The Ride

It was late at night as he drove down the street and saw her walking alone. She was about twenty years old and her mini skirt barely covered her big round ass. Her tits were tight against her too small t-shirt. His cock got hard just watching so he pulled his care over to her and said "Do you need a ride pretty girl?" She smiled and said "That would be nice." She opened the door and got in and he could see she was very pretty. She did not sit close to the door but in the middle of the seat near him. He put and arm around her and kissed her neck and told her "You should not be alone. You are too pretty. Let me take care of you." He then kissed her mouth and tongued her deep and she responded by shoving her tongue in his mouth. He told her "Let's get off this main street." He drove to a vacant lot and turned his car off and pulled her to him. He moved his seat back so he hand more room to pull her close. He held her face with his hands and began to kiss her once again tonguing her mouth as she gave him her tongue right back. As his tongue searched her mouth he ran his hands down to her tits and began to rub them through her shirt. She had nice firm tits and her nipples got hard at his touch.

He kissed her a long time as his hands felt every inch of her tits. He then shoved his hands under her top and really felt those nice round titties. She seemed t love his hands all over her firm mounds and he then said "Take your shirt off baby and let me see your magnificent tits." She smiled and pulled her top over her head and arched her back letting him look at her bare tits. He grabbed both her nipples as he kissed her neck and said to her "No bra. Are you wearing panties? You are dressed for pleasure." He then raised her skirt and saw she did not have panties on and he liked that a lot. He ran his hand over her pussy and told her "Take that skirt off for me. I want to see you naked. You have a beautiful body. Show it to me." She quickly wiggled out of her skirt and sat there close to him naked. He pulled her close to him and began kissing her mouth again as his hands rubbed her firm tits then down to her pussy. As his hands went between her legs she surprised him and spread them for him. He told her "Thank you sweetie. Now I can play with that nice bald pussy. You are going to like it aren't you? Now arch your back and push those tits out so I can lick every inch of them and then suck those hard nipples." She grabbed his face and pulled him to her tits as he licked all over them and his fingers rubbed her clit and down through her slit.

She did not refuse his touch at all and he loved the feel of her warm pussy and then he felt her fuck hole and pushed a finger into her as he grabbed a tit and began to suck her hard. He sucked her nipple deep in his mouth as his finger was fucking her cunt hard. She was wet and warm and felt good. He fingered her a long time before he told her "Unzip my pants and pull my hard cock out. I want to feel your hand around it as you stroke it for me. Make me feel real good baby." She quickly unzipped him and pulled his very hard manhood out of his pants and began to stroke him. She licked her finger and ran it around the tip of his cock and felt the precum ooze out. She then let him lick it off her finger and began rubbing him again. His cock was rock hard and she then grabbed one of his balls and squeezed it and played with it. He told her "That feels so good. You are good baby. Do what you want with my cock and balls. They are all yours. Feel my cum seep put of my slit. It is just for you sweetheart." She played with his balls more and also stroked his cock from top to bottom and ran a finger over his slit and rubbed the cum around. She liked feeding him his own cum and he letting her do as she wanted.

Then she bent her head and began to lick his cock not missing one inch. She also sucked on each ball and heard him moan. She liked that he was easy to turn on and please. Then she sucked on the tip of his cock and licked all the cum off it. He had a good taste and she sucked on the tip till he let out a big moan. She then took his cock into her mouth and began to suck on it as he pushed it in deeper. She was able to take every inch of him as she sucked and he raised his hips to give her every inch of his hard throbbing cock. With his hips raised she pushed an hand under him and found his asshole and as she sucked she pushed a finger into his ass and sucked and fucked him at the same time. She loved cock and ass and was good at what she did. She took his cock all the way down her throat and ran her tongue on it as she sucked him hard and finger fucked his ass harder. He was now screaming "Yes, that feels amazing. Don't stop. Suck that cock. Fuck that ass hard. You are good baby. Be my cock sucker. I love it." She felt the cum leak down her throat and she added a second finger to his ass and was really working it over as she let her other hand grab a ball and squeeze it tight. She was giving him a good workout by fucking his horny ass and squeezing his balls and sucking his cock balls deep. Then he let out a loud scream and filled her throat with a huge load of his warm tasty cum and she swallowed most of it saving some as she then went up to his mouth and kissed him and transferred the cum into his mouth.

