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I had been married about ten years when I met Marjorie. I was 35 and had just bought a business the year before, and was having a difficult time making it go; business was slower than I projected, so I was working 6-1/2 days a week and not seeing much of my wife or k**s (5 & 7) My wife stayed home with the k**s and we barely had time for sex. And I'm a horny guy by nature!

I was also president of my local school board, so that took even more time. To make ends meet, I took a contract to wire a Federal government facility. So I did that in the evenings, as well as worked on restoring muscle cars when I found time - I had a '68 GTO convertible, a '63 Impala Super Sport 409, and was working on a Boss 302 Mustang. Did I mention I'm ADHD and sl**p only a few hours a night?

Anyway, the Corps of Engineers had hired a couple of college girls for summer rangers. I was working in the Corps office a couple of nights a week on the electrical job, and I noticed Marjorie. She was tall, slim, and had very long hair - a big turnon for me. Small breasts, slim hips, and we started talking in the evenings. She was a grad student in biology at a nearby university, and was a divorced single mom. We met regularly and relaxed together with a cup of coffee and I told her about my life.

One evening as she left, I couldn't resist giving her a hug. We held each other for a LONG time, and I felt her shiver and relax, so I bent over and kissed her. That was all we did that night.

The next Sunday morning, we met in the office and I gave her another hug and a kiss. She turned around with her back to me, and I ran my fingers over her tight breasts and she ground her tight little boy's size ass into my groin. I felt myself get hard, and didn't know what she would think - she knew I was married, but it didn't seem to bother her. I slowly unbuttoned her khaki uniform blouse and slipped a hand inside to cup a breast - her nipple was erect and hard. We got each other hot but Sunday morning in the office was not the time or place for more... but she gave me her phone number and address.

Thus began my first affair. She lived a half hour away in a college town, in a cute little bungalow with her 11 year old son Jason. I would meet her at least one evening a week, and sometimes just sit and fondle each other. I loved the feel of those tiny tits, with the amazing nipples that stuck out almost an inch - been a sucker for small breasts all my life! She would massage my cock through my pants, but we didn't fuck. Yet. Sometimes giving her a goodnight kiss, I would slip my hand down her panties and feel her moistness - I would take her hand and put it down my boxers to let her feel my hardon oozing precum. I knew she had to masturbate after I left, and I often did on the way home.

I had a school board conference in Wichita coming up, so I told Carol to book me a room in Wichita. She picked me up at the hotel, and we drove back to her house late at night, knowing we we would be spending the next couple of nights together. We got to her house, and Jason was asl**p, so we went into her bedroom and I undressed her. We began making love - I went down on her, and to my surprise found the biggest pussy lips I have ever found on a woman! I spent a long time kissing them, they were so much bigger than my wife's - I had no idea a woman's labia could be so long! She began to ooze and tremble so I brought her to her first orgasm, then she took her long hair and began to brush my cock with it. Then she laid back, took my penis in her hand and guided me into her tight pussy that had not had a cock in it since her divorce three years earlier. We ground together until I filled her with my seed. Then we showered together, got a few hours' sl**p, and I drove back to Wichita for the days' conference, thinking about fucking her all the time.

That night I came back to her house, and we explored each others' bodies for hours. I found that she had never been eaten before, and she loved it! My wife has never wanted to give or receive oral, so this was a dream come true! Marjorie was tall and willowy, almost anorexic - we fucked in the shower, we fucked in her bed, we fucked at 3 in the morning in her hammock on the back porch! I gave her a silk shirt of mine to use for a nightshirt, and we continued seeing each other for a couple of months. I even took my wife and k**s to a nature walk she was putting on as part of her job - it was exciting to see two women talking together, knowing I was fucking both of them...

Finally she heard from an old boyfriend who said he wanted to marry her. He was angry that she was seeing someone else - he told her father that she was seeing a married man, and her father called me and said I was a sinner. Well aren't we all? She told me she wanted to see what would happen with her old boyfriend, so we quit seeing each other. She later married him, moved to Idaho, and the divorced him because his anger was too much - he abused her as her first husband had done. She is now married and living in Costa Rica with her third husband, and I still hear from her occasionally via email though I haven't seen her in 25 years. But I'll always be fond of Marjorie...
Posted by n2oral 3 years ago
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7 months ago
TY. Have any stories of your own to share?
7 months ago
Nice stories...keep em comin! Ty
3 years ago
i agree with docgriff & had the a simular thing happen, but it was a past & current gf's
3 years ago
Nice story. The part about the two women talking together is HOT. I've been in the same situation and found it to be a major turn on.