Weekend Wife Trade {part one}

My life long friend Larry and I had got together last Friday morning to trade our wive's for the weekend, so I would be fucking his woman and he would be fucking mine for the next two day's. And we could fuck them in front of one another or alone in another room, that would kind of be up to the girl's as well. It all started our weekly Tuesday night poker game it was at our buddy Pat's house this week, when one of the guy's ran out of money and threw his hot, horny girlfriend in the pot and wouldn't you know it Steve "that lucky bastard" won and got to take the money and the lady home that night. I was giving Larry a ride home that night and he jokingly said it would be cool if I would gamble my hot, sexy wife but with his luck he would probably lose that hand. So I suggested we just trade wive's and he said there's no way Maggie would fuck me and I said whatever she always wants to take you on one of our weekend getaways so she can fuck and suck your brains out but she's friends with your wife Sharon. "You're fucking serious! Aren't you?" he said abruptly. Then we got to his driveway and I said "tomorrow after work I will bring a home video for you to see and we will talk more so get a vcr in your man cave because your wife and k**s don't need to see it".

We got some beers and I put the video marked "Miss Double G's Best" in his vcr and hit play and know he know's that my wife and I have a great sex life. Half the video was my horny, cum eating wife choking on numerous cocks at different times over the past ten years and the other half was both her beautiful whoreholes getting fucked hard by many different cocks a lot of me and the favorite guy I like to tag team her with double fucking her and a five minute double vagina at the end. He had so many questions mainly because we had been friends since junior high and he had no idea that the wife and I did this sort of thing. I just told him the only thing I'm going to say is that you better be sure you want to see your wife with someone else because it can ruin a relationship faster than anything.And if we do trade I'm going to treat her like a porn star chick and fuck her senseless. He was so sure he could see me using his wife as long as he got to use mine and he wanted my wife so bad after seeing that video so I made him a copy! And our plan was to first arrange for sitters for the whole weekend, second tell the wives it a surprise weekend that we are doing for them "kind of like a double date" and last but not least their favorite alcoholic beverages mainly to get Sharon in the mood. I knew my wife would love it but I could not tell her because she would never let us plan it and take a chance of possibly ruining her friendship with Sharon.

It's Friday the plan is going good Maggie,Sharon and I are relaxing at Maggie's fathers beachfront condo and I have successfully guided our hot and sexy soon to be traded tramps towards their second shot of tequila and we have all three drank two beers and Larry just text my wife a picture of his hard cock, but he is pretending that he meant to send it to his wife. My job is to send my wife out to his car when he arrives by telling her he needs a woman's opinion about the surprise he has, which is bullshit. He finally arrived so he will talk with her about the dick picture explaining to her, that he is in charge of her until Sunday night and take off with her in his car. So after watching them leave I text my wife a few words and she immediately takes off her g string bikini letting Larry finally see those perfect huge double g's then she gets his swollen, fat cock out of his shorts and shows how a cum guzzling, cock hungry whore sucks cock. He is going to drive around with my wife or park somewhere if he wants to until I send him a video or picture of her and I getting it on, because it is easier for me to seduce her than him because they are married and he would just give up on her and go home. Sharon brings me a another shot and says where did they go and I said "to get to know each other better" and I pour her a shot she downs it and looks at me all confused. So I put my arms around her and say "you and Larry both admitted to wanting something new, so you are mine until Sunday night". I then reached down and grabbed her tiny little ass and picked her up and held her so her pussy was rubbing my know rock hard cock and made out with her while carrying her to bar top sat her on the bar pulled off her bikini top.
She tried to slow me down so I said "your mine until Sunday and I'm going to do what I want with you, because that is the trade agreement Larry and I made"! So I grabbed her hair with both hands and gently pulled her hear back and bit her on the neck a couple times working down to her very firm, beautifully tanned b cup breast sucking each nipple hard into my mouth and then poppy them out like when you give a hicky. She moaned and said "Oh fuck yes suck my hard little titties"! When I got down to her pussy I pulled her bikini bottom to one side and she laid down on the bar and I couldn't believe it she was about to orgasm and I hadn't even really tasted her yet, so I stopped and she was like "NO DON'T STOP LARRY NEVER EATS ME OUT"! I explained we have to send them proof that we are enjoying ourselves so they can come back. She said ok I will film myself coming on your face and send it but then we are locking ourselves in one of the bedrooms and not coming out till tomorrow morning! She came on my face, sent the video then I ordered pizza, found a cooler for ice and beer then locked ourselves in the smaller of the two bedrooms. While we ate some pizza I asked her why she didn't want to have sex in front of her Larry. She insisted its not him she thinks she would be intimidated by Maggie because of her huge boobs and the fact that Maggie can make a man come with just her mouth.

I know had a new goal and that is to teach Sharon how to suck and fuck like a whore. I told her all of the techniques that I have noticed Maggie using to get a dude to blast in her mouth. The one thing that made me shoot my load is when she deep throats my cock and lets me basically fuck her face but for other men I've seen her and that's when I slipped. "What do you mean?" she say's " how many times have you traded?" Are you and Maggie swinger's?
Instead of answering all those questions I took out to the living room and Maggie was bent over holding her pussy open and Larry was taking pictures of her gaping cunt. I told Maggie First that I loved her and that I had slipped when trying to describe to Sharon how to suck a dick in a way that gets a guy to come just using her mouth and now she thinks we are swinger's and has all kinds of questions. Her and Larry began to laugh and Maggie replies and you can teach him to make a girl come with just your mouth as well!

To be continued......

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6 months ago
it is good to have friends such as these:)
Great story keep them cumin!!!!!!
6 months ago
Awesome story!