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You know why you come here. There's no reason to be shy with me. That's a nice bottle of wine. The soft music is soothing, and the candles... nice touch. Go ahead, sit back and relax. Take a deep breath and let your mind go. You've read through the stories countless times, your favourites are bookmarked in that special web folder you keep, the inspiration you seek at times like these....

Mmmm... another sip of wine and you can feel the day's tension slipping away. With a sigh of true relief, you can focus on you and you alone for now. The contented smile on your face is so very lovely. Your little satiny robe is pretty, as well, but we both know that's an accessory that will be put aside soon...

Your imagination is beginning to wander. The wine and the music are helping your inner senses surface in a warm, soothing glow. Your need to touch your skin grows stronger as your mind playfully remembers your favourite fantasy... mmmm..... was it the one in the back of the pub... or the one in the car.... or the one with the two of them? So many delightful ideas and sexy scenarios to choose from...

Your skin is warm and soft to the electric fire of your touch. Another quick sip of wine and your thoughts jumble... I knew that robe wouldn't stay on long... Your nipples are so hard! That little pinch sent just the right shiver down your body, the wet fire growing ever more present. Flashes of images... ideas... desires... swirl through your head and your hand instictively cups and lifts your breast. You breathe deep through your nose as your arousal builds, the sweet aroma of your desire kisses your senses. Your enjoyment is building as fast as your desire...

Your breast in one hand, deft fingers of your other hand tickle the lips you so dearly want kissed, sending yet another sweet shiver through your increasingly receptive body. Shifting in your seat to get more comfortable causes you to lose touch, but only for the briefest moment. The smile on your lovely face broadens as the wine and the music continue to dance in your mind with the sexy thoughts that have come for their so very welcome visit. Your head tilts back as the pleasure of the moment washes over you like a warm summer breeze. Your legs gently part, an invitation happily accepted by your gentle fingers. Another tickle across your lips most feminine, skipping around your sensitive, growing nub.

Your breathing quickens as you try to focus on just one fantasy... yet so many are flooding through. Momentarily savouring the sweet taste of wetness on your fingers, a tiny moan escapes, breaking the rhythm of the music. You didn't even realize you were playing in synch until it quickly broke... No worries, a good rhythm is so easy to catch when you're in this mood.

Your eyes flutter as you find your button... hard, sensitive, and in sweet need of your touch. Your back arches as you find just the right spot to electrify every nerve in your body and set them all in tune with your desire. The music swells and crashes along with you as you ride the beauty within and the need throughout. Your breath catches as you feel the surge begin deep within you. A whimper escapes as you unintentionally bite your lower lip... like a good sauce, a touch of bitter to highten the sweet...

Your breathing is in gasps as your fingers are flying between your wet thighs... both hands between your sweet, kissable lips, as you press hard with your feet to lift your tight arse up, thrusting back against your thrusting fingers... pushing in... pushing back... push... push...



Sweet, earth shattering, heart stopping, paralyzing, momentary eternity...

The music softens as your breathing calms between well deserved giggles. You sit up, not bothering to cover your beautiful self... have another sip of wine...

You know why you come here...
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10 months ago
perfectly written
1 year ago
that's exactly why I come... and cum... here! every story I read of your's takes me to a beautiful, sensual place! thank you so much!
1 year ago
the visuals you paint with your words are breathtaking
1 year ago
such a good story baby
2 years ago
oh my...yes that's it...
2 years ago
another great story..:)
2 years ago
A really sensual insight into my brain when I masturbate to your stories my love. Alison xxxx
2 years ago
Well written.
Love it.
2 years ago
Wow. I'll have one of them please
2 years ago
I like the ending, nicely written.
2 years ago
I love the story .... a woman's orgasm must be so wonderful ;-)))