My first all male three way!

I told you all of my first man fuck buddy Allen. Well this is another adventure I shared with him and a friend of his. I was home visiting f****y (I now live in another state) and I had told Allen I would be looking forward to fucking him again. He as well as I was ready for some hot m2m fun. Well after I had seen all my f****y and friends I made a date with Allen for the next night. He and I had talked about me filming him and one of his other buddy's from an adult site. Well much to my delight Allen had set us up for a fun filled night.
I arrived at his house earlier than his other guess so we caught up on the latest happenings and his and my latest adventures. I told him I was meeting a husband and wife for regular fuck sessions (another story) this had us both hard and ready to have some fun. Allen started running his hand up and down my cock and before long he was undoing my pants and sucking me for all it was worth. This man knew just what my cock needed and I hated to stop him but I had been horned up all day and didn't want to cum just yet. With some effort on both our parts he stopped and he regained our composure.
Allen knows I like to top and that is pretty much all I like so I asked him if his friend was cool with this. He assured me everything would be fine. About that time there was a knock on the door in walked Allen's other fuck buddy. He was well built and looked ready to fuck. He made our introductions and headed to the bedroom. Allen and his friend helped me undress and as soon as my pants were off they were both sharing my hard cock. There is no better feeling than to have to eager mouths sucking on your cock and balls. They took turns deep throating my cock while I took pictures of my cock disappearing down their throats. Jim and Allen then stripped and stroked each others cocks while I watch. I never thought watching two guys kiss and touch each other would be so hot. Allen laid on his belly and Jim tried to slide his 7" cock into Allen. Allen gave a little scream seeing as Jim forgot lube. We all got a laugh out of that. After Jim fucked Allen for 10 or so minutes they came back to me. Allen had Jim bent over and I bent Allen over and we had a daisy chain fuck session under way. Allen told Jim if I didn't stop he was going to cum, Jim said fill my ass and that's all it took to send Allen over the edge. I was still sliding my hard cock into Allen's ass when I felt my balls tighten and I told them both I was going to cum. Damn did I cum. It seem like it would never end. When I pulled out of Allen Jim came behind him and sucked my seed out of him. This was hotter than hell to see. Now it was Jim's turrn to cum and Allen put his mouth to work on Jim's throbbing hard cock. I had my camera out and was enjoying my view. Jim started moaning and pulled his cock from Allen's mouth and shot his load all over Allen's face. I have the pictures to prove it. Well there's more but I think you can tell I had a blast. Let me know if you want to here more adventures.
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2 years ago
Definitely want to read more of your adventures ;-)
2 years ago
Best way for a trio!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Hell fucking yes is tight!
2 years ago
hell fuck yes, so fucking hot mmmmm :)
2 years ago
that is fucking hot...hell ya i want to read more ;)