2nd 3some

The date was set this weekend at 7pm on Saturday night, we already booked a reservation for three at a very nice and cozy Italian restaurant in downtown. She put on a short red minidress braless and a nice seamless cotton g-string without any pantyhose on, she also had a 5inch red pump on. We also booked a room at a nearby hotel in downtown about two blocks down the street from the restaurant.
By the time we arrived at the restaurant, he was already there waiting. He couldn't help but noticing my wife's perky nipple pressing against the red dress. We greeted each other and took our seat in a booth with her facing her ex-boss. We ordered our food and some wine, as soon as the waitress left with our order my wife excused herself to go to the restroom. He glanced at her and couldn't keep his eyes off her ass while she was walking towards the restroom.
I startled him by asking "Do you like what you see there?", He blushed a little and replied "Uh, sorry I just uh, you are a lucky man to have her as a wife, I hope you don't mind me checking her ass out." I smiled at him "Oh no at all, in fact I want you to seduce her tonight." His eyes widened hearing me say that, and I reassure him that it's okay because that's the real reason we were here anyway. I told him that after a few sips of wine he was supposed to ask her to dance.
She came back a few moments later looking refreshed, sat down and smiled at him. I offered her a drink and we talked, joked around and she could feel his eyes savouring her beauty, that gave her a tingling sensation between her thighs. He noticed her tongue licking her lips every once in a while, finally he asked her to dance.
They went down to the dance floor and started to dance. He immediately grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to him until she could feel the buldge in his pants pressing against her stomach. They danced and grind each other to the rythm of the music, she felt his cock getting harder and bigger, turned around so her back was pressing him and continue to grind that larger buldge. He moved his hands to fondle her breasts and kept going down until they reached her thighs, pulled the dress a little higher and rubbed her pussy.
She was completely wet already, she pulled her gstring aside and guide his finger inside her wet pussy. She continued to grind his cock while fucking his finger, He then turned her around and kissed her lips, whispered to her "You are so sexy and hot, I want to fuck you now". She smiled "Right here? Why don't we get my husband and go to a hotel so you can fuck me there while he watch". He did not even answer her, took her hand and headed to our table. I knew this was the moment, so I called the waitress, settled the bill and off we go to the hotel.
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3 years ago
tres belle histoire vous vous etes regaler ciao.............................................
3 years ago
Great story! Love the seduction of your wife - very sexy and I wish it could be me next time
3 years ago
good story... true?
what happend next?