this is a true story of how i helped Emma become the perfect whore. (this is the first time ive written about these events so dont be too critical)

First Meet
about 3 yrs ago i was in the pub with some friends when i noticed a couple walk in, it was her who i noticed! she was i could tell a dirty bitch , quite petite , slightly chubby , low cut top showing off her nice big tits,short dress just about covering her ass ,medium length brown hair, little heels, you could tell from looking at her she was a goer. i carried on playing pool with my mates wile stealing glances at her and caught her eye a few times. to my surprise they headed over to me and asked if they could join in with the pool game, well after a few more drinks and some outrauges flirting we were getting on great having a laugh and oggling this sexy little slut. they introduced themseslves as emma(26) and mike(28) ,emma did most of the talking, mike didnt say very much and seemed to do as he was told by emma. later on in the night i was outside the pub smoking when emma came out and we carried on chatting and flirting, she didnt waste much time before saying
"i want you"
i smiled and mumbled something about mike
"dont worry about him" she smiled "he likes to see me get what i want"
i leaned in and whispered in her ear "are you sure because i should warn you the kind of things id do to you most women wouldnt enjoy, i like it nasty"
while i was saying this i was gently rubbing her tit with my hand.
she let out a little groan "i can be very nasty" she whispered back.
5 minutes later me emma and mike were in a taxi back to there house , it wasnt far , all the way in the taxi i was gropping her tits and arse ,feeling between her legs i was delighted to find she wasnt wearing any knickers, her cunt was absolutley soaking . into the house we went, as soon as the front was shut i pinned her against the wall and kissing her hard and playing with her clit.
we went into the front room sat down on the couch , emma next to me . mike put a porno on the TV .
i stood up pointed at emma and said "come here"
she did as she was told, i kissed her again and then raised my middle finger to her mouth which she sucked on like the cock hungry slut that she was . she dropped to her knees and i dropped my pants , my cock was absolutley rock hard by now and she started sucking on it like a pro,getting as much down her throat as possible, she totally took the whole lenght of my 6in cock (im not massive). i motioned mike to join us , he got his 5in cock out and stood next me as the dirty bitch swapped from cock to cock, slobbering over them like a porn star , she was loving this dick feast in front of her .
"you like cock dont you slut" i said
She stopped sucking for a second looked up at me and smiled the dirtyist sexist smile ive ever seen
"i love cock" emma said
she put my cock back in her mouth but i grabbed her head aggresivley and held it so she was looking up at me
"your a bad girl arnt you" she smiled and tried to nod but i was holding her head too tight
"your a dirty little slut arnt you, what are you"
"im a dirty slut" she said
i was soo close to coming. i sat down on the couch and she straddled me ,i pulled down her top releasing her fat tits, her hand reached down to put my cock in her hungry cunt but i pushed her hand away and leaned her forward onto me exposing her cunt and ass to mike
"go on mike give this slut your cum"
mike easily put his cock up her wet pussy ,she moaned in plesure, she was close. he gave about 2 or 3 strokes and emptied his spunk deep up her cunt. as soon as he had stopped coming he pulled his dick out and she dropped down on to to my rock solid dick , not a drop of mikes spunk had dripped out of her and as soon as she had my cock inside her she started coming hard and loudly , i didnt last much longer than mike. she finished coming as finished empting my load into her . what a feeling! fucking a cum filled cunt wow . and she fucking loved it.
i rolled her on to her back on the couch as her orgasim subsided. i stuck 2 fingers up her cunt gathering up as much cum i could and started feeding it to her mouth, cunt mouth cunt mouth she sucked my fingers clean everytime. she hungraly swallowed evey drop of cum she could.
after that me and mike spent the rest of the night fucking all 3 of her hungry holes ,ass to mouth ,DP , she was limitless and insatable.
little did i know then that this was the start of many many sessions with emma and that this was just the tip of the iceberg of how dirty and cock hungry this slut was , with each meeting over the next few yrs i had her getting filthier and dirtier , taking her to swinger clubs , hotel meets, dogging, organising gangbangs for her , swallowing anything! even kinkier things. she was on the way to becoming the PERFECT WHORE x

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