The girl inside me.

The Girl inside me...
I with my dolls outside the yard with Amber. What the fuck are you doing you little sissy? Screamed my daddy as he grabbed the doll out of hand and pulled me into the house. That day I learned what boys do and what girls do... but daddy I am a girl I said. Daddy looked at me just shook his head boys he said have dicks like this and girl have a pussy.
Daddy made sure I did all the manly thing like football working out...I had a killer body 6 foot 1in... I was totally ripped. My cock was above 10in and 3 in thick the girls loved it. Every girl in my high school had rode it... but when I was in the locker room after practice I saw mike he was dressed up like a sexy school girl all in red and black heels and lace tong with a blonde wig and make up done to a tee . I couldn’t help by fall for those blue eyes as he dropped to his knees unzipped my pants pulled my cock out and begin to sallow it. He took it all in without missing a beat. I fucked his face hard when mike stopped sucking I grew angry yelled why you stop bitch you’re the best cock sucker I ever had. Mike begged me to fuck his boi pussy as I slipped off his panties I grew harder than I ever have. I slowly line my cock in his pussy and shoved it in until my balls were hitting his. Mike screamed in pain and pleasure as I fucked him as hard and deep. Mikes screams turn to moans as I pounded his pussy... mike keep screaming please come inside my pussy fill me with your cum. Dam I loved it... I never been that turned on in my life. I pushed deep till my cock could go no farther and empty my seed in that hot boi pussy..
My girlfriend Sarah was as sexy as can be had jet black hair snow white colored skin clear blue eyes and size 5 with 34 D apple bottom ass. Sarah was very dom. She was a lesbian before we meet one day she asked me to dress like a women for her. I protested but she f***ed me into and tight minni zebra dress with blond wig she even did my makeup... I looked pretty dam hot... I thought that’s all she was going to do but she had other plans she had a chastity belt for me she was going lock my nice beautiful cock away. I couldn’t stop her. It hurt so bad not being able to get hard. Sarah said she had one more thing in for me... there in front of me was mike all dressed up in leather corset and boots dam his big dick in my face ,Sarah f***ed me to suck mike 9 in uncut dick after ten mins of sucking I started to like it. Sarah saw this and went behind me licked my asshole and fingered it I had no idea why until mike pulled me off his cock kissed me and took Sarah place licking my asshole . Sarah pulled my hair and demanded me to lick her pussy. As I did that mike shoved his cock into my virgin ass I tried to scream but Sarah held my head down... mike had no mercy on me. I begged him to stop but he would go faster and harder and tell me how much of a sissy I was. Sarah just loved in my eyes and said honey I’m turning you into my girlfriend just like mike. After a while I got a strange feeling and my whole body started shaking. Looks like the sissy likes it... I really love it but I didn’t want them to know. I didn’t want mike to stop fucking my asshole... it felt so good... Sarah pushed me off and mike pulled out next thing I know both Sarah and I were filled with hot cum all over our face .

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2 years ago
hot story !