Horny for Mum - part 5

The following year had many BIG changes. Over the summer, Wendy got married. She met a guy in the military and he got transferred out of state. He was a few years older than her and seemed like a nice guy. That left just me and mom, but it had been this way for a while.

Mom found a deal on a smaller house with a rooms for her, me and a guest; but the best part was the pool. Mom loved to sun by the pool and would wear very tiny bikinis. I would jack off to her from my bedroom on many occasions. There was decent privacy and she would also sun topless when she thought I was not around. I would always come home early to see if I could catch her. I was VERY fortunate to catch her sunbathing nude a few times too. She kept her pussy shaved and she would spread her legs slightly. I could see her lips and imagine slipping my cock between them. After I came, I would sneak back to the front door and make a big ruckus to announce that I was home. This always gave her time to get dressed before I got to the backyard. As we had the pool, I also spent the summer practically in swim trunks only. I felt that Mom’s eyes were always on me. She ask me to put lotion on her back and I would always get a hard on that there was no way she could not feel.

I turned f*****n and was going to be starting my freshman year of HS. I had a big growth spurt over the summer. I was now 5’8” and a lean young man. The swimming helped me get rid of the fat I was carrying around. My cock actually grew too, it was a very healthy 7 inches. Mom was always teasing me she was going to have to fend off the HS girls with a stick. I longed to tell her she was the only one I wanted. Things continued as they had. She dated frequently but never had anyone over (the Dick debacle). When she went out, she wore very sexy clothes and heels. In my mind, she was definitely going out to get fucked. I assumed she was very horny, as any night not going out was spent with porn on her room. It figures as she was only 36, extremely sexy and horny.

My life finally took the turn down that fateful road the day I found the greatest porno series of all time, Taboo. This was the first time I’d seen on film, the i****t I’d been feeling for years. To see Kay Parker and Honey Wilder being with their sons was incredible. The tape with Taboo 1-3 stayed a little longer than others, which made me wonder if mom could be feeling the same too?

For some reason, mom’s social life slowed that summer. Knowing Mom was a really horny young woman, it gave me the impulse to try some things. I decided to start with one of the scenes of Taboo. In the movie, Kay would look in on her son and he would s***p naked. I started going to bed naked knowing mom still liked to check in on me. It started with me on my side, hiding my cock. Then I would lay on my back with a rock hard 7 inch cock for her to see. I closed my eyes and never took the chance of her thinking I wasn’t a****p by opening my eyes. But I could tell when she would open the door and how long it took until she closed it. The nights I displayed my hard cock were the nights she kept it open the longest. I like to think she had her fingers in her pussy. After her check in on me, I would sneak over to her door. I could hear porn in her room and the buzz of her vibrator.

As I mentioned before, mom and I we would often cuddle on the couch watching TV. As I had grown larger than my mom, she had started snuggling against me. We often would scratch each other’s backs and give back rubs. We didn’t have A/C since we had the pool, so on hot evenings, Mom would wear a very light (sheer) nightie and just panties. When I offered to given you’re a back scratch, she would pull the nightie up her back to shoulders to give me her naked back. I would gently scratch her lightly. Then I started getting bolder over the next few weeks. I would scratch her sides and bring my hands around her belly, tracing around under her breasts. The tops of my hands would rub against the flesh of her ample tits, but she would keep her hands covering them. I also started scratching her panty line. The elastic of her panties cut into her flesh and make indentations so I would scratch. It started with just the part of the panties at the small of her back, then proceeded to scratch the top half of her ass cheeks. That led to dipping my finger into the crack of her ass, she never said anything. The boldest I ever got was to keep circling the panty line completely around her body to her belly. My hands scratched the flesh low enough to feel the top of the small patch of pubic hair she maintained. To do all of this, meant my mom was allowing her sons hands to literally be in her panties. I would hear her sigh the whole time my hands were on her buy I was to chicken and waited for her to make a move. She never did.

This dance we did was killing me though and I couldn’t take it anymore. I finally decided to make the first move.

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