Black PVC Knight

Black PVC Knight

It’s a normal day, the hum drum life of a single mother. Another day at work, money, pay the bills, then home to k**s and cook, clean, homework then off to bed with all of us. Will this monochromatic life ever get anymore interesting. Sure I poke around on some fetish sites, use the usual kinky videos to masturbate too. Love bondage, Fem Dom, slave mentality really suites me as I’m mostly submissive female who wants to be used abused, but I also want to be worshipped for everything that makes me who I am and female. I put myself out there on the net, on the BDSM websites but all anyone wants is to simply get off. I’m not like that, cant just get someone off for the sake of it. My love my gift of submissiveness goes much deeper then that.

So I’m standing in the check out line at the market, daydreaming about a kinky night as a sub with a master/owner. When I hear the clink clink of heavy leather boots and the creak of leather behind me, I instantly get chills run all over, I can smell it. The leather is intoxicating, knowing there is a stranger who is heavily clad in that leather uniform just makes me wet right there. I move forward to put my items on the belt I hear the stranger shift their weight and the leather creak and mmmm another whiff of leather into my nostrils. I’m suddenly frozen, in pure lust and desire, I want to turn and look I want to see who this person is what they are dressed in but I don’t want to look too wanting, too desperate, but honestly just to have a glimpse would go such a long way for me, I’ve already been blessed with the sound and the smell and that mysterious way. Id really like to take out my collar and hook my leash to it and say take me I’m yours. However, I don’t think that will go over so well as I don’t even know this person. I don’t know anyone, other then the sluts, whores and users on fetlife and the other various sites I stroll through.

As I place the items on the belt I feel the stare knowing they have me in full view, I try to look out of the corner of my eye and I see motorcycle leather, lots of it, unisex, could be male or female but honestly it doesn’t matter to me. I’ve loved and been in love with both sex. I continue to put my items on the belt and I notice that they are still. I want to hear that leather creak, I want to see the light glint off of it just right, I want to feel its smooth texture against my skin. Id love to be wearing leather right now too. I finish putting all of my groceries on the belt and go to move around to the front of my cart and push it forward, when I see the stranger in full view. Full black motorcycle leather, zippered but underneath peaking through the top I see latex…and they are still wearing their helmet, full face shield with smoked shield I cant see a face. They are still as sexless as ever but seeing that bit of latex has put a new wrinkle in my mind….I simply want more. My legs weakening now at the sight of this Black Knight I begin to walk to the front of my cart and they take a step forward, and I cant help but shake in anticipation and desire for this black leathered stranger. They lean down next to my leg and I’m shaking full f***e now and hand me my tea that I dropped and didn’t realize, I glide my hand over their leather gloves and say thank you, near breathless. I think they may have seen how flushed and aroused I was, because they leaned in close to me across me and put it on the belt. I gulped and nearly came right there feeling their leathered clad body on mine leaning into my chest reaching and making the leather creak and that air of mystery…. I manage to summons up a few words, “thank you so much, how careless of me”, I hear back through the helmet “ The pleasure is all mine” and there I go it just slips out …. “ Oh you have no idea “ I say. Then immediately feel so embarrassed and shy I want to curl up into one of those grocery bags that my food is going into. I nervously pay the clerk and watch as my Black Knight puts a bottle of wine on the belt along with a nice cheese and cracker selection, my minds goes dreamy thinking that they are going to have a romantic night with their significant other. I start to grab my purse and throw it over my shoulder when they put their hand my shoulder and say “Id like to drink this with you.” I stop cold in my tracks and turn and am just frozen with fear and lust. Wanting to throw up the shield and just kiss him or her. I say to myself… do it… risk it…. So I reach slowly to the shield and open, push it up and see the most amazing set of brown eyes staring back at me, blacks wisps of hair and full beautiful lips, high cheek bones, Romanian I’m sure. Those Romanians have a certain look to them. So handsome, smiling at me looking at me with want and lust. I smile back at his beautiful face and say “very well.” “It will have to be your place though.” He agrees and he gives me his address, phone number and says “as soon as you can, Id love to have you.” I smile and walk away, looking back a couple of times. Not sure how he would like to have me…I wonder if he could tell Id give him my soul right then and there. Id bow to his every want and every need if he just loved me.

