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It was a few weeks after I treated daddy by letting him fuck my best friend Lily that I decided to help Lily with her problem.

You see Lily and I have been best friends since high school. I guess you could call us two peas in a pod; we thought a lot alike on so many things. There is one thing that Lilly and I are in 100% agreement on, we both love our daddies.

It was right after I returned home from college that daddy and I started having sex. Mom had cut my father off in the bedroom years ago, and she had taken a female lover. My dad tried to cope with my mother’s betrayal as best he could, but he knew that he had not only been replaced in her bed, but he had been replaced in her heart as well.

Dad was able to find love again when I moved back home. I have always been very close to both of my parents, but there was always something very special between my daddy and me. We both knew that nothing or no one could ever break the bond of pure love that was between us.

The night that dad was treated to Lily’s sweet young body I learned of the frustration that Lily had been living with. She told how she had envied my relationship with my dad every since the day that I told her that my father had taken me as his lover. She told us just how she had always been in love with her father and that no matter what she did to try to get him into her bed, nothing worked. As I watched daddy turn my best friend into a little slut whore, it dawned on me that all Lily’s father needed was a little inspiration. If only he could see what he was missing. That is when I ran and got my video camera and started filming.

Daddy and Lily were nothing short of fantastic that night and I had the tape to prove it. I called Lily back over to the house a few days later. When I showed her the tape of her and daddy making love; she was thrilled to have the memory of that night caught on tape. She was also sad with the knowledge that it was not her own beloved father that had made love to her that night.

I told her not to be sad and that I wanted to help get her father into her pussy. I told her I would invite her father over for dinner and somehow get him to see the tape. He would then realize she was no longer his little girl, but a beautiful young woman willing to give her father her body and all the love that came with it. Lily loved my idea. I knew daddy would be more then willing to help out, he never could understand why any man in his right mind would turn down a rare beauty like Lily, no matter if she was his daughter.

I invited Joe Tuner over for drinks and dinner a few days later. Daddy told me that he had known a Joe Tuner when he was in college but was not sure if this was the same person. I had made our house a home again for daddy and me. By now my mom had moved in with her girlfriend, and was no longer a part of our lives. I was sl**ping with daddy full time now. Lily and Joe were due to arrive at anytime. As I waited for our guests to arrive I started thinking about the first time that I met Joe Tuner.

The fact that Lilly wanted her dad as a lover came as no big shock to me; the first time I laid eyes on the man I wanted to fuck him. Joe Tuner is a tall very handsome black man, with deep set dark eyes, and salt and pepper hair. He has smooth light brown skin, with a killer smile. He stands about six foot- five or six, and has a well tone body. From the looks of him I would guess that he has an eight to nine inch pleasure tool to work with. As much as I wanted this night to be about Lily and her father connecting, still there was apart of me that wanted to feel Joe Tuner’s big tool inside me too.

The doorbell ringing snapped me out of my haze. As I ran to answer the door, I took a quick look in the hallway mirror to see if everything was where it should be. Daddy was right, I looked so hot, and yes I was ready to fuck. I opened the door and there stood Lily and her gorgeous dad.

“Lily, Mr. Tuner, please come in, “I said as I watched Lily and her father walked by. As Mr. Tuner turned to face me I could not help noticing the big bugle in his pants.

“Would you like a drink, Mr. Turner” I asked as I took a deep breath and tried to compose myself.

“Yes, I think I’ll a scotch and soda please sweetheart, oh and please call me JT.” He said in a very deep sexy manly voice.

“Well I’ll be a son of a bitch, Joe Tomas Turner, how are you man?” I heard daddy yell.

“Harper, Leland Harper, my god is it really you?” JT said as a look of shock over took his face.

It was indeed a surprise to Lily and I to find out our fathers knew each other. As we sat around over drinks, they told us about their wild college days. They had attended university and lived only a few doors down from each other. JT and daddy recalled their partying days and all the good pussy that used to come their way.

I did notice that when the subject turned to sex that JT seemed a bit on edge. I could see now why Lily had so much trouble communicating her sexual needs to her dad. I decided that the men needed some time alone to talk, so I asked Lily if she would come help me with dinner.

“Do you see what I mean, my dad is nothing like yours. He is so uptight when it comes to sex. Like I did not know that he was getting laid every night when he was back in collage.” Lily said as I checked on our dinner.

I could see how upsetting this was for Lily, the need to love her father and to have sex with him was great. She told me that she had not been fucked since that night with daddy and me, nearly a month ago.

