Encounter at a truck stop

It's late at night and I'm getting low on gasoline. Ahead on the interstate glittering in the darkness is a truck stop so I pull in.
As I'm filling my car, you emerge from the ladies room tugging on your short skirt. You walk up to the car next to mine and our eyes meet.
I smile at you, and you smile back. My eyes drop to take in your unharnessed breasts in a snug halter top, down your soft curving belly to your rounded hips, your ass flaring your short skirt.
My groin feels a tingle as bl**d drains from my brain and I sense my phallus swelling. You look up at me, all six feet four, then down at my size 13 feet, then focus on my bulging shorts, and you take a deep breath. I see your nipples start to poke through your halter top as you look in my blue eyes and slowly lick your lips.

I finish filling my tank and instead of hanging up the hose, I slowly I push it back into the filler, then out, then in and out. I step one foot over the hose so it's between my legs as I symbolically hump my car. You giggle and reach over and begin slowly stroking the gasoline hose as we grin at each other.

I point over to the far side of the parking lot where the big trucks are parked and lift an eyebrow in an unspoken question. You nod, and we get into our cars and drive across the Tarmac to a deserted, dimly lit part of the truck stop.

We get out, I open my arms and you step into my embrace. You are shorter than I, so I feel your breasts squeezing against my abdomen as you feel my male hardness against your belly. We don't speak, just enjoy the sensations of our urgency, my erection and your softness.

I tilt your head up and taste your lips. Our kiss is long and you shudder and press yourself against me, relaxing into my arms. You sigh as I move my kisses down to your throat and grind your hips against my thighs. My shaft is swelling with desire as you bury your head against my chest, then I am surprised as your teeth bite my nipples through my thin T shirt.

I lean back against my car and catch my breath as I feel your soft hands roam down my chest and hover over my aching groin. I run my hands over your soft breasts as you moan, me squeezing them as you rub my stiff shaft through my shorts. A groan escapes my lips as you stroke my manhood through the cloth.

I slide my hands under your halter to cup your tits and lift the halter up, allowing your girls to escape and sway in the night breeze. Your nipples are hard against my thumbs as I massage and rub them.
"Harder" you hiss as I fondle your boobs. I tug on your nipples and knead your love pillows. Then I feel your hands tugging at my belt, fumbling to unlock my pleasure treasure. Your hand slides down the front of my shorts and traces the length of my swollen shaft, stroking it to fullness. I gasp as you cup my balls and gently squeeze them.

I look around and there is no one appearing to watch. I lift up your skirt and find you are naked beneath! Your cleft is incredibly hot, slick with sex juices as I feel your swollen labia part to my probing finger. Your vagina is clenched tight as my digit parts your folds and penetrates you. I feel above your love channel to find your swollen clitoris peeping out of its hood and I pull you around to the front of my car and push you against the hood.

I sink to my knees and bury my face in your steaming cunt. As I lap the juices, you grip my head and grind it into your vulva. Woman's juices run down your thighs as I greedily lap them up, and your hips begin rocking into my tongue. You surrender to waves of pleasure, shaking and gasping as your climax nears. Then suddenly you pant an octave above your previous moans as your hips buck and a flood of girlcum floods my open mouth.

You push me away as your tender clit retracts to safety under its hood. Your orifice throbs and pulses with the aftershocks of your orgasm as you tremble, needing the car to support your rubbery knees.

After a moment, we switch places as you sink to my crotch. I hear my zipper making music, and you tug my penis free of its prison. It bobs in the night air, throbbing with need to release its pent up craving. Your fingers caress its bulging head, trace the veins of its length, and end up at my full scrotum. I moan with pleasure as your lips encircle its head, I feel your tongue lick its sensitive spot under the opening as you swallow its girth.

My eyes roll back as I enjoy your tongue flicking its way from the knob to my sac. Then I feel your finger enter my anus and I almost explode! Afraid to orgasm too quickly, I pull away from your devoted ministrations and grab your hips, turning you around to bend you forward over the hood of my car. My pole is at full mast as I position it at the entrance to your womb. You push back onto my swollen shaft and I plunge my cock into your wet pussy. Squelches of love juice are the only sounds, with our lusty panting as we couple like a****ls in heat. I reach around and grasp your tits as they sway around and around. Deep, deep, deep I thrust, then slow, slow, slow, as I feel the ridges of your slippery vagina clench on my turgid tool. You reach between your legs and furiously rub your twat as I feel my testes lift with their oncoming offering.

Then I can't help but see your ass puckering in the dim light. I pull my hard member from your folds and, lubricated with our juices, shove my aching pole into your anus. It's so tight and at first my erection won't go in, but after a few shallow thrusts your back door relaxes enough to take my length. With a grunt, you cum again as I drive myself up your poopchute.

I'm almost there, so I reluctantly leave your arse and plunge back into your pulsing cunt. A few more thrusts and I feel the lid coming off the pressure cooker in my nuts.
"Oh god, baby, I'm about to cum!" I grunt out as the point of no return approaches. "Can I cum in you?"

"Fuck me harder, daddy" you moan as your pelvis grinds on my manhood. "Yes, FILL me with spunk!"

Shuddering, I grab your ass and bury my tool in your flesh. A surge of semen explodes from my cock, flooding your feminine receptacle with hot sticky cum. Spurts of sperm gush out, mixing with your juices as my orgasm goes on and on and the universe stands still. My entire being is now my cock, feeling every ridge of your pussy milk the last drops of my offering.

Spent, we collapse onto the warm hood of my car. I'm swollen so hard I dare not pull out for a moment, then as my erection subsides I feel myself returning to Earth and my deflated wood slowly slides from your throbbing cunt. As I withdraw, a gush of sex juices oozes out of your love hole and I sink to lap it up. Then with a smile I kiss you, our mouths full of each others cum. A dribble of white drips from your lips, and you smile as you bend over and clean off my dick with your tongue.

As we turn back to our cars, satisfied for the moment, I hear a voice.

"Hey, you guys want to have some more fun?"

I turn, and a beefy trucker and a skinny girl with some righteous ink are standing there grinning.

"Well, I'm in no hurry," I said and turn to get your reply....
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1 year ago
I need to spend more time at the gas pumps
1 year ago
This is awesome! You didn't tell me about writing this!!! Thanks for sharing!
1 year ago
good story---part 2 soon?