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A New York Tale

It was a typical mid week day for Susie, John her husband was away for a few days on business and the apartment was closing in on her.

It was late spring and the sun shone over Manhattan. She showered and decided to get dressed smartly and go down to mid town for lunch at MOMA. This was her favourite restaurant when she was on her own as she could sit at the bar and blend in with the crowd.

Most men found Susie attractive, she had a sex appeal that made men, and women, instantly attracted to her without thinking about it. Susie had carefully dressed in an Armani skirt, not short but well tailored to her figure, a silk blouse which showed a little cleavage and 4” heels and stockings. Susie did not set out that day seeking a sexual liaison but she knew that she would attract well to do Wall Street types who regularly lunched at MOMA.

The two guys who sat next to her at the bar were in their late 30’s/early forties, one was very good looking the other was OK but it was his friend she focussed on. Mario, the young good looking barman, was also making eyes at her and she successfully played all of them without any of them knowing. Scott the good looking banker told his life story, married, k**s, lived in New Jersey etc etc and she cut through all this boring crap and asked him what he was doing after lunch making it clear with her look that he could be doing something more interesting than looking at a computer screen in Wall Street.

After lunch and a few drinks she excused herself to go to the toilet, she was more in need of a line than a pee. She saw male eyes follow her through the bar to the toilet area which served both sexes. As she approached a cubical Mario suddenly appeared and with a smile but no words he opened the door for her. No words were spoken as he followed her in and locked the door. They embraced straight away and said nothing. He ran his hands down her back and rested on her backside as he gently f***ed her legs apart with his thigh. He ran a hand down to confirm what he thought, stockings and no panties. He congratulated himself in reading Susie and the situation accurately.

Susie started to rub his erection through his trousers as he undid her skirt which fell to the ground. She unzipped his fly and released his erection which was large and thick. She sat down on the toilet, as she had done numerous times before, and took Mario in her mouth. She was expert at oral sex and he submitted to her actions as she licked and sucked his cock. After a few minutes they changed positions and Mario sat down with his cock proudly standing to attention. Susie straddled him and teased him before she allowed his cock to penetrate her cunt which was wet from the excitement.

Mario undid her blouse and sucked her nipples, “no biting” she said, the first words between them. As Mario came inside her she put her hand over his mouth to subdue his cries. It only took them a minute to clean up and Mario kissed her gently on the mouth and gave her his cell phone number.
As Susie walked back to the bar Scott was probably the only guy in the restaurant who did not suspect that a sexual encounter had taken place. Mario was famous for this move and most of the regular guys looked over to him behind the bar as he smiled and winked confirmation. Thumbs up and silent clapping went on behind Susie’s back but she knew and liked the attention.

Scott had decided he could take the afternoon off therefore Susie suggested they go for a drink downtown. She kissed Mario on the cheek before leaving with Scott who was excited but apprehensive at the same time. When they got into the taxi Susie gave an address on the lower east side, an area she knew well. On the journey she let her skirt ride up to reveal her stocking tops so Scott could see. She stretched over and started to rub his cock which became immediately erect. Scott was very good looking and was clearly fit from the gym and she was looking forward to the next hour but already she had planned to go back and see Mario afterwards.

Scott was both confused and excited when Susie bent over and unzipped his fly and started to give him a blow job. The taxi driver adjusted his mirror to watch as Susie gave Scott his best ever blow job in the middle of the afternoon in a taxi in Manhattan. As they arrived at their destination, a secluded pay by the hour hotel called the Lincoln, she let Scott zip up his dick. The taxi driver took the fare as he smiled at Susie and rubbed his hard on.

At reception they paid for two hours and went hand in hand to their room which showed porn on the flat screen opposite the large bed. After kissing Susie asked Scott what he liked, what could she do for him that his wife couldn’t? He said he would love to have anal sex and Susie smiled as she started to get his cock out again. No problem big boy, its my favourite as well! She started to undress slowly and Scott took in everything. She had a fabulous figure, great pert tits, long long legs accentuated by the 4” heels. She started to rub her pussy and asked him if he suspected anything at the bar as she was quite a long time. He said no, what do you mean. Nothing she said as she went to the bathroom to make sure all of Mario’s cum had been cleaned up.

As she slowly stripped for Scott she asked him if it was ok to have a line of coke. He said yea I guess and she asked him if he had tried it. No he said. Susie prepared a line of coke and took it over to Scott, now just wearing stockings and heels. He was reluctant but she easily persuaded him to take it. As it hit his brain he was overcome by sexual desire, a f***e he had not experienced before even in his younger days. He grabbed her and f***ed her on the bed kissing her hard on the lips and breasts. She quickly pushed his head between his legs where he ate and sucked at her wet pussy as if his like depended upon it. After 5 minutes she came, it was a terrific orgasm. This type of orgasm could only be experienced when she had illicit sex, her husband made her come but in a different way and she loved both experiences.

Susie bent down and took his hard, thick cock in her mouth and sucked him until the head of his cock looked ready to explode. She then straddled Scott and guided his cock to the tip of her anus and slowly started to ride up and down. She knew the initial pain would give way to that wonderful pleasure she could only get from anal sex. Scott could not believe that after meeting this sexy woman just over an hour ago he was penetrating her ass with his strong erection. All through it Susie teased him about his wife not giving him the type of sex he craved and was receiving right now. When he was ready to come she jumped off him and let him come all over her face, this was also a no no for his wife.

They went to shower, walked out together and took two separate taxi’s. He could only hope that she would contact him as she gave nothing in return. She returned to MOMA, sat at the bar and Mario produced her glass of chardonnay as soon as she sat down. “great service” she said, which one he replied - this or the earlier one?

As she drained her glass of wine and was considering calling it a day and going home to the upper east side a very attractive guy in his 30’s came over from a well dressed group and sat down beside her. He opened with “I would really like to make love to you right now”. Here in the bar Susie said with a laugh. The sexy man with no name took her hand and guided her to the restrooms and pulled her in. He quickly undid her skirt to reveal stockings and no panties. He was very skilled at oral sex and within a few minutes he had taken out his huge erect cock , bent her over the toilet and fucked her as hard as he could. The noise level was high in the cubical and soon the group of men moved to the restrooms to listen at the door. After the handsome man with no name had his orgasm he quickly zipped himself up and opened the door despite her state of dress. The group of guys were treated to a fabulous view and two entered the cubical and started to ravish Susie.

Although she was late for dinner that night she reflected on another interesting day in New York. She looked forward to her husband getting home that night as she could do with a rest.

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6 months ago
Susie know what she likes and gets what she wants good for her
2 years ago
Great story! Very very hot!
2 years ago
nice and hot