Last night his fingers played with my puss while he kissed me wildly, holding my hair tight in his grip, his lips nearly devouring me alive all while he probed gently teasingly at my puss. Getting me wetter than ever. Sliding his fingers on me gently, playing in my wetness. Bringing string after string to my clit, gently covering it, stroking my lips, slipping his middle finger gently between my lips and then down to my puckered ass. Sliding wildly all over my sensitive areas, never relenting in his kisses. Devouring my mouth, my neck, pulling my hair while craning my neck to him and all while he fiddles my puss and more. In between kissing me, devouring me, fiddling my puss, he made me repeat to him that I was his, his alone, that I belonged to him and that I would give myself freely to him always. As if he had it planned, at the height of my passion with my pledges and profession of my love, body and mind to him. The words pulled from my mouth. Exactly at the same time he made my body sing to him, so did I.

Then it happened, the symphony played, the crescendo of my worship, devotion and passion played out on his hand as he pulled not one but two orgasms out of me. My screams where primal and uncontrolled, cries from my soul reverberated through his chest as he lay on top of me watching every little movement and sound I make, because of him. Before the waves of pleasure decreased he plunged into me, entering me, his throbbing member filling me completely, my entire being pulsing under his control. I had never been so aroused and excited in my life, my puss twitched and gripped onto him and pulled him in every direction as he thundered into me. My hips and body reacted without my control, undulating and wriggling beneath him. His hand on my throat as I yelped at him to fuck me, mewling and moaning, writhing and cumming again. I feel the gush coming forth as he slips easier into me, and he growls primally and exclaims proudly “MINE” tightens his grip on my throat and fills me with his sticky cum, growling. Fucks me and fills me like a champion.

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2 years ago
excellent ! few people have experienced this in life, I am glad you have :)
2 years ago
Thanks for the compliments :)
2 years ago
its awesome
2 years ago
Very well done :)