Time's Up

I was so horny, driving back from the office after a long day. I don't even know what I was thinking when I pulled into the parking lot of that adult bookshop. Maybe I'd find something to take home, a video or maybe a playtoy. Scanning aisle after aisle of naked skin, visualizing the dozens of women want to fuck, it pushed me over the edge. I knew my pants were barely concealing the forming erection underneath my trousers. That's when I caught glimpse of the sign - "Adult Video Arcade". I had never been in one before, but I didn't care - I knew I had to do something about how horny I felt.

I ducked into a private back room and put in a five dollar, watching the hot videos as they just push me further over the edge. I undo my pants and slowly pull my cock out, rubbing underneath the head and feeling the long shaft back and forth as I watch the movie. I didn't expect you to open the curtain, it was pure accident. I turn toward you quickly, still holding my swollen dick in my hand as an awkward silence passed between us. I didn't expect to be interrupted, and certainly not by a beautiful woman such as yourself. You slowly edge closer, then look me closely in the eyes as you take my length within your hand, slowly stroking it as I can feel your hot breath against my face. I am too stunned to move, feeling you continuing to rub back and forth on me. Then you slowly lower to your knees, circling your tongue along the wet tip of my cock before you fiercely take it into your mouth, quickly bobbing your head back and forth as you grip onto my hips.

I gasp slightly, overtaken by how aggressive you suck on my cock, caressing the underneath with your hand as you fuck me with your mouth, back and forth, your other hand reaching down between the folds of your skirt, between your own legs as I can see your hand diving between them. I know you are rubbing your own sex as you taste mine, as furiously as you suck on me. The background noises of the video porn are lost to the sound of my own heavy breath as I try to hold back, but I can't. I can't contain it longer, I start thrusting deep into your mouth as I explode, the cum filling your mouth and running down your lips as you finish your own frantic fingering between your legs. I lean back, trying to catch my breath as you rise to your feet again, staring into my face as you wipe the juices from your face. You smile, and run your hand along my chin and say.... "Time's up."
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3 years ago
I enjoyed it, but would have liked it to be a bit longer!
3 years ago
this story hits on a few things that i find very exciting..great story!