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A night in Austin with an old friend..

Recently I had to make a trip to Houston to check on a boy I represent in foster care. By the time I got done meeting with him and his foster parents, it was getting late and I decided not to return home. Instead I thought of going to Austin, a place I'd never been to, and seeing a former employee.

Leslie worked for me for a little over a year, and we enjoyed each other's company. She was 34 and divorced, and at that time lived with her b*****r; I was married but living near Fort Worth and my wife still lived in Kansas City, so I had to find ways to work off my tensions with whomever was... Continue»
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The forgotten chapter of Genesis...

... The Lord God fashioned into a woman the rib which He had taken from the man, and brought her to the man. The man said,

“This is now bone of my bones,
And flesh of my flesh;
She shall be called Woman,
Because she was taken out of Man.”

For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh. 25 And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.

That's the part most of us know. But there's more...

Adam and Eve frolicked in the Garden. But you can only do so much frolicking without being bored.... Continue»
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A Winfield Reunion Treat!

Every September I go to Winfield, Kansas for the Walnut Valley Festival, which I've done for some 40 years since it began. I always have a blast, listening to music, joining in and playing, and sometimes having other fun like this year.

A few years ago I was on my way and stopped by to see my Xhamster friend Nickie, who wanted to go but couldn't (though she gave me a helluva fuck for a bon voyage!) Since then I've moved to Texas, she to mid-Missouri. We were good fuck buddies for about a year before I left; her son was so young she was still nursing when we met, and she LOVED having me s... Continue»
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In the Pool with Jennifer

I had just come out of the shower and was cooling off outside on my patio, in a tee shirt and nylon shorts, savoring an Anchor Steam when my neighbor Jennifer came in from walking her dogs. I invited her to join me, so she said she'd love to.

We sat on my patio and talked about our days at work, our k**s (she has an 18 year old daughter, I have a grown son and daughter.) I told her about the 3 year old boy who dropped his pants and peed in my electrical department, she laughed and told me some tales about her co-workers.

It was getting dark and we each had another Steam. Finally she s... Continue»
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Mark Twain's lecture on masturbation...

Some Thoughts on the Science of Onanism
by Mark Twain

[One evening in Paris in 1879, The Stomach Club, a society of
American writers and artists, gathered to drink well, to eat a
good dinner and hear an address by Mark Twain. He was among
friends and, according to the custom of the club, he delivered a
humorous talk on a subject hardly ever mentioned in public in that
day and age. After the meeting, he preserved the manuscript among
his papers. It was finally printed in a pamphlet limited to 50
copies 64 years later.]

________... Continue»
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God I love this job!

The past few weeks I've been working ridiculous hours, and today was a killer - up at 5. out of the apartment by 6, at work at 6:30 to open by 7:30, then a grueling day until closing at 8. and another hour of getting ready to do it again tomorrow. So my head, neck and shoulders have been excruciatingly tight, from stress and not enough sl**p. At closing, my left shoulder was killing me; if I windmilled it I could feel the tendons and joints "snap, crackle and pop" like Rice Krispies! My feet were aching after walking al day on concrete (I believe in "MBWA - Management By Walking Around.)

... Continue»
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Horny divorcees rock!

I got a Facebook message from Karen, who I'd never met in person but who I'd had online discussions with for several years; we're both bastards, and joke about it sometimes. I didn't realize she had moved to Fort Worth and had divorced her second husband last fall. Anyway, she suggested lunch or drinks and after several missed opportunities, we finally met for happy hour at Blue Mesa.

We talked and drank for three hours or so; at one point I brought in my Bastard Book (the collection of documents, research etc. that I compiled in finding my original parents.) I sat down beside her as we ... Continue»
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[Story] Orgy at Pooh Corner

"Ow!" cried Piglet, "That HURTS!"

"Shaddup and hold still," growled Winnie the Pooh as he guided himself into Piglet's tight orifice with one paw. The other paw he held to his nose and snorted the white powder on the back of it. Soon Pooh's eyes blazed with fire as he mounted his porcine friend and began thrusting himself into the reluctant pig. His fat belly limited his ability to penetrate fully, so Pooh finally gave up and turned to Roo, who was watching hungrily and had her hand down her pouch, stroking it slowly.

"Suck my dick" snarled Pooh at the frightened kangaroo, who quickly ... Continue»
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Howdy Texas style from my new neighbor

When I got home last night, I found a note on my door that just said "Dinner at 8 - Leslie upstairs".

It was about 7pm, so I wrote a note back saying "Yes" and signed it Bob, and went upstairs and put it on her door, knocked and left before she could answer the door.

I showered, shaved (top and bottom just in case) and dressed. Decided to go commando, no underwear also just being optimistic?

Promptly at 8 I showed up, carrying a bottle of Cabernet. Leslie opened the door and was in a tight-fitting blouse and short skirt th... Continue»
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Friendly new Texas neighbors!

I've been living in a second floor apartment, and have grown tired of lugging everything up and down stairs so I requested a ground floor unit. (I'm working in Texas the past year and a half, though I still own a home in Missouri where my spousal unit lives.)

A ground floor unit finally opened up, so I started moving all my stuff across the complex to a better location that's quieter and faces the east. I spent all day moving in, lugging clothes, kitchen items, guitars and stuff. Our complex is a group of a dozen or so two-story buildings, with eight to sixteen units per building, arrang... Continue»
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Why is it so easy to seduce "born again"

It seems a lot of the women and girls I've fucked around with have been "born again" evangelical types; come to think of it, most of them have been. I got to wondering why. Statistics show that evangelical women divorce more often and have more affairs than Catholics, Muslims, Jews, or even athiests.

