An Oral Encounter

They sat down next to each other and he pulled her close.

“Mmm, I love your lips. So soft and they taste so sweet. I think you could get me into a lot of trouble girl.”

Mara giggled. “You are quite the smooth talker. And I am pretty sure that you are the one that will be causing the trouble.”

At that, he moved in and kissed her again, this time letting his hands roam around and down her back. Not breaking the kiss, she reached around and grabbed his hands, moving them to the front of her shirt, guiding him to undo the buttons. Beck unbuttoned her shirt and when it fell open he couldn’t wait to get his hands on her bare skin. He pulled back for a moment to look at her, to see the swell of her breasts in the lacey black bra.

“Oh my dear, you are lovely.” She smiled as he moved to kissing down her neck and gently across the tops of her breasts. His hands were on her shoulders, shifting the shirt off of her, then on her back unclasping her bra. By instinct her hands rose in front of her as her bra began to fall.

“Let’s make things fair,” he said, as he pulled his own shirt off. Then Beck put his hands over hers and pulled them away, exposing her voluptuousness to him. Her hands moved to his chest as his moved to hers. He laid back and she got on top of him. They kissed again as his hands moved behind her and down her body. He caressed and squeezed her ass through her skirt as she kissed him with a ferocity she hadn’t displayed until now. There is something seriously naughty about this one and she tries to not let it out, Beck thought as, in one smooth move, he turned her over so he was on top.

He kneaded her breasts as he continued to kiss her, but then moved his mouth down her neck, sucking and kissing along the way. His mouth found a nipple and he licked it slowly, making her moan softly. When he took it in his mouth and started to suck, her moans grew a little louder. His hand massaged her other breast, teasing the nipple to hardness. He switched to sucking the other one and his hand moved down, under her skirt. Mara was beginning to move her hips, urging him on. When he got past the edge of the skirt and moved his hand up, he realized she had nothing on underneath.

“Oh you naughty, naughty girl,” he mumbled, still sucking on a nipple, as his fingers started exploring between her legs. She was already wet which made it easy for him to slip a finger inside. Her moaning got louder still and more intense as she raised her hips to urge him deeper.

He stopped sucking her nipple and raised his head. “Can I do something for you? Will you let me make you feel good? I don’t want anything in return tonight, I swear.”

She looked at him with already slightly glazed eyes and nodded her head. That was all the encouragement he needed.

He moved down her body and raised her skirt when he was positioned between her legs. He lowered his head and heard her gasp as his tongue made a quick flick at her sensitive nub before he began licking along the length of her. Slowly, deliberately he licked from top to bottom and back again. He then spread her lips with his fingers as his tongue dove inside her, darting in and out, licking at her juices. Her hips rose to meet his tongue as he continued working her up slowly. He resumed licking from bottom to top and then focused on the one spot that would drive her wild. He licked around and around, at the same time inserting two fingers inside, feeling how tight she was. Her breath grew more rapid and raspy and Beck could hear a low moaning begin deep in her throat. He curled his fingers as he increased the pressure of his tongue. Mara grabbed the back of his head and pulled it into her. He knew the pressure was building and he took her clit into his mouth and began sucking, gently at first. The moan escaped her lips, evolving into a scream that let him know it wasn’t going to be long before she let go. He increased the speed of his fingers and the suction of his mouth. She was grinding herself against his face, hips gyrating madly as the feeling built up inside her, growing stronger and stronger. Her body stiffened momentarily and she screamed long and loud as the orgasm rippled through her. He kept at it, prolonging her pleasure. Her hands clutched his head, pulling at his hair. Beck slowed down and stopped, his fingers slipping out from her. Mara relaxed, lowering her hips, her hands falling to the side. Her breathing was still quick but less ragged than before as she rode out the last vestiges of her orgasm.

He lowered her skirt and traced his hand along her leg as she calmed down, a smile on his face.

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1 year ago
Terrific.....I love your writing. Straight to the point, hot but not crude.
1 year ago
Very lovely,romantic story...!!!!!!
2 years ago
great story!
2 years ago
Wow! You are a great writer.
2 years ago
Great, love do it for you baby
2 years ago
Loved it
2 years ago
thns for sharing its very well written :)
2 years ago
gives me great satisfaction pleasuring a woman like that n then going on with my day
2 years ago
pretty nice i can relate ive done it just like your story a few times
2 years ago
so nice. I love to give a woman head just to feel her legs quiver