Knowing that he enjoyed latex, he had to as he was wearing it, I thought no holds barred Id just let it all out, dressed in my latex slacks and ruffled latex shirt, I belted my slim waist with a nice thick leather belt and slipped my feet into my favorite boot heel and walked out the door.

I knock and he answers the door in a black PVC shirt and slacks, I instantly get wet and the adrenaline pumps through my body fast and makes me electric. My heart pounding, I manage a hello and that’s it. He says to me “ I know who you are Mystical Maiden” I’ve actually been watching you. Omg, he knows my fetlife name…. “your on fetlife ?” I ask “I’m Eros” he says. “Eros, the god of love, sexuality and the son of Aphrodite” I say. I had been having conversations, loving poetic woes with him on fetlife.

He grabs me pulls me close and whispers close enough to my lips that I can feel his warm breath on my face “let me infect you with my love”. Then big as the sun, warm as the sun as hot as that ball of hydrogen in the sky he kisses me with those beautiful lips, holding his hand on the arch of my back pulling me in closer to him, his arms wrap around me making the latex squelch and pop. He plays with it in his fingers and never relents in his hold of me, pulling closer still to his body. His PVC clings to my latex and I feel him as he gets hard poking at me with his bulging cock. I melt into him my heart pounding my body hot and electric, he giggles knowing what he is doing to me, the fact that we know each other so well through fetlife is just ripping me apart and making me fall hard and fast for him. Truly my Black Knight.

He says “why waste time chatting we have done enough of that over the last year don’t you think?” He raises his eyebrow and waits for me to answer, I’m stammering trying to regain my composure and he knows it, he knew exactly how to make my body loose control, make my mind pop and make me fall in love with him instantly. He chuckles and takes my hand and leads me into his living room. Leather couch and heavy wood coffee table, nothing but the best for Eros. “You have a beautiful home, but I have one question for you”, “ shoot” he says. “What is your real name?” He perks up with a smile, “My Maiden, why you know already don’t you remember when we first started talking to each other, I know yours he says, It’s Michelle. I prefer Maiden though.” Ummmmm I’m not sure what to say now, I’m flabbergast and I don’t know his name. “ I don’t remember I say I’m sorry Eros” He smiles and reassures me it will be ok….”Alin” and he leaves me with his name. I look at the wine, crackers and cheese all laid out, the best brie and nice fruity wine to go with it, with a tasty wheat cracker. He comes back into the room in his wheelchair, I look almost gasping and say “ Oh my God I forgot you were in a wheelchair, well partially anyways, you do just love it for the restraint don’t you, but then you ride the motorcycle too?” “Oh Maiden, you do know I will stop at nothing to make your dreams come true, I love you” He stands up and gently holds my chin in his hand and kisses me long and deep. His tongue probing my mouth caressing my tongue. His lips smacking mine, he gently tugs at my lower lip and I start to go weak, he swoops me up and pulls me onto him while he falls back into his leather seated wheelchair. MMMPH we both make as our bodies fall into each other. He finishes his kiss hard and pulls away and holds my chin between his thumb and forefinger. “ You do love me don’t you”, “yes” I reply breathlessly. “Good then get onto my lap and straddle me like a good girl” I straddle him in his wheelchair, he has not strapped in yet, but as I lay on his chest I play with the leather harness and straps. He holds my head on his chest caressing me, feeling my face and making outline movements over my mouth, nose, eyes, lips. I play with the straps and his chest, enjoying the feel of the leather and the dangling stapes, rubbing them in my hand, rubbing his PVC chest on my hand. My face hot against his PVC chest, the PVC sticking to my face now he plays with it pushing it away slowly, enjoying how its sticking to my face. “Your so beautiful, I never imagined you this beautiful. Even more so then your pictures, which I was in awe over.” He says to me. “You’re my maiden, my goddess, my slave, my cum slut” His eyebrows raise and he looks down at me lifting my chin again and says “Hmmmm, you’re my cum slut right?”. I’m in love, I have my Black Knight, and he wants me to be his slut for his cum, “Yes I say” He puts his finger in my mouth and says “suck my Cum Goddess”.

