I had never been to her house before - it's small, neat, and cute. She said it was OK to park in front, so I did and she met me at the door in a black dress. I made the acquaintance of Socks, her 65 lb boxer, and Killer, her 4.5 lb terrier, and Guido, her bearded dragon lizard (Jesse, the female lizard, had just died and she buried her that morning.) She showed me through the house she shares with her daughter, and we kissed a few times enough to make me hard. Then we went out and ate at a Mexican restaurant on the town square, then drove around for a little while so she could show me her town.

We eventually arrived back at her house, and sat on her new sofa and things started warming up. She took me into her bedroom, and we laid down and I could feel her loins becoming very hot. She told me to get undressed, and she slowly stripped and we got into the sheets. As soon as I was hard, she mounted me so I could see all of her. Sliding my erect manhood into her boiling pussy was heavenly and I told her so. She began slowly, and as I plunged deeper each stroke she began moaning, then picked up the pace. She began to orgasm, and rocked me faster and faster until I couldn't hold myself back and shot my load into her inviting pussy. Her tits were swaying over me as she gobbled up my cum in her cunt, then we laid side by side and I went down to finish her off with another orgasm. The sight of my cum trickling from her cunt was a huge turn-on; I lapped it up, then came up and kissed her on her lips. I took her dildo and inserted it, then began licking her clitoris whilst I stroked her vagina with the dildo until she gushed (she's a squirter when she really orgasms hard!) We played until her twat could take no more - at that point she was so aroused that just kissing her nipple, or stroking her belly, was enough to make her twitch and spasm with pleasure.

Considering she hadn't planned to fuck that day, I think she was glad we did. She apologized for not having shaved her mound, but her red hair is not scratchy, it just tickled. Next time I told her I would shave her...

A good time was had by all! It was just so nice to be invited into her home, her bedroom, her bed and her body - I felt great! She said that she felt herself oozing cum all day and her bed that night smelled like me and sex - she called the mussed sheets "our work of art...."
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3 years ago
I like letting her grow it out, then lathering her up and shaving her mound. She likes playing "Daddy's naughty little girl" and having me discover her while masturbating, then teach her how to please Daddy...
3 years ago
Actually she's a divorcee I've been seducing. Not as exciting as cuckolding a married woman, but.,
Two days ago I surprised her over lunch before she went back to work. Ate her pussy and sent her back with wet undies...
3 years ago
who was she?? sounds like it was very good
3 years ago
Why shave a perfectly good pussy?
3 years ago
Very nice story! What a great experience for both of you!