Horny for Mum - part 2

Again, some of the following is true and some is fiction, I’ll leave it to you to guess.

I was a very confused k*d. My hormones were just starting to kick in and my cock was constantly switching to an instant hard on whenever I was around her. I was embarrassed, not really understanding what my body was telling me. I was constantly staring at my mom. It was during this time that I really started to take in how hot she was.

Mom was a MILF before the term had been invented. She was still a young woman at 31 with a petite 5’4” frame but the most sexy, luscious curves. She was a skinny girl to start, but having 2 k**s brought beneficial changes to her body. She still had great legs but gained a very round ass. Not big like J-Lo or Kim-K, but perfectly round and proportionate for her size. I would purposely do my homework at the kitchen table just so I could watch it as she prepared dinner every night. Her backside turned me into the assman I remain to this day. She had a very slight belly and big, beautiful breasts; a look into her lingerie draw one day told me 36 DD. If I had to pick a porn star that she resembled at that time, look up Justine Romee and it would be a pretty good approximation.

As I mentioned, mom was pretty loose about her nudity. I mean she didn’t walk around naked but she was ashamed by it.; however for me, it was a catch-22. I wanted to see her naked but at the same time it was frustrating as I wanted more but didn’t know what that was. These thoughts transitioned into my dreams and one night I finally had relief, my first wet dream. I can’t recall the specifics but mom was involved and all of a sudden I felt very happy and relieved. I woke up with a wet stickiness in my PJ’s. I was embarrassed and quickly threw them in the hamper, not really understanding what happened.

Thankfully, I had a very understanding mother. She found my PJ’s during weekend laundry and knew it was time for a talk about what my body was going to go thru. She called me into the living room and sat me down. She told me about finding my PJs and that it was totally normal. I was starting to turn into a man and things were going to start changing with me. I was embarrassed to be talking with my mom about these things but I also found my small cock starting to get hard. Mom discussed that I would be getting erections (thanks for the info mom but that’s been happening every time I see you for the last 6 months) and things build up and that there was something I could do so nighttime “accidents” didn’t happen. She called it massaging and told me in a very clinical way about masturbating and cumming (ejaculating in her words). I asked her if she massaged herself too. She was a little caught off-guard that I asked the question. Mom told me massaging was normal and everyone does it, but it’s a private thing that you do alone. She said it would be best to do it before bed and that she would leave tissues to clean up. She also said something odd that I didn’t understand at the time. As we were wrapping up the talk, she said with a chuckle if I was anything like my father, she should buy stock in the tissue company.

Later that night, she tucked me into bed. I stupidly asked if I should massage myself before sl**ping. She smiled and said if I felt like it, I should. She kissed me good night and told me to not be long and close the light when done. As she closed the door, I took off my PJ’s and started massaging my cock like mom described. My cock hardened and I found my thoughts turning to her naked body. My mind began to fantasize it was her hand instead of mine. Slowly the pleasure built until I came, cum shooting up into the air and falling on my belly. As my high lessened and I returned to reality, I knew I would be doing this a lot and who I would be thinking of.

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4 months ago
nice job but too blessed short just get going and the rythym dies!