Letting His Mind Wander

His eyes locked on hers the moment she stepped onto the bus. She was tall and curvy, dressed to show it off. Her top was snug with a low neckline, exposing cleavage to get lost in. The knee-length skirt hugged her hips and she wore high-heeled boots that could cause some damage with the right kick. She caught the attention of most of the passengers, male and female. There was no denying she oozed sexual energy.

One of the few seats available on the bus happened to be right across from where he was sitting. And that’s the seat she chose, demurely crossing her legs as he watched. She leaned forward to rub a slight scuff from one boot, giving him a full view of the depth of her cleavage. When he raised his eyes, she was staring directly at him. A smirk crossed her lips as if she could read his mind.

He looked away, embarrassed at being caught peeking, and his hand u*********sly went to his lap, resting on his already hardening cock. She glanced down and gave a low chuckle. He got harder still at the smoky tone of her laugh. He couldn’t believe he was getting so turned on by someone he had set eyes on barely a couple minutes earlier.

He tried looking at her again, but her gaze was penetrating and he had difficulty meeting it. His eyes kept wanting to wander down to her luscious mounds straining to be released. He imagined kneeling in front of her, burying his face between them, worshiping them, removing them from her sweater and bra to suck on what he knew must be fantastic nipples. Enveloping each with his mouth, luxuriating on them with his tongue for as long as she wanted, her satisfaction his only purpose. His wandering thoughts were doing nothing to help control the erection that was getting bigger beneath his hand.

He wondered if he could work up the courage to ask for her number. Or maybe ask if she would let him e****t her back to his place. He wanted to do so many things to her, all for her pleasure. He imagined them both naked, her lying comfortably on the bed as he touched and massaged every inch of her body, following his fingers with kisses along her perfect skin. If he was lucky, perhaps she would let him taste her, bring her pleasure with his mouth and tongue. He was salivating at the thought of her sweetness. He wanted to spend hours with his head between her powerful looking thighs, delving deep to bring her to orgasm again and again.

While he was imagining them together, she stared at him. He hadn’t known until now what it felt like to be undressed by someone’s eyes, but he was no longer self conscious, as she looked him up and down. A smile remained on her face the entire time and she licked her lips more than once. Maybe she’s appraising me, he thought. Maybe she does want a slave at her feet, worshipping her. She was making him feel like an object, like a piece of meat and he liked it.

She shifted in her seat, crossing her legs the other way and letting her skirt ride up her thigh a couple inches. It took a lot of willpower for him to stay in his seat instead of leaping across the aisle and kissing her creamy thighs, up and under the skirt until she granted him further access by uncrossing her legs. He knew without a doubt that she had no panties on; he would have noticed with a skirt that tight. If her skirt went up much higher he would catch a glimpse of her sweet pussy. His mind wandered again, wondering if she was shaved or trimmed. He hoped she had at least a bit of hair, something to tickle his nose as he licked her juicy lips.

He thought she had read his mind when she uncrossed her legs. She glanced to the front of the bus as it slowed and, before he realized what was happening, she rose from her seat, straightened her skirt and headed to the doors. He was desperate to follow, but knowing the crowd on the bus would see his erection stopped him. Before she left the bus, she turned and blew him a kiss, as if knowing just what he had been thinking all along. He sighed and thought, maybe next time.

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1 year ago
I want to see her pussy as bad as he does.
1 year ago
she was shaved ....................sweet
1 year ago
Nice lol! Ok IM interested
1 year ago
Good one! Writing article in Penthouse forum
1 year ago