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Carla - part 2

Well, my friend Carla the legal secretary called me and said she's moving to Florida. She asked me to come get her dad's guitar for safekeeping until she gets settled, so I grabbed a bottle of wine and went over.

We've known each other for several years, and though we've kissed and fondled a little, never "went for it." But since this was the last time we would see each other, our goodbye went a bit further than before.

After several glasses of wine, we sat down on the sofa. I put my arm around her and gave her a good long kiss, soft lips, lots of tongue action. She sighed and settled in closer, and after a while my hand found its way onto her tit.

Carla is about 5'6" and might weigh 100 pounds if she's dripping wet. Long smooth legs - she had on short shorts and though she's 50, she has an amazing body. I was wearing shorts, too, and my hairy legs next to her smooth ones felt good to both of us. She started running her hands over my thigh, and said how good it felt to feel a man's leg again. She's been divorced for a number of years, and said she hadn't had a man for 3 years or so.

Though she's skinny, almost bony, she has nice tits. I could feel her nipple stiffening up under her T shirt, and so I encouraged it to stand up proudly. She let out a moan and so I rearranged us so I could slip my hand up under her tshirt and explore both her breasts. They are firm and about a B cup, not the big tits most of my girl friends have. Felt nice! She was still stroking my thigh, and I felt myself getting an erection.

The light was getting dim outside as we sat on her loveseat, and she was beginning to squirm a bit so I lifted her up onto my lap. Now our thighs were in closer contact, and I could feel the heat from her groin on my hardening penis. She could feel me rising, too, as I began tonguing her ear and nibbling her earlobe. Her hand was up to the hem of my shorts, so I moved from her tits to her thigh and started caressing her thighs with the back of my fingers. Then I too moved to the hem of her short shorts, and her skinny thighs left lots of room to venture up toward the promised land.

After a few minutes of this, she was ready and so was I. She has a chaise longue next to the loveseat, so we stood up and I slipped her Tshirt over her head. She pulled my shirt out of my shorts and lifted it up, so my shirt came off, too, and she began playing with my nipples and the hair on my chest. I laughed and said "I like your chest better without hair - and these!" as I fondled her breasts and kissed her nipples.

She shivered and pulled me down onto the chaise, and we nibbled and sucked each other's nipples for a while. My erection was getting painful, and her crotch was hot under me. I realized that at 6'4" and 220 I was twice her size, so I said "Here, let me get on bottom." When she stood up, I reached up and undid her shorts button and unzipped her shorts. They fell off her skinny hips and she stood there with no underwear on - she apparently had planned to seduce me anyway!

I stood and she knelt and unzipped my shorts. When they fell, my cock pushed my boxers out and she began stroking my penis through my boxers. I almost came right then, as she started kissing my manhood through the fabric! I shoved my underwear down and stepped out of the last of my clothing and when Carla took me into her mouth it was obvious that she was a cocksucker with great experience! She cupped my balls with one hand and grabbed my ass with the other, and began squeezing both my butt and scrotum gently.

I didn't want to cum yet, so I laid back on the chaise and she straddled me. Her pussy was shaved and smooth, but she had gorgeous cuntlips that were swollen and she was already dripping. I said "Here, let me taste you" and she moved up to let me tonguefuck her. I nibbled on her turgid outer lips as her juices began to flow, and when I took her inner lips into my lips she began to moan and quiver. I found her clitoris and when my tongue touched her twat, she started cumming hard against my face! She groaned and bucked and I could see those nice tits start bouncing as she shook again and again and her thighs clenched my head.

"GOD THAT FEELS SO GOOD!" she gasped as her orgasm subsided. I wanted to feel her cunt contract so I brought a finger up to her orifice and it was so tight I could hardly get a finger in. "You're tiny in there" I said, and Carla said "Well no one's been in there for so long I can't remember when..."

I moved her down my body to my stiff phallus. She was plenty wet, and I rubbed her plumped pussy lips with the head of my dick. I was oozing precum, and I tried to slip in into her but she was so tight I couldn't slide in! I began working a second finger into Carla's cunt and she began breathing hard again.

I finally managed to get the head of my erection into Carla's pussy. I humped up and tried to thrust inside, but she was still too tight to f***e my way in. Carla lifted up onto her knees and began working her way down onto me and slowly took a couple of inches in. Her vagina was hot, slick and throbbing around my shaft and I was in heaven! She leaned down to kiss me and I began massaging her nipples. She moaned and said to squeeze them hard, she liked it that way. So I clenched her breasts while she slid another inch onto my hardness.

An inch at a time, she worked her way all down my entire cock. Every inch was a struggle - her cunt hadn't been stretched this wide for years. It was tighter than any woman I've fucked since I was in high school! Finally she had me all in her, and began riding me as her sex lubricated us. I started rubbing her twat while kneading her breast, and she bucked and ground her hips onto my stiff cock. I could feel myself growing harder and thicker as her womb accommodated me and I began to feel the delicious feeling in my balls of my orgasm building.

We began fucking in earnest, panting and thrusting each other's pelvises to the rythmn of love. The sensations of impending explosion began in my groin and as I said "I'm gonna COME!" she responded by pounding me faster and faster as I pinched her clit. She cried out and came, and when I felt those cunt muscles squeezing my cock the semen rose and I began ejaculating into her. She felt the hot load in her making us slick with sex and pumped my dick dry - sperm began running down my shaft onto my balls.

We slowed our humping and I felt my cock soften and shrink, and finally she lifted up and out I slid with a "pop" and the babybutter poured out of her cunt. She took my limp dick and began kissing it, saying "God I've missed that!" I kissed her pussy and took a mouthful of our mixed love juices so I could share them with her and we kissed with sperm and girlcum on our lips.

We laid and talked for a while, then I tenderly kissed her goodbye.

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