The annoying but hot co-worker

(I should maybe mention that this story only contains light BDSM)

Roughly ever since I started watching porn regularly when I was maybe 15 years old, I stopped jerking off while just thinking about sexual scenarios.
Thanks to her, that has changed again though. For the first time in almost 15 years, I once again jerked off while just thinking about fucking her. And man, was it a load that fantasy made me shoot. Usually, I only cum that much when I'm not alone.
And even twice in a row! That's something I didn't even want to do by myself for... many, many years. And it has become pretty hard to do just watching porn or reading stories. But thinking about her... it was actually quite easy.
Unfortunately, she is very manipulative, pretentious and full of herself. Because of these character traits, I was never interested in something serious with her. But something casual would've been nice, especially since I could've just let loose without being too worried about treating her too roughly, seeing as how she's such an awful person anyway.

Then today, she (who is by the way somewhat tall, thin but with very shapely tits and ass, as well as long brown hair and more of a "graceful/cute" face than a "hot chick" one) wore a roughly knee-long but somewhat tight dress that maybe from the sweat in the summer heat was even stuck to her oh so nicely shaped ass cheeks and with every step she took, they would of course bounce back and forth. And walking behind her, staring intensely at her amazing ass, I realized... hot damn! I could even see her black, fairly thin panties through the dress!!
Since she has complemented me on my shirt earlier in the day, I could of course easily make a comment about it. So I did. Sent her a message (as I only thought about it back at my desk) and told her that her choice of clothes was damn fine as well. Thinking that she's probably aware of how she is presenting herself. Because it does seem like she enjoys dressing up a bit provocatively for the team sometimes.
She replied by saying: "I'm glad SOMEBODY noticed. I often wonder whether I put in all this effort to look nice for nothing."
"Oh I am sure that people appreciate it more than you know. Although... especially for the single guys, I bet it is very frustrating to get teased like that."
Hesitating a bit because I wonder whether the following could get me into trouble, I decide if I add a smiley face, I could at least say it was just a joke. Maybe an inappropriate one but still better than a serious statement.
"I actually think you should either follow through or stop it. :-P"
"Awww, poor babies getting blue balls? Well, I can hardly follow through if I don't even know who would want me to."
"That's true, I suppose. I guess you can hardly do some secret ballot about that where people write 'yes' or 'no' on a piece of paper ;-)"
"Haha wouldn't that be something :D. But - I do know of one person now. Or did I misunderstand you?"
"... no you did not."
"Let's make this interesting then, shall we? Come by my office at 8 p.m."