I suck softly on his finger watching his deep brown eyes as they simply focus on my lips and mouth, sucking on his finger. His lips part, his breath picks up, and I know this is arousing him. He gets a determined look on his face, his eyes widen and he presses down slightly on my tongue making me open my mouth, his gaze glides up my face to my longing eyes. I see a determination in him that is his dominant side, I see the master in him coming forth. He looks at me with a knowing that we are complete together, a compliment to each other. Still pressing his finger onto my tongue forcing me to open my mouth. He leans in and sucks my lower lip. Still with his finger depressing my tongue, marking his territory, I am his. He passionately takes my lips, alternating back and forth top, bottom, the side by the corners of my mouth to the middle. My head arching back slightly, my body moves in unison with his rocking back then forward again as he sucks and kisses my lips, his other hand firm on the back of my head. All while his finger is searching and caressing my tongue, up and down, with firm dominance. My heart races, my breath heavy, my chest heaving, my eyes closed in such wonderful pleasure to be taken like this, I let out a wild whimper that is a life of its own. Uncontrollable lusty whimper. He pulls my lower lip out hard and lets it slap back down, making me grunt an a****listic way. I open my eyes to see him looking upon me with fire and might, so strong so passionately that If he could he would burn a hole right through me. I instantly feel the need to hand him my collar and leash again, but knowing that he has yet to claim me as his…I will wait.

Symbolic in nature the collar and leash is as meaningful as the wedding ring. Society views the wedding ring as a promise, a pledge and that is exactly what that collar represents to me. Added of course, the exciting component that it also represents the sexual aspect of bondage in our relationship, Ill take the collar, the lock, the sentimental show of ownership, however he chooses. It is his choice. I want to be owned by him, however he needs to show that ownership of me, I will accept. His ownership over me isn’t just sexual, it is with every facet of his life that he commits to my survival, my mental stability, my physical health, sexual needs, wants and desires in life material and soulfully. Vice versa too, his desire is my desire, his well being is my only concern, his arousal is my arousal. I trust implicitly, I have to in order to have a relationship feel complete. The only way for that to happen completely is my loving gift to be given as submission and to have him take me in ownership and dominance.

He continues his glare at me, lusty, wanting glare. One that is like the predator locking on to their prey, leaning back comfortably in his wheelchair, the leather creaks as he adjusts himself to sitting back and leaning against his head rest. Never taking his eyes from mine, I’m left fixed and drawn to him, sweating, and feeling primal to say the least. He has command over my body, it’s as if he knows what tune to strike up next with the orchestra. He plays every note so perfectly. My body is simply a vessel for his symphony. My mouth still parted, his finger still depressing my tongue he takes it slowly and gently, stroking my tongue on the way out and traces my lips with my saliva getting them wet and so very willing to do his bidding. I move to rub his finger on my cheek, he watches, still leaning back looking fiercely at me, with his burning brown eyes. His finger slides from my cheek to my chin, down my neck, over my collar bone to the V in my latex ruffled blouse. He gently rubs over my left round breast that shows in that V. Up and down, which causes me to gently move my body to rock into him ever so slightly. He gently with his finger lifts my latex blouse as if to feel the latex, running his finger up and down directly under the edge of the latex V. I see him focus on my erect nipple, so hard I feel it pucker under my latex bra. It must be as big as his pinky finger, I am so aroused, so wet, my body has never felt desire so strong before. I am burning from the inside, electric, my skin must be charged with 200 volts of electricity I have never felt so alive.

