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We have said all that can be said with words
The door closes, the moment has come

(My heart is pounding, palms are wet
I long for her, trembling yet...)

A shy smile escapes us both,
As nervous as a pair of youth

(Oh my god - alone at last
Has this finally come to pass?)

I cling to you, savor the bliss
I reach for you, hearts thump our kiss

(So long I've thought of making love
Will this be all I have thought of?)

(Will I please her? Will she stay?
Long we have waited for this day!)

Afternoon sun slants through the blinds
Dust motes dancing with our minds

(What will he think when I am nude?
Will he laugh? Think I am lewd?)

We break our kiss, our arms entwined
An endless moment without time

I feel your softness without haste
We sink to bed for our embrace

(I've waited long to build her pride
And unlock passion deep inside)

Scent of your hair fills my senses
You have lowered your last defenses

(We will be lovers in our own song
I've wanted to touch him for so long..)

My hand touches the swell of your breast
You sigh your acceptance of me

(He is gentle - so tender and kind.
His lips so softly upon mine)

Trembling I open the blouse you wore
With every button promising more

(His fingers like fire upon my skin.
I feel giddy - fires burn within)

I marvel at beauty, touch your breast
Trace womanly curves as I caress

(I feel his arm across my back
Shivers running down my spine)

I feel your heart beat ever faster,
my head upon your heaving bosom

Your nipples rise stiffly to my touch
Your soft hands upon my chest

Undressing slowly, we gently explore
What was only imagined before

(She's so soft, so warm.
The essence of woman, so full of love.)

I kiss your neck, revel in your hair
Kiss your eyes, taste your soft lips again

(I feel his manface against my cheek
His lips are so gentle upon mine)

Our desire inflames us as memories
Of previous lovers flash through our minds

I caress your hips, feel heat of your loins
You burn with passion for what is to come

(My womb aches with my need
I don't want this to ever end)

My flesh stiffens with desire aroused
Your touch making my manhood proud

(I feel him hard pressed to my thigh
I am so happy to make him that way)

I kiss my way down your body
Your goosebumps my guide

Savoring each new surprise
swelling with pride

(I can feel you trembling all over
Your hands pushing me ever lower)

My fingernails tracing inside your thisghs
Feeling your fire, loving your sigh

(Come closer, my lover
You are so near my essence)

I am giddy with your musk
Your moans inflame me

Gently I part your folds
Your moist welcome awaits me

(I shiver with my need
I feel his hand upon my breast)

I taste your nectar hungrily
Hesitating, I seek your pearl

(My heart pounds, I cannot stop
Her hands draw me ever nearer)

(My climax builds, his lips so divine
I am his! He is mine!)

(Her back arches as her body quakes
I have made her feel a woman!)

Fingers clench, toes curl
You are woman now, no longer girl.

Your waves of passion rock us both
Until you slow - our time is now

I rise to kiss your lips
Your arms around my neck

I gaze into your eyes
I see the yes in them

(I want to welcome him in
My gift to him is me)

Your soft hand guides me home
Our bodies touch, then become one

(So lush, so warm, so moist you are
My hardness made for your soft core)

There is no you, there is no me
There is now finally only we

And we are one!

Slowly we ride the waves of love
Man's part wrapped in woman's glove

(I feel you blaze, you draw me in
Deep, ever deeper, again yet again)

(I feel our passion, I feel his need
I am on fire, I draw his seed)

(I cannot stop, my end is near)
(Keep coming my love, our world is here)

Our dance of love almost over
I gift you me, I have no more

(I feel him shudder, I hear his groan
He spears my womb as I moan)

Now we are spent, our fury subsides
Until we collapse to lie on our sides

You turn your back, I hold you near
Whispering thanks into your ear

(He holds my breast with soft caresses
I feel him wet against my backside)

(You are wonderful, my darling, my dear,
I am joyed to hold you so tightly here.

(My womb pulses as I glow
Recalling our passion moments ago)

We talk, we touch, we hover near
There is no shame, there is no fear.

We laugh, we giggle as our bodies cool
You tenderly hold my now-spent tool

My cum trickles down your lovely thighs
As we stretch and smile, enjoying our sighs

Posted by n2oral 3 years ago
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3 years ago
sensual & erotic