For Markie ♥ You drive me wild ♥

You and I finally get to meet. You jump off the road runner shuttle and I jump into your arms, giving you the biggest hug and the sloppiest wettest kisses ever. I say lets throw your things in the house and I’m going to show you a good time. I’m wearing my sexy black latex outfit with corset and your wearing leather pants and black pvc shirt. We drive downtown to LA to the Bondage ball. Your like shit I didn’t know we were going here....why didn’t you tell me...I said no worries you look fab babes ;) You come around to my side of the car and grab me by my chin and look deep into my eyes and said, listen my babydoll had I known I would have brought your collar and tit clamps so I could lead you around. You make a growling noise and bite my lower lip, my eyes roll back in my head and I moan...mmphh its ok baby, I brought them for you. Your eyes light up as I reach into my purse the clanking of the clamps and collar filling the air and I wiggle them in front of your face. You grunt wildly and a dive in for a deep long kiss. My body instantly reaches for yours, that feeling of surrender which you know so well. You break off of me and clamp that leather collar down snug, clamp the nipple clamps right through my latex on my already perky buds and clip the leash and say do keep up my pet.

When inside the air is filled with Bondage and Fetish, music and kink everywhere. The nipple clamps are attached to my leash, every pull of the leash makes my nipples come alive and makes me whimper. You drag me over to the bondage section you look at me and say first things first my Maiden, you must get properly bound. The display is huge, there are many women and men drawn up, some hanging some on the cross. Others bound to benches, Masters and Mistresses enjoying some play time, whips and paddles, its a delightful sensual overload. You watch me scan the room and I eye a ball gag at a booth and you say to me I see your drooling already, you reach in and wipe the drool off my face, lick your fingers and then say mmmm, your tasty tonight. At the booth the owner takes one look at me and says you know what Im going to give you this ball gag, but on one condition, you let me tape you and your pet. You agree and Im fitted with the gag. The leather binds tight on my head I wiggle as your pulling it tight and you say oooh yes I know how much you love leather, leaning in for a whiff yourself and snap it down tight, mmmphhhs my eyes roll back and my body shudders. You look at me surprised and say did you just gush my Maiden, I whimper mmmmmphhhh. No no no that is not sufficient, you say. I bet my girl is all wet and slippery, you reach in and mmmmmm, rub your middle finger on my clit and seam, the latex slips over the fluid inside my suite and you say, oohhh yes my girl is nice and wet. You dont stop....kinky keep going masturbating me right there in the middle of all that wonderful fetish and bondage, you yank on my nipple clamps a bit and I moan and shake and orgasm on your hand. Your hand burning hot and your leather pants bulging out at me I lean forward and stroke your cock right there, neither of us stop, we both rub each other to a heated frenzy while others look on. You grab me quickly and pull me close into you, your hands around my ass smashing my ass so tight is your grip as you grind my body into your cock and spurt all over your leather trousers.

You dont care, half the people in here are covered in cum of some sort. What you didnt realize is that our friend got everything on video. I say hunny, I want that to be our next clip on hamster, it was so hot. You jerk the chain and pull the tit clamps down tight and say “Ill be the one to make that decision" yes Markie I squeak, Good you say, then kiss me hard and let me go. Ill put it up tomorrow for you and let all of the Hamsters see what they cant have, but wished they did. Im sure they will all be asking me for the naughty details too. NO NO I say, please, you see the pain in my are just details my pet, its not like they will fuck you themselves....although that might be fun and you wink at me ;)

You bring me over to the hanging station, ropes, binds and oh my ...hanging. Pulling me practically by my nipple clamps...ouch...mmmmmm, God I love you Markie....I love you too babydoll. I shuffle with my heeled boots clipping on the ground, you try make me walk fast knowing how hard it is for me to keep up and keep my tits from draggin.... mmmmm, the attendants eyes all over me...he is dressed in all leather and I see his cock coming to life. You tell him you want me first bound floating as if on my back and lifted, my right leg knee bent and left leg stretched as far as it will go, then you want my tits bound tight, my arms bound behind my back and then hoisted in the air so that everyone can drink up my leaky puss as you know this will drive me so wild ill be likely to make a mess all over the floor.

Sure enough by the time Im hoisted up you see it already running down my leg and onto the floor. You come over to me and talk gently to me, telling me how beautiful I look strung up like this, which only makes me purr and gush more, your massaging my clit and toying with my puss and mmmphhh I shake and shudder all over you hand making it sopping wet. You lick and mmmmm moan to me. Then cover my ball gag and lips in my juices, leaning in to kiss my cheek and smell my face, my womanhood all over me now. Im going to eat you now in front of all these people and you motion around to the crowd that has gathered, but Im going to do it with the attendant. Who perks up and has no problem quickly getting to your side. The look of worry and ohhhh my on my face makes you smile big and you say it for me. You meet my eyes and say, your mine right, mmmpphhhhhhhhhhmmmmm I mumble. Then babe you let every person in this place lick you, fuck you or what ever it is that I want them to do to you, lifting my chin...staring straight into my depths you say OK? I give you a nod and a mmphh of acceptance.