I have one hand grasping his leather harness, my left holding on for dear life, as if I were to fall. The passion has made me hold it with such a strong grip, the right griping his PVC shirt collar. Both hands sweaty and utterly aware of the intensity at which I use their grip, I open my right hand slowly as his covers mine. His over the top of mine, his fingers roaming my palm to feel the sweatiness that has resulted from the excitement and my strong grip. He lifts my hand palm facing him to his face, smelling my sweatiness, engulfing himself in me literally. This only further arouses me, to which I had no idea I could reach such heights. He kisses my palm with his full gorgeous lips and then licks off the sweat. “mmmm” he moans from deep within his strong chest. He takes my hand and guides it to his bulging crotch. Holding my hand in his firmly, he plants my palm flat on his PVC bulge, it instantly sticks to his PVC trousers and then he rocks my hand back and forth over his erection. Making sure I feel the extent of his hardness. The round curve of his shaft so hard so taught, bursting through his PVC. My hand stuck and held down by his, the PVC crackling under my hand as he rocks it side to side. This only makes my heart race faster, my breathing even more labored and a lusty whimper so low I didn’t think he heard. “Oh you have to know what you do to me my Maiden, this is all because of you” he says. He heard, I perk up, looking back into his beautiful face “you want me?” I ask sheepishly. “This is not proof enough for you?” he asks. “I, I don’t know, I’ve never felt such intense passion and desire before, what you do to me, is like no other. I can hardly concentrate, I simply feel and want and need.” I divulge.
With his eyes smoldering for me, he simply reaches in for me, hand around my neck the other still firmly pressing my hand over his erection.

He pulls me in close to his lips our faces only inches apart. He closes the distance, pulling me into him. Lips on fire, it is like a match to gasoline, burning from the inside out. I wonder if he can feel the heat feel the flames he leaves on my skin everywhere he touches me. I lean into him, my arm and hand pinned to his body along with his arm and hand. His other strongly embracing my shoulders smashing me into him, my latex melds with his PVC, pops and crackles as we kiss long and deep. I feel his tongue tease and bob at mine, I also feel his erection harden, then he pushes it slightly up confirming that he is indeed as raptured as I am. Our kiss goes on and on, in an endless, breathless dance of tongues, lips and saliva. Melding together, then breaking apart only to come together again, barely a breath in between. I don’t care if I ever breath again. Oxygen is barely needed, my heart is pounding so rapidly, my bl**d is coursing through my veins at rocket speed and temperature.

He keeps me pulled into him close and tight, my legs around his waist and crotch, straddling his wheelchair. He grinds his cock, his erection into my hand, never relenting from his passionate kisses. I’m drooling all over our faces, his tongue acting like a ball gag, filling my mouth yet keeping it open so the saliva, drool, dribbles everywhere. My latex and his PVC popping and crackling in our ears, my body so hot, his too that our clothes are sticking together. Then suddenly he stops, I feel his cock throbbing against my hand and he lets out a groan. No cum, just on the edge. “Do you feel what you do to me Maiden? Did you feel my cock, nearly cum ?” His face still pressed against mine, lips against mine, sweaty, drooling, sticking together. His hot breath turns me on even more. All I’m able to mutter is a simple yes. He pulls his hand out from between our molten bodies. I rub slightly on his cock and his body jumps a bit, still so sensitive from nearly orgasming. I pull my hand out from between us, cradling his face with it, the other still gripping tight to his leather wheelchair harness. I kiss his face lovingly, passionately while we both calm our over sensitized nervous systems.

I am so wet, my latex panties slipping and sliding as I gently move while kissing him. I can feel my wetness has dripped to my thighs, between the edges of the panties. He feels around the back of his wheelchair, I merely concentrate on kissing his full erotic lips. He pulls his leather harness over the top of us, my hand still gripping tightly. I cant seem to let it go. The harness hangs over the tops of our heads, he moves his hand over mine, gently coaxing it off “let go” he whispers. But my hand wont loosen it’s grip, the adrenaline is still pumping through my veins and I’m just too excited. He strokes my hand still trying to coax it loose, which causes my body to react and heart pump harder, breath quicken. He kisses and lick my fingers, I whimper and moan, my grip loosens. “That’s my girl, good girl” He praises. He finishes pulling the harness over the top of us, it’s heaviness like an embrace. He snaps it in place, I continue to kiss and watch everything he is doing with curiosity. A large stomach strap also made of leather comes around my back, the small of my back which as he pulls it around, he stops to rub on the curve above my bottom, the small of my back I feel the latex stick to my skin, from the heat of his hand and the sweat on my body. Then he continues to strap us down. Runs his hands up and down my back and sides, my legs and and my bottom my latex sticking along the way, popping. “ I hope you like to be held tight”, he says.

