My Mates Busty Wife, Third Time Around

As you've seen from my previous posts on here, my mates wife and I have been getting close to one another.
Well, I was invited around for a social on Thursday last week, as I was working in the area, I decided to accept. It was a hot day, so, as you can imagine, most people were able to wear cool clothing, my mates wife was no exception. She was wearing a strappy top, with a pale blue lacy bra underneath and a shear white boho skirt, so shear I could see what colour knickers she was wearing!
We were all sitting there chatting away, as friends do and as we British have a tendency to do, complain about the weather. She was making quite a show of feeling hot, kept spreading her legs (and she has got great legs, I'd never noticed before) and flapping here skirt about, flashing her knickers at me and leaning down at every opportunity to give me an eyeful of her amazing cleavage. My friend was sitting there completely oblivious to this whole situation, fuck knows how?!?
He offered to cook dinner on the barbecue a little later on, leaving his wife and I alone indoors. Again, she made a big show a flashing me, both cleavage and knickers, she also asked, "Did you like what happened last time you were around? Did it get you hard?"
I replied, "You know I loved it, but we can't do anything now, as **** is in the back garden and he would more than likely see us."
She just sat there, looking coy and said, "Well, you'll have to come around some other time when I'm alone, then we can see what happens, can't we?"
"I'll have to make an arrangement then." was all I could reply with before he came back in.
Later on, she was reading a book, Fifty Shades of Grey (I'm sure you've heard of it), whilst he and I were playing a game on the Xbox, and she come over to me, leaning right in and asked if I'd thought about reading it. The way she was leaning over the arm of the sofa, pushed her amazing tits right up over the top of the lacy cups of her bra, almost to the point of them spilling out their wondrous treasure. She passed me the book and suggested I read a certain passage. It was the introduction of the main female character into the domain of Mr Grey. Once I'd read it, she subtly whispered in my ear, "That's what I'd like."
I think I'm in for a fun time when I can get around to seeing her alone...
86% (7/1)
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2 years ago
I like what I'm reading
2 years ago
Such a very hot story!!! I want to know more!!!!!
2 years ago
Hope you tell us all about it.