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I've know Carla for several years now. She's about 50, divorced, and a legal secretary. Yes, she's a bit bipolar and drinks a bit too much, but we've been friends for a while.

I thought about trying to fuck her, but haven't really tried. She lives by herself, and keeps getting fired from one job after another, which I suspect is because she is very outspoken.

A few months ago I gave her a ride home, and when I left I gave her a hug. The next time, I gave her a kiss, which she returned quite willingly. She's about 5'10", very slim - 110 pounds at the most, slim hips, skinny waist, and at least B size tits. She's not beautiful, but not bad looking and when dressed for work she looks pretty good.

Last spring we went to a legislative hearing and shared a motel room - actually she made the reservation and invited me to split the cost. No, we didn't fuck - I waited for her to make a move but she didn't. She knows I'm married, and I didn't feel like making the first move.

Then she moved to a different place, and I helped her move. We sat around, drank some wine, and the goodbye kiss was long and wet. Nice lips, love to feel them on my cock!

A couple of nights ago she called, saying a mutual friend was coming to KC and we should all get together. I asked how she was doing, and she said she was OK but needed to get laid. She repeated the remark again in the conversation...

So last night I found them at a bar. I sat next to Carla, who was wearing short shorts and a Boston Red Sox tight T shirt. Next thing I knew I felt her bare foot rubbing my leg (I had on shorts) from calf to thigh. She asked if I were coming home with them last night. Since Gina was spending the night at Carla's I didn't think she had a threesome in mind, but Gina was on her way to San Antonio on an early morning flight and was staying at Carla's since Carla lives near the airport. Gina's a new friend, also married, but she was sharing a room with Bryan in San Antonio for a legislative conference. Bryan is not her husband. Whatever. As I hugged Judy, Gina and Carla goodnight, Carla grabbed my head, gave me a wet kiss, then hopped up and wrapped those long legs around me and ground her hips onto my groin.

So I get the hint. Carla wants laid, and she expects me to satisfy her. My wife is working Monday from 2-11 pm and it's a day off for me, so I just may have to oblige Carla. I have to say I am curious as to what that slim body with the big tits looks and feels like - she has been divorced about 6 years and I know she played around while she was married to a Boston cop. She was a bit of a groupie in her younger days, and I suspect she knows how to get even an old cock like mine hard and spewing cum. So I'll stock up on some Trojan Magnums (hey, I'm not stupid - God knows what other cocks she's had in there) and pay her a visit while she's horny. Maybe she will be in the mood for some photos?
Posted by n2oral 3 years ago
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3 years ago
yes good luck & enjoy
3 years ago
Good luck