Suddenly I feel the harness and strap tighten down on me, the leather creaking. Squeezing the air out of my lungs, I squeak like a mouse, taking short breaths as my lungs have no room in them for anything more. I hear him struggling to breath too, he fumbles for my face which is by his neck, with our bodies held so tightly together that was the only place for it to go. Our faces smashed tightly together he kisses me, licks my lips, teasing me. He holds my head tightly to his lips, his mouth engulfing mine as its so much larger then mine. My nose smashed into his cheek, I cant breath at all. I’m helplessly smashed into him, his body, his sweaty face, hearing his breath labored, feeling his laboring breath on my chest. My heart is pounding in my body, I wonder if he can feel it reverberate through his chest. I wiggle and whimper into his mouth. I hear his excitement and feel it. He is hard, so very hard and pressed so tightly into my body, my clit, my pussy. My latex transferring every bity movement to my engorged clitoris. I wiggle and whimper a bit harder, I cant control my bodies fight for oxygen. He just tightens his grasp around my shoulders and neck, the leather harness creaking under his grasp. The near deafening sounds of the latex, PVC, leather and his breathing are permeating my brain, my senses going wild.

My need for air causing me to struggle, the helplessness turning me on, his hard cock rubbing my puss. Rubbing, wiggling, wetness, helplessness, his hot struggling breath. I’m gasping for air practically sucking it out of his lungs, my nose pulling his skin tightly to mine, trying to get air anyway I can. He tightens his grip even more so like a boa constrictor wrapping around its prey, my thrashing being held tightly against him. My futile attempt to pull air from his lungs, doesn’t succeed. I taste his saliva, my body nearly bucking and writhing in the constraints. I’m near orgasming and passing out, I hear him suck up air through his nose into his lungs, and he gives me a wisp of his air blowing it directly to my lungs. I suck up hard and fast, but only able to get a small amount of air as my lungs have been squeezed so tightly, then the process starts over again.

My orgasm begins to build up again. I fight the restraints, PVC, latex, leather, creaking, crackling as my body moves the harness and strap to and fro. I writhe against his body, I feel the waves over take my body. I stiffen uncontrollably as every muscle within me tightens, having no air at this moment doesn’t matter because I am not breathing. My body begins to shudder, he instantly releases my face, I suck in a small amount of air still fighting the pressure in my lungs which makes a high pitch squeal and I can’t help but shake and shudder as he pushes his cock harder against me. My orgasm causing me yelp out in a primal way. He moans deep and primal too. We both lay gasping in small bits of air, our hearts pumping, sweaty faces pressed together. My clit still sensitive I move slightly and feel shock waves go through my body causing me to yelp slightly. His body jumps slightly causing a chain reaction between us that continues, with yelping, panting, moaning and sounds of leather, PVC and latex echoing through out. He feels with his cheek for my lips, his lips and mine meet. Breath hot on each others face, sweatiness all around, he says “Your mine, forever. Your body is mine, your orgasm is mine, you mind is mine.” I look down at his face, our eyes meeting. I see love, determination and warmth coming forth. “All yours” I reply, looking deep within his loving eyes.

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2 years ago
this is a story about the effect of imagination, the lust of a woman and as far as possible what man can obtain ... satisfy your wife and you will get what is rightfully yours
2 years ago
I loved this too, you do have a natural talent. x
2 years ago
Great Stories!You are a big talent!
2 years ago
I loved it:) I wish I could be there with you babe


Mart Xxx
2 years ago
Absolutely loved it
2 years ago
I think we both could do with a cold shower.
2 years ago
I loved it:) I wish I could be there with you held so tightly together. Feeling each other as we breath, we would have to breath together, one exhale one inhale as if we were one because we are so tightly bound together. How wonderful your latex and his leather (I wish mine:D) made music together bringing you to such a great orgasm.
2 years ago
Perfect erotic lovemaking
2 years ago
don't know who is luckier.