Being noughty with my new Neighbour

This is a true story that happened on the weekend just gone (sat 3st dec)

I’ve not lot moved into my own flat, I’ve been in about 3 weeks.

I’m 26 and Across the hall from me lives a 53 year old woman. Her name is Pam & she lives alone after divorcing her husband 4 years ago. She has 2 sons who look like they could give the Mitchells a run for their money (if you know your East Enders history) basically not the type to mess with… well Pam is a really nice woman. We met for the first time when I was leaving my flat about 3 weeks ago.. we just had a chat about what the rest of the neighbours on our floor are like. Seen her a few times as I come and go.

Now Pam is about 5ft 9, short blond hair, I wouldn’t say she was fat or over weight but she is every curvaceous. He boobs naturally big and frankly the size of water melons! I have found it hard not to look when we’ve chatted.

Saturday night just gone I was walking into my building when I bumped into Pam. She was getting out a cab with shopping as I was getting to the door. I offered to take a few bags and help her out. On the way up the elevator we just exchanged the usual things “how are you? you had a busy day” and so on. I helped her take her shopping into her kitchen and we continued to gab. She just asked me If was settled in yet I said “yes, I was happy that I’ve now finished all my decorating!” we went on a bit more and she asked me “If I was going out tonight?” I said “no, I’m just going to chill with a couple of drinks tonight” she replied with “Same here, just going to be in on my own” I did give this a little bit of thought but thought hell with it… “Would you like to come across and see what I’ve done with the place, have a drink if you like?” Whilst saying this I just thought to myself “ya mong. Shut up & leave” before I could say anything else Pam said “sure, why not. Just give me an hour to get some food and I’ll pop round and see how good your decorating skills are!” I said “cool, I need to get a little food myself. See you a bit later” and off I went… so quickly run and clean up my mess of a flat!

About 90 minutes when by & then Pam knocked on my door. She handed me a bottle of red wine and said “that’s a late moving in gift” I laughed, said “thank you” and gave her the tour of my place. We ended up sitting off on my couch just gabbing away before I knew it we had gone through my last 10 bottles of beer and Pam told me to open the wine. I was feeling tipsy and I knew she was too. She began to tell me about her ex-husband and how he used to beat her and how lonely she gets every now and again… now this next part was completely out the blue for a subject change “So how many girls have you had back here yet? I laughed a bit and said “sadly none yet” she called me a lier and said she’d seen 3 different girls goto in my flat… I made a joke saying “ haha, Are you stalking me!?” she laughed and said “Oh no, no, no.. I just saw them coming in.” I told her the truth that they were just friends nothing more (well I told a little white lie. One of my gal pals did stay over for sex when I first moved in but didn’t think she’d want to know that) we had now began to talk about our sex lives and she told me how she used to have the sexiest figure that drove her husband’s friends wild when she flirted. I ended up saying without thinking that she still has an amazing figure. Its all to true but I thought I may of over stepped my boundary’s. she told me to “stop lying” I then went on to say in a bit of a rant “I’m not lying, everything about you screams sex appeal, your body, your lips, I’d be made up. I don’t know why you don’t start dating again ” (now I know that’s not the best things in the world to say but I was d***k lol) anyway the next thing I know She has leaned over and f***ed her mouth to mine… pretty hard actually but we continued to kiss. Her hand began to rub my cock threw my jeans and I ran my hand up her dress. With out saying anything she came away from me, smiled and began to unzip my fly. I stud up and she got on her knees in front of me and pulled my jeans down. My rock hard cock flicked up as my boxes sliped down and she took my in her mouth. Oh my god this had to be the most amazing blow job I’ve ever had. She sucked and used her teeth to bite down gently on my bull head and wow the sensation was overwhelming I had to sit back down. She continued to suck my cock as I sat there in awe of her looking at me as she did it and the amazing sensation of her warm mouth around my cock.

She stood up, slipped off her shoes and removed her dress in front of me. I stood and removed my T-shirt and we began to kiss naked in the middle of my living room. I could feel her pussy against my cock and I wanted it. I took her hand and led her into my bedroom. She sat on the end of my bed and laid back. I got down on my knees and began to kiss her legs working my way up slowly from until my nose was brushing against her pussy. I began to kiss and lick her clit. She lifted her legs and put them over my shoulders as she lay there. She placed her hands on my head and began to grip my hair. Her pussy was amazing. She kept her bush trimmed and I could taste her juices flowing she was so wet. she was moaning and said “Its been years since I’ve been touched like this. Fuck me.” That one sentence made my cock throb so hard & she was so wet I had to wipe my face on my duvet before coming up. We climbed further on the bed, I got on top of her naturally gorgeous body. Her hand grabbed my cock and put it inside her cunt. I began to fuck her slowly, he juices were soaking my cock and my bed. I began to suck on her left tit and play with her right nipple with my other hand as we fucked. I came up and we locked lips again. Her arms around me and mine around her I started to fuck her faster and harder. Her moaning got louder as my cock fucked her dripping pussy.

I pulled out and pulled her back to the edge of my bed. She turned bent over for me putting her ass in the air. I slid my cock back into her pussy and began to fuck her again. I remember her putting her head into my pillow and moaning as I fucked. “I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming,” she said, I pulled out and she turned over on her back. She squirted all over herself and my bed and pretty much howled as she did. I got back on top and we kissed again. My cock still hard as I’d not come yet we lay for a little while talking and kissing about how naughty we are and that she’s more than half my age but she is happy its happened and wants it to happen again. I said I do as well… we began to have sex again.

Pam stayed the night and went back to hers about 11am on Sunday… she’s also came back to talk about it Sunday night. This ended in another session. She has also been here and gone today. I don’t know what this is. She is to old for me but the sex is mind blowing and I’m enjoying it very much… I just hope her sons or anyone I know don’t find out haha…

Anyway I just thought I’d post this. Its also my first story so be nice lol
Thanks for reading.

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3 years ago
A great story and why not, she has needs even if she is twice your age. Enjoy and encourage her.
3 years ago
hot, very hot!
3 years ago
The older ones are great. Good story.
3 years ago
haha Thanks for the comments and thanks for the info oleblueyes. I just hope she doesnt mind when I bring a date back on satursday night
3 years ago
What a fuckin horny story!!!! Fantastic!
3 years ago
very good.just remember older women make better luvers,,,go for it