My Mate's Busty Wife, Part Four

I decided that I would pay a visit to my mate's house over the weekend, unannounced. There's always been an open door policy there, so basically, if you're going around, you just walk in, without knocking. So, I did the usual, expecting to see the whole f****y sat in the lounge, just watching TV or something, instead, as I walked through the door, my mates wife was sitting there, alone, her copy of Fifty Shades Of Grey in one hand, her other hand down the front of her skirt, which she rapidly pulled out as I came through the door. She blushed all the way from her cleavage to the roots of her hair. I just kicked the door shut behind me and said, "Don't stop on my behalf," and gave a laugh. I then asked where the rest of the f****y were and she told me that my mate had gone over to his parents house for the day. She'd wanted to stay at home and finish reading her book, as she was getting, "so absorbed in it." I'd
Once she'd gotten over the shock of my unannounced arrival, she slipped her hand back down the front of her skirt, started to rub herself over her panties, letting me watch. I just sat there on the end of the sofa, enjoying the view, I started to inch closer, hoping she wouldn't stop or tell me to back off. I then put my hand onto her leg, it felt so smooth as I started to run my hand up from her ankle to her knee, slowly pushing her skirt higher and higher. As I got nearer to her thighs, she opened her legs and began to sigh with pleasure as her fingers starting to work faster and harder over her knickers. As her pussy got wetter, I could see the gusset of her panties getting darker as her juices began to flow more freely.
I decided to go for it and got my head between her legs and started to kiss her inner thighs, she gasped as my stubble brushed against the sensitive skin there, I pulled her underwear to the side and tentatively licked her sweet wetness off her hairy minge, she immediately grabbed my head and pulled me right in, begging me to eat her out! I virtually tore her knickers off in my enthusiasm to get at her properly, I began probing with my tongue, working her pussy lips with the very tip of my tongue, opening them to taste her salty wet juices, getting them all on my face and chin. I slowly lapped, bringing her closer and closer to the edge, then pulling away, letting her twitch, but not letting her orgasm. All the time, she begged me to let her cum on my face, she kept on pulling my hair, pushing my face right into her.
I got both of my hands under her bum and lifted her by now soaking cunt onto my face, I slowly slipped the thumb of my left hand into her arsehole as I began to use the flat of my tongue to work her hard little clitoris. She gasped as my thumb entered her, but didn't stop it. As my tongue took her over the edge and she had a huge screaming orgasm, making her bum hole twitch. As the twitching began to subside, I pulled my thumb out slowly, making her cum again.
She pushed me back away from her, pulling her top and bra off, letting her magnificent, full breasts fall free. She was now virtually naked aside from the skirt. She leaned into me, giving me a full bl**ded passionate kiss, letting her tongue taste her own pussy juice. I reached up to get a hold of her tits, fondling them, feeling their weight, gently pinching her nipples making them nice and erect. She gasped as I did this too, it seems her husband is a rather boring man.
She dropped to her knees, undid my jeans, pulling out my hard cock, which she began to wank slowly. She then took me in her mouth, using her tongue to tease the head, running it slowly around the edge of my glans, making my eyes roll back in my head in pleasure. I asked her for a tit-wank, to which she replied, "What's that?"
I told her to spit on my cock, then get her gorgeously huge mammeries and hold them around my shaft and wank me using her juggs. My dick disappeared between the pillowy soft flesh of those perfect puppies and she began to rub the up and down, occasionally dribbling more spit to help lubricate the friction between her boobs. She started slowly, as being unconfident she wasn't too sure of what to do, but she took to it naturally enough, as the pleasure increased for me, she got faster, even licking the top of my dick as it peeked out on her longer strokes. As I was getting close to blowing my load, she slowed right down, letting know where she wanted me to unload. She laid back on the rug in the middle of the lounge, wagged her finger at me provocatively, hitched her skirt up and quite simply said, "I want you to fuck me till you cum deep in my cunt and I don't care what happens!"
I didn't need a second invite, I got right down on my knees and she guided my hard, willing member right inside her sopping cunt, she almost immediately orgasmed, I could feel her muscles tensing around my shaft, pulling me in deeper. I wrapped my hands around her waist, pulling her right onto me and started to pound my hard cock deep inside of her, making her huge tits flop and bounce. It didn't take long before I spunked a hot load deep inside her, just as she had another massive orgasm.
What a buzz it was! Hopefully this will be happening time and time again...
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