He kissed her hard and told her that she was amazing. "I have never felt anything so good before. You sure know how to suck a cock and turn a guy on. I wish I could have lasted longer but you are too good sucking and fingering. When you squeezed my balls I knew I was ready to fill you with cum. I loved you saving some for me. I love to taste my own cum. Now lay on your back and spread those legs with one on the floor and the other over the seat so I can eat your pussy and tongue fuck you till you beg for mercy. Then I am going to fuck that cunt hard and deep and fill you with cum so I can suck it out of you. Are you ready to feed me pussy and then let me fuck that cunt till you can't walk? I want to eat you and finger you and tongue you before I ram my hard cock all the way in that wet cunt and fuck you hard. I bet you like it hard and rough don't you baby?" She laid back and spread her legs wide for him and he first kissed a tit and sucked it then he kissed her belly and then down to her bald pussy. He licked each pussy lip and sucked and kissed them then found her clit and sucked and kissed it till it was hard too. As he sucked on her clit he ran a finger inside her cunt and finger fucked her wet hole. He could feel her pulse as he sucked the clit and finger fucked her cunt. The more she pulsed the harder he sucked the clit and fucked her love nest. She loved sex and she was an amazing fuck.

He had two fingers in her cunt fucking her and they were covered with her cum. He then did as she did to him and pushed them in her mouth to lick and taste her own juice. Then he went back to fingering that wet hole. As he sucked on her clit it had doubled in size and was very hard. Then he moved his face to her cunt and licked all the cum from around her hole and shoved his tongue in her deep. She was wet and warm and tasted so good. He tongued and sucked and now swallowed her cum. He had his tongue all the way in her cunt with his nose rubbing her clit as he then shoved a finger in her ass and began to fuck it as she now was doing the screaming. She was such a good horny fuck and he loved her body. As his tongue flicked in and out of her cunt he took two fingers and rubbed her clit as he finger fucked her ass. As he worked her ass and cunt over his cock was now getting hard again ready to get some pussy. He wanted to give her a lot more before he finally shoved his cock inside that wet fuck hole. He added another finger to her asshole and really began fucking it hard. She moaned and lifted her hips so he could get to her ass easier and then she grabbed his head and held it tight to her cunt feeling his tongue go in deeper. She was horny and wild loving her cunt fucking. He tongue fucked her and fingered her ass about twenty more minutes before he mounted her and shoved his cock in that sensational cunt.

He pushed in deep and all the way and then began pounding her hole. She felt so good and he was fucking her harder than he ever had fucked a girl before but she wanted more and harder as he rammed his cock in balls deep and let his balls slap against her ass. He wanted to stay in this warm wet cunt for ever. He loved fucking her and she loved getting fucked. Then he pushed her legs up to her shoulders and pulled his cock from her cunt and shoved it in her ass. He pushed his big shaft inside her and she felt better then he even imagined. Her ass seemed to grab his cock and fuck it as he fucked her. His mouth grabbed a tit and he then began ramming his cock all the way into her ass pounding her harder and harder. As he fucked her ass he watched her hand grab her nipples and twist and pull on them as he ravaged her ass. She pulled her nipples way out and twisted them hard as she screamed for harder fucking. He pounded her ass with his cock till he could fill her with cum one more time. He kept his cock inside her ass as he pulled her legs around him. He told her "You are the best fuck. You are so sexy and so wild. I just want to fuck you for ever and ever. You taste so good and your cunt and ass are amazing. You also suck cock like no one I have ever known. When I pull my cock out of your ass I am going to suck that cum out and pass it to your mouth. I want to take you home with me and fuck you in my bed and shower and porch swing and on my patio. I want to fuck you as we eat and watch TV. I want to feel your mouth around my cock when it is not in your holes. Do you want to come home with me baby and fuck till we can not walk?" She smiled at him and said "I would love to come home with you and be your fucking toy. I love to suck your cock and ass too. I can never get satisfied. Let's go fuck till we drop." He started the car and began to drive to his house as she bent in his lap and sucked his cock all the way. He only about drove off the road twice but he loved this sexy nymph.
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