I felt so sorry for my good friend, her tear stained face looked as beautiful as I took her in my arms. Now I would be lying if I said that I have never imagined being with Lily. From the first day we met I have dreamed of Lily’s sweet tight body on top of mines, and how we would do things to each other, things that if it were anyone other then the sweet girl that I was holding in my arms would go unsaid.

However, there I was standing in my kitchen with Lily in my arms. Suddenly Lily looked up at me, our eyes locked in a passionate embrace. Our eyes seem to have the words that our mouths could never speak. Our lips met in our first kiss, at that moment there was no one else in the world that mattered to me more than Lily, including daddy.

There was no way I could stop myself, nor did I want to. Pushing her back onto the kitchen table and hiking up her black wrap around skirt, I tore away the dark blue thong she was wearing. I nearly lost my mind as Lily wrapped her long beautiful legs around my neck, forcing me face down into the sweetest piece of pussy that God ever put on this earth.

This was my first time I ate another woman’s pussy, but I knew that it would not be the last. At that moment I think I understood my mother, and some of the decisions that she had made. I knew that I would never leave daddy’s bed, but there was something powerful and very real about being with another woman. In those few precious moments, the only thing I wanted was to love Lily.

I endlessly played with her clit and sucked up her sweet juice. Lily had discarded her blouse and was lost in playing with her tits. The taste and smell of her skin had become the thing I craved; the evening had suddenly changed from getting Lily in bed with her father, to getting her into my bed.

‘Ohhhhhh, that feels so good.” I heard Lilly moan, as I shoved two fingers between her tight wet pussy lips.

Lily started to moan and buck under me as I started to finger-fuck her. God her pussy was so tight. As beautiful as she was, Lily had very limited experience when it came to sex. Other than her high school boyfriend, daddy had been the only man she had been with.

“Let’s go up to your bedroom.” I heard her breathlessly say, as I shoved deeper inside her tight wet pussy, while biting down on her sweet little clit.

“What about your dad?’ I asked between licks.

“I don’t care about that right now; I just want to be with you Chris.”

I was not going to fight her on this. I pulled her up from off the table, and we ran up the back stairs to my old bedroom. Once behind close doors, it was Lily’s turn to let loose. She took control when she tore off my clothes and pushed me onto my bed. I was surprised by the sudden change in Lilly; I always knew she had a wild streak in her and it seemed like I had given her permission just to let go.

Lily’s naked body slid between my open legs and she laid her body on top of mine. The sexual electricity between us was nearly unbearable as Lily and I found pleasure in each other. Lily began to explore my body, her soft tiny hands caressed every inch of my skin, as she gently kissed her way down my body. Spreading my legs and opening my pussy lips, Lily went to work on my pussy. She licked and sucked my hole nearly dry. Then she treated me to the best finger fuck ever. Our pussies dripping wet with desire, we made love for close to an hour, when we heard a knock at the door.

“Chris honey, are you in there?” I heard daddy say though the door.

“Yes dad we are in here, we’ll be right out.” I yelled back.

While we gathered our clothes in silence and got dressed, we could not take our eyes off each other. We reached for the door knob at the same time, touching each others hand. Lily and I shared one more kiss before joining our fathers.

When we walked into the living room it was clear that our fathers had had a good talk. Lilly and I were on edge, hoping that what had gone on between us could stay between us. I could not take my eyes off Lily, nor could I stop thinking of her sweet tasting pussy, or the feel of her soft smooth tan skin.

“Well babe what were the two of you doing up there?” daddy asked.

I had the feeling that daddy already knew the answer. “Well daddy, you see Lily and I were, well we were….”

“Fucking,” I heard JT say.

The statement shocked and caught Lilly and I off guard. Daddy and JT looked at each other as if they knew the truth. It was all Lilly and I could do to keep it together.

“I saw the video Lily, you were magnificent my darling girl.” JT said as he took a long slow slip on his drink.

From the look in his eyes I could tell that there had been a change in JT’s feelings. “I have to tell you baby when I first saw you and Leland making love I was really angry, the thought of any man getting into my little girl’s pussy just burns me up.”

“Yes your father wanted to take my head off when he realized what he was watching.”

“Daddy, are you alright?”

“Oh yes Chris, I’m fine babe. I guess I should not be too surprised you didn’t hear us; you two seemed to have been engaged in other matters.” daddy said.

