PTA Slut

There was something strangely arousing watching Jessica on her knees infront of a complete "stranger" being roughly throated as six other men groped and pawed at her disheveled self. He had a firm grip on the back of her head and he was jamming his lengthy cock into her mouth over and over. I watched from behind the stack of pallets as Ben, the husband of the PTA Vice President jerked his short, chubby cock with his right hand while he harshly gripped his balls with his left. Mike, the motherfucker balls deep in my wife's neck seemed to be the ringleader as he barked directions to the group of dads degrading my once innocent angel. Her hair was knotted in a mess as he used her ponytail to furiously jerk her head up and down onto to skinny dick. Her face was visibly flushed, even under the cover of darkness that hid their adulterous actions. I noticed her blouse was ripped open and one breast was awkwardly flipped out of her black and pink bra. Mike reached down and tweaked the hell out of her sensitive nipple, causing Jessica to yelp with a mouthful of cock. He pulled her face from his shaft and slapped her cheek telling her that she was his "schoolyard whore" and she did not get to make any sounds other then saying yes to every demand he gave. She was promptly put back to the task of sucking his long, saggy balls. I watched quietly as the men got more aggressive with every gag and choke Mike caused her. I knew these men. Not persoally, most of them at least, but from seeing them at the school for different events. They went to PTA meetings, school carnivals, silent auctions, movie nights, and talent shows; and now they were in the beginning stages of an all-out gang bang of my wife....during back-to-school night!

We had all volunteered to do some sort of set-up, tear down, work the tables kinda jobs throughout the evening. This bullshit usually keeps the school pretty crowded for hours and the dads always slip out for a "parking lot break" halfway through. This was our chance to talk sports, the weather or whatever other crap we felt bonded us as men.

I did a quick scan of the group and ccounter seven men altogether. Some looked sketchy and nervous, while others looked possessed like sexual deviants finally released from their cage. I recognized most but only knew four by name. Mike, Ben, Marcus, and John. Every one of them married. Jessica had mentioned that some of the dads had made some randy remarks to her recently at a book fair, but she did not go into detail. I knew Mike had always joked about how my wife was a knockout, but I never expected this. Jessica told me that her and Mike have been texting for about a month and that he touched her butt at the carnival months back but she neglected to mention that she was planning anything of this magnitude. We have a very open marriage. She fucks men regularly and I fuck women on occasion. I bring home strangers and watch them fuck all the time, but never someone we know. This was a new level. I watched as Mike gripped her hair and showed her off to his buddies sayung "anyone want some of this bitch before I go to work!?

---To Be Continued---
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