Horny for Mum - part 6

It was the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. Mom came home from work and I surprised her with a pasta dinner. I opened bottle of white wine for her and poured her a glass. I told her to get changed to more comfortable clothes and I’d get the table ready. She returned to the table and I had a glass of red wine waiting for her. We had dinner and chatted about nothing, she had a 3rd glass of wine. When done, I offered to clean up and told her to go relax after her long week. I handed her another glass of white (her 4th) which I don’t know that she was tracking but I could see it was taking effect. I told her I was going for a swim after clean up and then we could watch TV later.

She went up to her room, I quickly threw the dishes in the sink and changed into a new speedo I had bought. I went out to the pool and jumped in. I swam around for about a 30 mins, getting in and out of the pool. I knew mom could see me from her bedroom or living room. I decided to come back in and didn’t see mom. I went upstairs and her door was closed. As I got closer, I could her the familiar sound of her vibrator. She was turned on for sure. I went back down the hall and yelled that I was going to take a quick shower and I see in the living room for TV.
I was so excited I had to jerk off in the shower. I was sc****d about what I was going to do and what might happen, but the lust in me was overwhelming. I came quickly and changed into just some dry swim trunks, no boxers. I went downstairs and couldn’t find mom. I called up and she said she’d be down in a second. I got comfy on the couch and waited. She came down and was wearing a shorter nightie that just slightly covered her ass and panties. I offered to scratch her back, which she accepted. She stood in front of me, her ass level with my face and lifted the nightie to her shoulders before sitting down. My hands were shaking as I started my routine. I got to her breasts and tonight her arms and hands were at her sides. I scratched a bit more flesh than before and she relaxed. My hands ventured down to her panties and started on her ass again, this time letting my finger go lower than ever into her crack. I used my hands back around her belly and my fingers were scratching. I felt the hairs on her pussy. I decided now was the time. My lips started to kiss her back, shoulders and neck, her body melted back into me. I brought my left hand up to her right tit and squeezed her nipple as my right hand sought out the lips of her pussy. She craned her neck around and give me my 1st kiss. My fingers found her pussy and touched her clit. She let out a gasp and came on my hand.

It was then that my mom pulled off me and pulled me down couch, pulling off my shorts. My hard cock was pointing up. She pulled off her nightie and panties, than straddled my cock. She lined up her pussy and thrust down on me, I was in my mom. She began to ride my cock and fuck me hard. The feeling I had of being in a pussy for the 1st time and for it to be my mom was nothing short of heaven. As she was riding me, her eyes were shut and she was massaging her tits. I didn’t know what to do so I just let her work my cock. I again I heard her moan and then gasp as a 2nd orgasm went thru her body and she came on my cock. She kept riding me, and her hands moved down to start massing her clit. I could see a 3rd orgasm building and this time I felt mine coming on. She worked her clit harder and has working my cock inside her. Her body shook again and the 3rd cum spilled out on my cock. As she came, I came. My cock shooting spurt after spurt of cum into my mom.

Mom fell on top of me, shuddering and out of breath. My cock was hard as a rock still in her; I shifted and it plopped out, our cum leaking onto my crotch. I reached around and held her and she calmed down and regained her breath. I had just has sex with my mom, or more accurately, she had just fucked me. I was wonderful and on cloud nine. Years of fantasy had finally become realty.

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7 months ago
I have to admit, even MY hands were shaking a bit as I read this last installment!! I am SO happy for you to have found the love and completion that you and your mother so richly deserved. What a wonderful love you two must have shared!

7 months ago
Great build up over the sequence of stories to your climax.

I hope that you have much much more to share.