The glee in my eyes and my shy smile gave us away. JT and Lily were standing by the bar, and they were having the talk that Lily had long for, for years.

“Father I’m sorry you’re so mad at me and Mr. Harper, but just so you’ll know when I was making love to Mr. Harper, I was thinking of you the whole time. I love you so much father, the only thing I want is to please you.”

“Yes, I know baby, but you’re my daughter and up until tonight I always thought something was wrong with me but Harper has turned me around and has set me straight on a few things.”

“Father, what do you mean?” Lily asked as JT took his daughter’s small hand in his and led her over to the sofa.

“Well sweetheart, up until tonight I always thought it was wrong to have certain thoughts and feelings about you. I have had thoughts about being with you Lily, making love to you.” JT said softly.

“Oh father why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because sugar I didn’t want to scare you. You were so young when I first started thinking about you in that way.”

“How old was I?” Lily asked.

“You were no more then sixteen, maybe s*******n years old. I used to come into your room and watch you sl**p, and the only thing I wanted to do to was to crawl into your bed and make love to my little girl. Baby you’re so beautiful, I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t know how to stop wanting you.” JT said as one single tear rolled down his face.

“But father I am almost twenty-one, and you have had to have known how much I wanted you. Why didn’t you come to me and tell me what you were feeling?”

“I know honey, but its like I said, I didn’t want to scare you off. I didn’t want you to think of me as some kind of monster, who just wanted to get in your pussy.”

“Oh father, I could never think of you like that. I love you too much to ever think of you except as the best daddy in the world.” Lily said as she whipped the tear from his face.

Pulling her in close, JT began to explore his lovely daughter that he wanted for so long. Daddy made us drinks and we curled up on the love seat to enjoy the show that JT and Lily were about to put on for us.

Slowly JT started to undress Lily. Without hesitation he removed the black skirt and blouse she was wearing. You could almost see the breath leave his body, as he got his first look at his lovely daughter’s body.

“My God you’re so beautiful.” he said as he watched Lilly remove her bra and panties.

“Are you sure you want to do this, it’s not too late to change your mind?” JT said as he softly stroked her chin.

“No father, I don’t want to change my mind, I know you want me, just as I have wanted you all these years. Please father, make love to me.”

Standing there looking so young and beautiful how could he refuse her. “Please help me get undressed” JT said as he lightly kissed her forehead.

The touch of her small delicate hands as she unbuttoned his shirt told him that she would be like no other lover that he has ever known. Thanks to Leland all questions about what he was about to do was gone. Leland was right when he said that it was JT’s duty to love his daughter in everyway and that it was his right as Lilly’s father to take her to his bed and teach how to be a good wife.

His fingertips caressed her soft tan skin. Looking into her beautiful dark eyes, they told him how much she loved and wanted him. Scooping up her up in his arms, her body felt so tight as he lowered her onto the sofa. Watching as JT’s pants hit the floor, the sight of his long beautiful black curvy cock sent cold chills down my span; there is nothing better then a well hung black man. Lying on top of her as their naked bodies came together, father and daughter shared their first kiss; at this point there was no going back. His fingertips cascaded down her long trim body. Lily’s moans of passion filled the room as JT reached down, and spread her legs open. Kissing his way down her body until he found what he was looking for: his daughter’s pussy. The pussy that he had dreamed about and craved for years was now there in front of him, just waiting to be taking.

“Are you ready sweetheart?”

“Yes father, I’m ready,” Lily said as she took a deep breath.

Kissing her forehead lightly, JT found the opening of her young tight hole with his large, beautiful black rod. With one hard push forward, JT broke through the gates to paradise. Once inside her, there was no holding back. The erotic love that he had felt for her all those years seemed to spring forth, like a cool well of water on a hot summer’s day.

Lilly screams and squeals of delight echoed throughout the house. Fucking Lily was about more than sex for JT, it was the pure expression of a father’s love for a daughter. JT entered her with full f***e, their bodies becoming one with every stroke.

Wrapping her legs around her father’s waist, Lily seemed to hang on for dear life as JT pounded her pussy into submission. Lily savored the feeling of JT’s cock as it plunged in and out of her pussy.

“Do you want me to stop?” a breathless JT would ask.

“Oh no father, please don’t stop, don’t ever stop.” she screamed.

Daddy and I watched as JT took his sweet young daughter as his lover. It was cleat that both JT and Lily were very happy with the way things had turned out.

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