A Day in Dick's Life

She was so warm, wet and willing as I eased into her after some serious stroking and arousal. I was standing tall and stiff, dribbling my juices as I got ready to dive in...

Then I awakened from my wet dream to find my appendage slowly waking up. I was still stiff and ready but I was just morning wood - too bad Big Head didn't score a warm fuzzy snatch for me to perform with, but that's not unusual. Me, I can make a woman moan but Big Head keeps blowing it so I spend too many nights just flopping around.

Now the big appendage that carries me around is up and headed for the bathroom. Oh boy, at least I have that to do. Hey, I'm easier to aim stiff than soft anyway. Ahhh - a good long piss is how I usually start the day.

Now into the shower, don't forget to soap me off dude! And scrub those stones while you're down there! Now stop rubbing me with all that soap - oh, so that's how it's gonna be? OK, hey if I can't fuck at least we'll get rid of that stale sperm? This is gonna be a quick one, I'm still hard from the wet dream . . . ohboy, that feels good, a little slower now . . . Hey, you nuts ready to do your thing?

Ooh, yes they are - here comes a load off OHGOD a BIG load of jizz! Damn, soaked the shower wall with that one! OK, towel off, not so damn hard OK? I'm still a little tender from that rubdown.

Now into my daytime clothes. Damn underwear, gotta spend the whole day cooped up with those dumb nuts. At least Big Head finally changed to boxers so I can swing around a little. If it were up to me, I'd spend my day just hanging out, feeling the breeze, saluting pretty ladies but that's not up to me.

Now for the ride to work -HEY CAREFUL HOW YOU SIT ON THOSE NUTS! That's better, wiggle around a bit til things are comfy. Cold day outside today - that means me and the boys will be shriveled up all day. At least it won't be sweaty in here.

Lunchtime - a walk outside, couple of cups of coffee and hey buddy it's time to empty the tank. Oh shit - you're gonna piss in the snow? HEY DAMMIT WARM UP THOSE FUCKING HANDS FIRST! Jeez, those fingers are like ice! That's right, write your damn name in the snow while my head is freezing. If you were bald you'd wear a hat so why are you doing this to me?

An afternoon in the dark again, now driving, now we're done driving, and the next time I see daylight it's in Pam's bathroom. Oh, I love this bathroom and all the girl smells - candles, sweet soaps, and all the fun we have there. HEY BUDDY PUT THE DAMN TOILET SEAT DOWN WHEN YOU'RE DONE - you know how Pam hates finding it up. And try to hit the damn water - she blames me when you don't pay attention to what you're doing.

Cuddled up with Pam watching a movie - nice. Ooh, she just laid her hand on the thigh next to me. Now I'm awake! Wonder if I'll get some good times tonight? Maybe if I stand up and wiggle she'll notice and -

Ooh yes, she noticed! She's petting me now, not just the thigh. And I'm straining to get more attention - hey, Big Head, give her a kiss or something to keep her interested in me, OK? I can't do all this myself - you've gotta help a little now and then...

Oh god, now she's rubbing me through the pants. I'm getting really stiff and - oops, a little damp now. Pam has such a way of making me grow big and tall - I love her silky woman's touch! Much nicer than Big Head's rough hands...

Oh what's that I hear? A belt being unbuckled? Could I be so lucky? Yup, she just opened the belt and now my favorite sound - a woman undoing my zipper! Thank god - as stiff as I was getting, it was really getting cramped down there. Now she's rubbing me through the boxers and I'm getting them wet - dunno why I dribble before I shoot, guess it's just the basketball player in me...

Oh, she slid her hand up my boxers and is stroking me. Pam, do you have ANY IDEA how good your hand on me feels? I love how you fondle me, you make me want to please you. What the hell are you doing now? Oh, sliding my pants down so I can POP UP and ....

OMIGOD - Pam's KISSING me! Oh, baby, just roll that tongue around and up and down me like you're doing and I'm in heaven! That's right, my underside is the most sensitive spot and you're all OVER it! God your lips are so soft, sucking on me, nibbling my tip, tonguing my belly, I'm getting REALLY excited!

Oooh, now you're gently squeezing my balls as you lick me. Could any dick feel any better? And you're swallowing me so deep now I think I'm gonna cum any moment...

Oh god, Big Head is holding her head with his hands and moving her back and forth like he's about to explode. You balls ready down there? I'm tingling and swellimg up to my biggest, almost feel like I could burst! Pam's smiling around me, wrapping me with her warm wet mouth, sucking and taking me in and out, all the way to the roof of her mouth, tongue dancing on me, so hot, so wet, I feel a roar in me, that tension is curling my toes, making my whole body rigid, and HERE COMES DA TRAIN OUT OF THE STATION, NO STOPPING NOW AND SHIT HERE IT COMES AND COMES AND COMES

I'm spurting and jerking and Pam's gulping my cream and giggling and trying to suck every drop out and I can't stop squirting and throbbing and feeling like every nerve ending in my body just hit 440 volts! Now white cum is dribbling out of Pam's beautiful mouth and I've got lipstick all over me and that wet sticky smell of sperm fills the air. I'm soaked, I can't stand up any longer, I'm done for a while but DAMN I still feel good and Pam's still softly cleaning me off with her tongue and I still love the attention even if my orgasm is over! She's so good to me, I love her touch and I love filling her whenever she wants! Hey Big Head, why don't you make this an every night deal? What are you waiting for?

Now why don't you spend the night with her so we can wake up together and have even more fun? She wants you to, you want to, so let's do this and I can get together with her furry kitty...
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1 year ago
If you were bald you'd wear a hat........classic!

Great story.