Horny for Mum - part 3

Sorry for the slow build of part 2. In this part I get to see mom masturbate.

Mom decided it was time to get a job as I entered the 6th grade. As I mentioned, dad’s insurance policy provided us with the luxury of mom raising me and my s****r without having to work. I was t****e and Wendy was a s*****n year old sophomore. We were old enough for Mom to not have to waste her time at home and she felt the extra income would be good.

Mom had a friend that worked for a title company and convinced the hiring manager to give her an interview. She’d never had a job, but I’m pretty sure her body was the determining factor in her getting hired. He seemed like a fat assed troll and probable figured at least she’d be a little eye candy for the office. It was an office job so she had to dress professionally, which meant skirts and nice blouses or sweaters. Mom definitely had a hot body for this look. I enjoyed seeing her ass in tight skirts and sweaters that showed off her beautiful breasts.

Her getting a job was a curse and blessing. The curse was mom was now in social environment and that brought her to the attention of other males. Mom spent the first few years mourning my dad and concentrating on us. She just never showed interest in getting involved with anyone. She wasn’t that social her 20’s. High school friends moved on and her life was her f****y. Once she got back out into the world, she was still a smoking hot 32 woman. She was asked out a lot and started dating.

I wasn’t happy to share and I was jealous to say the least. But at the same time, I wondered if my mom was fucking any of the guys she went out with. I mean I figured she was, which I liked and didn’t like to think about. By this time, I was a horny guy with hormones galore. I would jack off at least twice each night, imagining her being fucked. But then I started wanting the person fucking her to be me.

At the start of the next summer, Wendy went off to work as a camp counselor for 2 months. It was a good thing as she and mom were constantly fighting. I could never understand why Wendy was such a bitch towards mom. I far as I knew, she was a great mom. In any case, it left mom and me alone. Around this time mom started a relationship with someone at work. She would never admit who it was for some reason, but a by-product of the relationship was he would give mom porn. This was back in the day of the VHS VCR being a new product and having XXX movies to watch in the home was a BIG deal!

Mom was pretty open with me. I mean she had taught me about jacking off and knew I was doing it every night. She explained that she had some “adult” movies that she wanted to watch. Now, we only had 1 TV and VCR, both in the living room. So what she told me was that she would watch only once I was asl**p and that if I ever had to get up, to announce that I was coming out. I honestly think she had no ulterior motive than to watch the porn in private, at least to start, though that is another story for later.

Her normal MO was to check in on me before watching porn. She would poke her head in and whisper my name. I was ALWAYS awake but feigned that I was out. Most times, I would get up and just listen thru the door, to afraid to open it and get caught. I could hear the porn and I would stroke my cock imagining her on the couch fingering her pussy and cumming. I so wanted to see her.

One day, I finally got up the nerve. She popped in as normal and I played like I was sound asl**p. I waited about 15 min then slowly opened the door and crept down the hallway. I kept to the shadows and finally got to the end. I slowly peered around the wall and saw what I had been fantasizing about for 2 years. Mom’s robe was open and her legs were spread wide. She had a beautiful shaved pussy and she was thrusting a large pink rubber cock in and out off. One of her large tits was pushed up to her mouth and was sucking on her own nipple. I wanted so badly to jack my rock hard cock but I was too afraid to move and be seen. Mom’s moans were getting louder and she was pounding the rubber cock into her pussy. Suddenly, she grabbed a pillow and screamed into it to muffle it as she came. It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. Mom released the cock and I saw it slide from her glistening lips, there was a large wet spot on her robe under her ass. I took the opportunity of her orgasm and the pillow over her face to get the hell back to my room.

The moment I was safely back in my bed, I stripped my shorts off and grabbed my cock. It took 2 pumps before I had the hardest cum of my life. I swear I saw stars and was covered in my own cum. I grabbed my shorts for a quick clean up and crawled back under my covers. About 5 min later mom poked her head in to check in on me and then closed the door and went to her room

The next day, I pretended to be sick to stay home from school. I searched her room and found the porn tape and a couple small paperback porn magazines of stories. I also found the rubber cock from the night before. It was 8 inches long and 6 inches around (of course I had to measure it). I brought it to my face and could smell her pussy on it; it was bliss. For some reason, I suddenly started to lick it. I tasted more rubber than anything else but my brain was connecting it to licking my mom’s pussy.

I took the porn & cock to the living room. The lable had 3 movie, L’Amour, Fantasies Unlimited and Bodacious Tatas. Placing the tape in the VCR I set the counter and rewound and spent the day watching all 3 movies. It was the 1st time I saw anyone having sex. I got everything that day in those 3 movies: BJ’s, all manors of positions of fucking, and anal. I learned of Bunny Bleu, Christy Canyon, Ginger Lynn, Angel, Shanna McCullough, Kay Parker, Ron Jeremy, & Tom Byron. I also read the 2 magazines. I can’t recall how many times I came that day. Towards the end of day , I rewound the tape to the exact spot and put everything back in place and mom was none the wiser.

She came home and found me on the couch, she said I looked tired and said I could stay home another day if I needed. I watched her all night and could only see her naked in my mind. I didn’t stay up long that night and went to bed early. I was beat from the most horny day I’d ever had. I fell into a deep slumber and had the sweetest dream of fucking my mother. The seed desire was planted that night.

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