In no particular order, it seems these might be factors:

1. Religious girls are often sheltered and curious, but they have been told "keep pure and give yourself to one man when you're married and then sex will go from sinful to joyful." Of course, they find out that they've been had, th... Continue»
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[Story] Encounter at a truck stop

It's late at night and I'm getting low on gasoline. Ahead on the interstate glittering in the darkness is a truck stop so I pull in.
As I'm filling my car, you emerge from the ladies room tugging on your short skirt. You walk up to the car next to mine and our eyes meet.
I smile at you, and you smile back. My eyes drop to take in your unharnessed breasts in a snug halter top, down your soft curving belly to your rounded hips, your ass flaring your short skirt.
My groin feels a tingle as bl**d drains from my brain and I sense my phallus swelling. You look up at me, all six feet four, then... Continue»
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Cuckolding with Mike's Wife at Winfield...

Music has always been an important part of my life, along with women; the only two times my ADHD is completely controlled is when I'm playing music or making love. This is about a conjunction of the two...

Winfield is a small town in extreme southern Kansas, just north of the Oklahoma line. In 1972, my lifelong friend Steve called me from Lawrence, Kansas where he was a senior at the University of Kansas and said, "Doc Watson is going to be playing at a festival in Winfield next week. Want to go?"

That was my first trip to Winfield, a trip I've repeated almost every year since! It be... Continue»
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[Story] A Day in Dick's Life

She was so warm, wet and willing as I eased into her after some serious stroking and arousal. I was standing tall and stiff, dribbling my juices as I got ready to dive in...

Then I awakened from my wet dream to find my appendage slowly waking up. I was still stiff and ready but I was just morning wood - too bad Big Head didn't score a warm fuzzy snatch for me to perform with, but that's not unusual. Me, I can make a woman moan but Big Head keeps blowing it so I spend too many nights just flopping around.

Now the big appendage that carries me around is up and headed for the bathroom. ... Continue»
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[Story] Love with the right stranger...

Your incoming text message chimes on my phone. "What are you doing tonight?" pops up on my screen.
I reply, "Nothing - I get off work at 7. What did you have in mind, dear?"
Your reply "I was thinking about getting together."
"Getting off together? ;D"
"Maybe. If you're not too tired to get it up lol"
"For you, honey, I'll make the sacrifice! Twitchy twat tonight?"
"Uh-huh. I'm feeling frisky!"
"My place or yours?"
"I'm off early, so I'll just come by your place."
"K. Bring your toys?"
"Of course, loverboy..."

As I get out of the shower, a knock at my door. Wrapping a... Continue»
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Carla - part 2

Well, my friend Carla the legal secretary called me and said she's moving to Florida. She asked me to come get her dad's guitar for safekeeping until she gets settled, so I grabbed a bottle of wine and went over.

We've known each other for several years, and though we've kissed and fondled a little, never "went for it." But since this was the last time we would see each other, our goodbye went a bit further than before.

After several glasses of wine, we sat down on the sofa. I put my arm around her and gave her a good long kiss, soft lips, lots of tongue action. She sighed and settled ... Continue»
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[Story] Afternoon Delight

Katie called me and asked me to meet her over at my mother-in-law's house. She was the realtor for the property, and she wanted me to help move some things around to show the house better. So I took off early from work and met her at the house.

Katie was 32 at the time, married with a daughter. She was very cute, though a little plump, but dressed very well and had a winning smile. Thick auburn hair, a big chest, and a quick laugh. She asked me to rearrange some of the furniture to make the house seem bigger, so we moved a few things until we got to the master bedroom.

As we moved, we ta... Continue»
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[Story] Travelling the Campaign Trail with America's

I was trying to get up the energy to go down to the unemployment office when my cell phone rang. "Hey Bob," said my sometimes-girl-friend Lesley. "You interested in picking up a few bucks on the side?"

"Sure, as long as it doesn't involve honest work," I replied. "What's up?"

"Well my friend Melanie just told me that she heard of a job as a guide to some of the politicians who are coming in to Kansas City this weekend before the election" said Lesley. "I figure you've spent more time crawling around the bars and blues joints than anyone I know, so you've got to be as qualified as anyon... Continue»
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[Story] Nuns make great nurses!

I was in eighth grade football when I took a helmet to the back that hurt like hell. I sat out a few plays, but the pain went down enough I returned to finish the game.

The next morning when I got out of bed and took my morning leak, I was amazed to see brown pee! I mentioned it at breakfast, and my mom called the doctor who said to come in immediately.

We went to the doctor's office, and after I repeated the brown piss, he said that was bl**d in my urine and that I had a bruised k**ney. By this time, it hurt to even walk. He suggested I spend a few days in hospital, so it was off to... Continue»
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Not taboo part 2

Of course, playing with her budding breasts was fun for me, but I had no idea that she would enjoy it as well. J****** had never masturbated, never kissed a boy even. We only had ever kissed as siblings do, chaste pecks upon the cheek. So we wondered what real kisses felt like?

One summer afternoon we had been to the swimming pool and got home but Mom was out. We just had ridden our bikes home and it was time to change out of our swimsuits and back into regular clothes. I noticed that she had on a tight swimsuit, one which showed her cleft through the crotch. She was complaining that her ba... Continue»
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