Everybody has already long gone home and I have made excuses of wanting to get something done on my current project still today. Seems she really did stay, as I can see the light on in her office. I know she's very forward and oozes sexuality and everything but... in a working environment, you can never be too sure what to expect. Especially considering her scheming, manipulative personality. So I somewhat cautiously walk up to the office, thinking about how I could spin this around in my favor if it should in fact turn out that she was just fucking with me instead of... planning to fuck me.
As I walk in, she says "Well, well. If it isn't Mr. *****.", looking at me intensely with her typical, ever-smiling facial expression.
"You know, it has been brought to my attention that some of the people are displeased with certain on-goings around here.", she says while getting up from her chair.
She comes a bit closer, saying "Well - you brought it to my attention."
Then she turns around again, walking back to her chair. Hang on a second. Where are the black panties? I can feel my cock move a little.
She sits down on the edge of the desk and goes "You may have noticed that I always try to maximize the motivation of my team. Always trying to give everybody what they want."
I nod. It's true. Of course, it is actually one of the reasons I can't stand her because she wiggles around like a worm when talking to people, often not seeming to have much of an opinion or integrity.
"So? Why don't you come over here and tell me what you want."
I walk over to her, looking her up and down, feeling my cock press against my pants a little. Wanting to make sure, I say "Actually - could you turn around for a second?".
She turns around, sticking out her ass and looking back at me with a smile that speaks volumes.
Oh yeah, those panties are definitely gone. And her round ass cheeks the dress is somewhat sticking to and showing off so nicely are just two feet or so away from me. I run my hand lightly across one of her cheeks. What a heavenly ass.
"Go on. Tell me. Whatever you want."
Oh really? I now run my hand a little between her ass cheeks.
"Whatever I want, huh?", I say in a low voice, while moving my hand up the inner sides of her legs, noticing that her cunt juice is already running down.
"Yes, yes. Don't be shy."
That's all I need to hear.
"Sit back down on your chair."
She walks back and sits down, looking at me with an expectantly smile. I walk over to her, pull down my pants and my rapidly growing cock waves just maybe two feet away from her face.
"For starters, I want to fuck your pretty mouth."
She briefly looks at me like "Wow. I wouldn't have expected you to be so dirty". But she takes my request literally and just opens her mouth wide.
I step even closer and pull her head a bit towards me to insert my now very hard cock into her mouth. I enjoy the feeling of her warm tongue rubbing it. I look down at her beautiful face and just calmly enjoy seeing my cock now covered with her saliva, sliding in and out of her mouth. But that makes me so hot that I grab her head with both hands and start to fuck her mouth intensely. I push my hard cock deep into her and enjoy the sensation of the tip getting massaged when entering her throat. Pro like I somehow imagined she would be, she doesn't even gag. "Guess you have some experience in getting your face fucked, huh?". I'm not sure if she nodded, I don't care, I just wanna cum. And it feels like I'm close to it.
So I pull my cock out and start to jerk off while saying "Now lean back and open your mouth, I want to shoot my cum across your face and into your mouth".
She does as I say while saying "Oh yeah, give me your cum" and as I stroke my cock quickly, I can already feel my balls tighten. Knowing how hard I will cum, I aim right into her mouth, wouldn't want to waste anything. And indeed, the first spurts of sperm shoot into her wide open mouth very hard. After that, I pull away a little and let the following cum streams cover her face.
"Now swallow and tell me how it tastes."
"Mmmm... very nice."
She starts to wipe the rest of my cum into her mouth with her fingers. I grab her arm and say "I didn't tell you to do that, did I? Just leave it on. Instead, stand up."
She gets up and I pull her dress up over her waist.
"Now sit down on the edge of the desk and spread your legs."
She does and I sit down on the chair and immediately bury my face in between them. First, I just lick up and down her pussy lips and stick my tongue into her cunt to taste her juice. Then I slide two fingers into it, her cunt making loud smacking noises as I do, and start rubbing her clit with my tongue. As she starts to moan loudly, I say "Now. Now eat the rest of my cum."
I start to rub her g-spot with my fingers while now sucking on her clit and between ecstatic cries, I hear her sucking on her fingers and briefly look up to her to see her follow my order and slowly eating my cum.
Continuing my sucking and rubbing - she has laid back on the desk in the meantime - her loud moans are soon followed by her legs shaking. She cries "Yes... Fuck! Ahhh!!" and I just gently rub my tongue across her cunt while her orgasm slowly subsides and lap up more of her delicious juice.
I get up to look at her, she's just lying there with her head to the side, her eyes closed and a relaxed smile on her face. I realize I haven't even touched her nice looking tits so far and fondle them a bit, sliding my hand inside her dress to feel her nipples. While doing that, I say
"Oh but you don't think we're done yet, do you?"
She opens her eyes, looks at me, laughs a little and says "Well... what else do you want?"
"Turn around."
She rolls over so that she is now bent over the desk. Oh man, that ass. I run my hand across it and squeeze one of her ass cheeks. Then I smack it hard and she goes "Oooh" in an excited manner.
My cock is already very hard again and I slowly slide it into her from her orgasm still overflowing cunt. She moans softly.
"What I still want to do..."
I pull out my cock and put the tip now covered with her juices against her asshole.
"Is to fuck your ass until you can't stand", spitting onto her asshole.
"Fuck yeah, give it to me."
And with that, I push firmly against her asshole and my cock slides right in. Once I'm in balls-deep, I grab her by her hair and pull back her head while starting to pump her ass.
"Always... with the... teasing... everybody... should fuck you... like this!"
"Yes! I want to... be the... company... fuck slut!"
Hot damn! Just when I thought she couldn't get any hotter.
Fast and hard I ram my hard cock into her tight asshole while using my other hand to firmly grab one of her tits and pinch her nipple. I lean back to smack her ass hard again and check out the view of my cock sliding into it, her asshole dilating around it. As I get closer to cumming, I let go of her hair and instead grab her ass to support my thrusting movements.
"Now for the grand finale", I say while suddenly pulling my cock out of her ass.
"Suck me off."
She immediately gets down from the desk, onto her knees and pushes my cock deep into her mouth. I don't even have to do anything, she grabs onto my ass and thrusts her head towards me so furiously. At least initially. But then I still grab her head again to be in perfect control of how fast and deep my cock slides into her mouth.
"Fucking hell, you're such a hot little pig, I'm gonna fill you up good again."
And so I do. After just a couple of more strokes, I pull out my cock and she opens her mouth wide. I am amazed by how much she still makes me cum, her mouth filling up with my sperm more and more. Once I am done and I have let the last bit of cum dribble into that little pool of sperm that has formed, I tell her "You can swallow now".
She takes on big gulp and goes "Mmmmm. More!". I laugh and put my shrinking cock into her mouth, so she can still suck on it, while I see that she is moving a hand between her legs to jack herself off. So I just enjoy feeling her tongue around the tip of my cock while listening to her cunt smacking and watching her get off one more time.
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