1st 3some

My wife was always a shy and conservative woman. It was the first week of May 2009 and she had been looking for a part time job for a while until she saw an ad in the weekly newspaper about a job as a cashier in a mall chain retail store. The next morning she woke up feeling refreshed and confident, rushed to the shower and wore the best possible outfit she could think of. I promised to take her to the interview on my way to work which was not far from the mall. As soon as we reached the mall east side entrance, heavy rain came pouring down. I stopped right in front of the store entrance to drop her off. She arrived at the front door a little bit wet from the rain, and found a sign that the manager was out of the store and would be back in 30min. So she decided to go to the ladies room to freshen up. The ladies room was at the end of the hallway leading to the storeroom. After she was finished she went back to the store and walked past a door that did not close properly only to find a moaning sound from the inside. She could not help but took a peek and saw a very handsome, tall, muscular and well hung man standing with his back against the wall and she could see that he has the biggest cock she has ever seen in her life(almost twice the size of mine), with thick veins, and pink in color. He wasn’t alone, kneeling down in front of him was a woman who had been sucking that monster and making slurping sound and moaned and the man finally gave out a little cry and the woman quickly pulled his cock out and he came all over her breasts. She licked clean his cock, stood up, turned around and grabbed his still throbbing cock and guide it to her dripping wet pussy and let out a cry as he began pumping her slowly but steady for a while. She could hear her yelling ”oh, fuck me you stud, fuck me hard please” and he increase the movement of his hips and yelled ”you like it bitch, I know you like that cock fucking your pussy hard” He kept fucking her until he turned to her and realized that she was there the whole time, he stopped for a moment and pulled out his cock from the woman’s already stretched pussy and then took her hand and pulled her closer to him and kissed her hard. His hands were all over her dress and suddenly it fell off to the ground leaving her half naked, he continued towards her bra and thong and finally she was completely naked . She managed to regain her composure and tried to stop him but it was too late, her legs were completely numb and she couldn't move. He told her to get down on her knees and suck his glistened cock, took her hand and placed one of her hands on his big cock. She felt an intense tingling between her thighs , she knew that she was aroused probably because of the strong man holding her hands real tight. She had never seen a couple had sex in public before, and that made her pussy wet . She tried to resist by holding back but his hand quickly grabbed her head and pushed his cock inside her mouth. She gagged after his cock only went halfway its length and his strong hands continued to hold her head and pushed her closer to him. He then moved his hips in and out her mouth, fucking her mouth until her saliva came dripping out. With watery eyes she tried to pull her head back to no avail, as he is a very strong man twice the size of me. All she could do was grab his buns and squeezed them as hard as she could, finally he pulled his cock out of her mouth. He grabbed her by the arms and lifted her up to the table, pulled down her dress revealing her breasts and started to suck her erect nipples one by one roughly. She moaned and reached for his cock and began stroking it. It felt full in her small right hand, she used her left hand also to stroke the monster. It grew bigger and heavier with every stroke until it was really hard and twitching. She could not bear the lust inside her anymore, she took his cock and guide it to her already soaking wet little pussy.
She slowly pushed the head of his cock into her pussy, suddenly she felt a little bit of pain. She kept pushing it inside ignoring the pain, thinking that once the monster went deeper into her tight little pussy the pain would turn into pleasure.
To her surprise, once her pussy had swollen the head completely, she felt an amazing pleasure that she never felt before in her sex life. She let out a moan so loud that the man immediately stuck 2 of his fingers into her mouth and without hesitation at all she began sucking his fingers as if it was a cock.
He immediately thrust his cock deeper into her cunt and kept pumping slowly but steady. She was so horny about the whole situation that she said something she never said before "I love your cock, I love how it made my pussy so stretched, give it to me come on give it to me hard and fast". He then moved his thrust faster and deeper into her already soaking wet and dripping pussy.
She couldn't control what's going on in her mind anymore "Ah, that's it faster faster harder harder oh oh my goddd, I think I'm coming oooohh". She tried to control her breathing because the man was still fucking her hard and deep, "Oh OOOHh fuck fuck I love your cock so much, Ahhh please don't stop keep fucking me with that cock ahh"
The woman that was fucked earlier couldn't stand still playing with her used pussy anymore, she quickly buried her mouth in my wife's left perky nipple and pinched the other one with her fingers. My wife's hip movement grew faster and faster until the man said "I'm coming, oh I'm coming", she quickly got down on her knees and grabbed his cock, stroke it hard and just before he cummed she swallowed the head and sucked it clean.
The woman lifted my wife up, kissed her hard and then licked her abused pussy clean. Both the man and woman got dressed and left my wife a note with a phone number in it. Soon after they left she looked for her purse and did some touching up, got dressed, smiled and continued going towards the interview thinking about the incident all the time.
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3 years ago
3 years ago
Histoire aurait pu être mieux informé par votre femme, mais une bonne histoire none moins ...
4 years ago
Story would have been better told by your wife, but a good story none the less...