Horny for Mum - part 4

Hope you enjoyed the last one. I tried to make up for part 2.

Happily I was enjoying watching mom get off on the couch while watching porn. There was always a good selection of porn as she turned over tape every week or 2. Mom was continuing to date but there was no regular relationship other than her porn supplier. It was a year later and I noticed mom was getting sexier, if it was possible. She’d become a little more fit but still had great curves. More sexy lingerie appeared in her drawer and closet.

I thought of other cute girls at school and was starting to get interest from them but mom was still my #1 fantasy. I was f******n and heading into the 8th grade. I was getting bigger, I was now 5’6” and trim. More important, my cock was getting bigger. I was now 6 inches (I was only 4 the prior summer). Mom was constantly telling me I was becoming a few handsome young man and that I was looking more and more like my father.

Things had gotten worse between her and Wendy. The fighting was ridiculous and she asked to go live for her senior year with my aunt and uncle. She had spent so much time with them over the years it was like she was their d******r. They lived in the same district so mom relented. It was like I was an only c***d, just her and I. I was in bliss. And then the world crashed (sort of).

She was 34 now and started dating this younger 25 year old she met at a club while out with the girls from work. Richard (or Dick), was a complete jackass and she couldn’t see it. He always called me sport which I hated. I told him to call me by my name and he never did. Yes I was jealous but he really was a loser. He was “between jobs” when they met. He was in heaven when he hooked up with my mom. She was a hot woman with a house and good paying job. She was a sugar mama that he was happy to use. Dick hung around the house a lot and was constantly pawing at my mom. He would squeeze her ass and breasts or grind into her when he thought I wasn’t looking. I was ALWAYS looking when it came to my mom. When we stayed to watch TV, his arm would be around her shoulder and hand would always be on her tit. She would playfully tell him to stop. I wanted to sock him in the mouth. More often than not, I’d go off to my room to do homework. When I’d come back out they’d be making out and she’d stopped immediately when she would here me in the kitchen.

I’ve always suspected he supplemented his income by selling d**gs. I know they were around him. Now, I’d never known my mom to do any but I think she started to because of Dick. So why did I say “sort of “above. Well, because of Dick, I got to see my mom being fucked. One night, they came home from a party and she told him he could stay on the couch. Mom was good about not ever letting a guy stay over. I figured she always got fucked at the home of whomever she dated. Well, Dick has roommates and who knows where they would fuck. Anyway, I went to bed with Dick passing out on the couch. Mom walked in as I was climbing into bed and apologized for Dick staying the night. I could smell alcohol and her eyes were glassy. I said fine and goodnight. She went off to her room.

I work up in the middle of the night to muffled sounds in the house. I opened my door and heard moans coming down the hall from mom’s room. I got closer and saw her door ajar and light coming thru. I slowly pushed the door open a tiny bit more. I looked in to see my mom in some hunched over Dick’s naked body with his cock in her mouth. What shocked me was his cock, it was HUGE! It was much bigger than her dildo and she was struggling to take as much as she could. She had on the top of a babydoll and Dick had 2 fingers each in her bald pussy and asshole. She was licking his massive member with her tongue and getting it glistening with her saliva. She stopped to straddle him and slowly lowered her pussy around his cock. You could tell it was a struggle but soon enough his balls were snuggled up against her ass.

I couldn’t move. I dreamt of seeing this many times over the years. My disgust for Dick was overridden for seeing mom fucking a real live monster cock. I grabbed my hard 7 inch cock and started beating off. Mom’s back was to me and I could see her beautiful pussy riding Dick. All of a sudden she started to shake and she grabbed a pillow. I knew what was coming next. Her body shook and her cum started to leak from around Dick’s cock as she continued to fuck him. She let loose a scream into the pillow. She collapsed onto him and his cock slipped out, her pussy was gaped. I came hugely into my PJ’s as I had nowhere else to cum.

I was about to slip back to my room when she moved the pillow. I froze not knowing what she was going to do and didn’t want to get caught. I heard her say 2 words: “ass now.” My softening cock sprang to life. Dick squirmed out from under my well fucked mother. She reached to her side table and pulled out lube. Dick squirted a good amount on her asshole and slathered his cock. He then pressed his cock to her ass. “Please go slow” said my mother. Thankfully he did or he might have split her in two. It took him around 5 min before he was balls deep in her ass. He slowly started to pull out and then push back. He took his time letting her ass open and getting used to his tool. Eventually the fucking got faster and I noticed my mom was fucking back. I heard her start to moan and repeating the word “yes.” “Yes” turned into “fuck my ass…harder”. Dick adjust position and grabbed her hips and started to plow her ass. He was jackhammering her.

My hand was flying on my cock as I watched. Again, I started to see my mother’s legs start to buckle and her head was flying back and forth. She pulled the pillow to her mouth and let out a guttural scream. As she did, cum came spraying out of her pussy. His assfucking had made her squirt. That was too much for him, he reared up and came, pumping 2 good thrusts in her as his balls tightened. I came at the same time with them, shooting hot cum again in my PJ. Dick then pulled out of her ass and grabbed his cock and jacked off 6 more ropes all over her ass cheeks and pussy. He collapsed on his back to the side of my mom, She reached back and wiped his cum off with her hand and shoved her cum covered fingers in her mouth.

I slipped off to my room and couldn’t believe what I had seen, more than I’d thought I’d ever see. My mom was incredible! I fell asl**p with cock in hand.

When I woke up, Dick was gone. Mom was in the kitchen, showered and wearing her bathrobe. Her cleavage was displayed and I sure she wasn’t wearing panties. I noticed she was walking funny and asked if she was OK. “I’m fine honey, just a little headache.” Right, your pussy and ass was stretched by Dick’s huge cock is what I wished to say. “I’m going to go back to sl**p for a bit.” She kissed my head and hugged me to her breasts.

Dick did not hang around long. After about 2 months he split town. I overheard mom talking to her girlfriend that he had a warrant and left the state. She was telling her friend that he was not her type but that his cock reminded him of my dad’s. It was closest she had come to finding one as big. Closest? Dad was bigger than him? As I entered the kitchen, mom changed subject quickly. Her friend said to my mom, “You are so lucky to have such a handsome son.” Mom replied, “I am. He’s never given me any trouble and is a good student to boot. I’m lucky to have him. My little man of the house.”

“Mom! I’m not little jeez! I’m bigger that you and I’ll be f****n and a freshman in HS next year.”

“Sorry Robby, no matter how big or old you get, you’ll always be my baby. But yes you are becoming a very handsome young man.”

“Thanks Mom, I love you.” I hugged her and said goodbye to her friend.

As I left out the door I head mom say to her friend, “He’s looking more and more like his father everyday.”

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3 months ago
for me it rather petered out, would enjoy at lest one more part
6 months ago
Awesome story I hope there's more.
6 months ago
well written and look forward to reading more after reading all 4 parts