Look at her puss juice just running down her leg you say, shes a fucking horny slut…she needs to be fingered and licked and sucked until she passes out, watch this you say. My puss face level with you high in the air you dive right in and go mad on my puss, licking slurping sucking and tonguing . I immediately squeal and wiggle in the air, against my binds against your face, the attendant takes my waist and starts to hold me still but then decides to bang me into your face over and over. Smashing my puss against your face, your mad with lust and passion you tell him to lower me down so you can fuck me right there. He lowers me down and you slip into my hot puss and grab onto my hips and swing me into you harder and harder, us both squealing in unison and cumming onto each other hard. My puss grips your cock and doesn’t let go sucking you deeper into me still..mmmmmphhhhhhhh fuck …. Markie you make me so fucking hot….I wish you were here right now to get your freak on me… Im thankful for us being able to share…and write and love each other. I want you so bad though. So fucking bad.

You settle your orgasm fading and but your still hard, holding our mixed juices and mmmm, I feel full and sooo sticky ….my body bucks and writhes as my orgasm settles. You tell the attendant to raise my upper body and you hold onto my lower half to keep you and I smashed together making sure your cock doesn’t move. Im raised up my body spent and limp, your in front of me and Im facing away from the crowd, my ass to the crowd. You Tell the attendant to come and fill my puss with his dick too. Your cum my cum dripping onto your balls, he uses the cum on your balls and my ass to lube up and then slowly pushes into me. My head leaning on your shoulder you feel me push into you as he pushes into me and then you two start moving in unison. You look out to the crowd and see practically everyone pleasuring themselves along with us. You look at the video camera, the guy who gave us the ball gag and he is recording and stroking his cock too. My whimpers and sputtering drool soaking your shirt now the pvc sticking to my face and Im just sputtering like a useless slut. You love me like this, leaning in for a kiss, mmmm and a lick, mmmm. Ooohhhh that sent me over the edge my puss spasms and squirts on your cocks sliding together and you both throb and shoot inside me. You look out to the crowd to get a glance and half of them are shooting too.

The attendant has a suggestion, why let all this hot juice go to waste? Why not turn me upside down that way you can lick and suck it up out of my puss. He slips out and ooohhh your so sensitive you jump…which makes me clamp down on your cock and squeeze the cum out of it, every last drop. That’s right baby doll you say to me don’t waste a single drop or your going to get a whip to your tits and puss. Mmmphs I moan into your soaking drool covered shirt. As the attendant starts to flip with the ropes you slide out quickly cup my puss with your hand and he flips me fast and pulls my puss up to your face. You reach down unsnapping the ball gag and my mouth is free, a string of drool all the way to the floor as the ball gag drops. You reach down and grab the tit clamps and my collar with one hand , our juice all over the other hand which you take and mash into my face saying lick Maiden…or Ill pull but you don’t wait for me to lick you just pull, and laugh ….oh Im sorry did I say lick or Ill pull I meant lick while I pull. I wail and bury my face in your hand and slurp up all the yummy cum. That’s right my pet, every last drop and you yank again my nipples feel like they are going to pop right the fuck off. I lick with fervor and determination and you smash your hand in my face just for good measure….your such a good girl you say to me and smother me with your palm I sputter and gasp but you just hold it there. Finally letting go I gasp in air and you praise me with and I love you Michelle, I yelp back llll llll lllove you Markie.

Now be a good girl you say and suck my cock, open up you coax me, I open and suck you up with my mouth, my tongue on your sensitive underside playing with your veins and soft skin. The attendant comes around to the back of my head and pushes me into you so I don’t sway, farther you say, he pushes again. My mouth buried deep, my nose on your balls. Your tip throbbing on the back of my throat. Deeper you groan, he pushes with all his might and your tip pop past the back of my throat into my throat…your fucking my throat baby…don’t stop I love it. Im a dirty slut who loves to be throat fucked, seriously..I don’t tell anyone that. Its true. He pounds your cock into my throat you hear my nose and drool sputtering and look down to see my tear streaked, drool covered face and you pull your cock out to see it glistening and shove it back in throbbing hard. You bury your face in my puss and lick and suck all the mixed juices up like a slurpy…but never forgetting my button…that magical button you suck it up too and you feel my body tense against you. You wrap your arms around my hips and ass playing with my bouncy cheeks and exploring with your finger. Just barely stroking while you continue with your cum slurpy. Our bodies undulating, your pushing into my throat with your face buried in my puss…we cum, earth shattering, knee bending, explosive cumming and wobble against each other. You catch your breath, your composure, look up at the camera and say this is how we do it freaky deaky style, wink and that’s the end of the vid ♥

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1 year ago
great tale is there more?
2 years ago hot and wet and cum right and left and up and down....deep
2 years ago
Very hot story.
2 years ago
very good slave
2 years ago

yes would loveto try this with you after reading this
2 years ago
i loved the story, the imagery.....wish that was me controlling you
2 years ago
i loved the story, the imagery.....wish that was me controlling you..

2 years ago
awesome store great mind BABE :)
2 years ago
i sure do babe
2 years ago
i meant story lol
2 years ago
Thank you blah so true, it could be anyone ;) Kisses, big wet slobbery one ;) you know how drooly I get with the ball gag ;)
2 years ago
awesome store great mind and yes you can take me there anytime

and people just change the names and let it run through you mind

10 out of 10