Car Flashing the Boys Basketball Team

It was a beautiful late Friday afternoon and the car’s tires hummed on the concrete of the highway that stretched before us. Ahead lay a seven hour drive to visit Deb’s f****y. She was already a little buzzed from the Vicodin she took. Her plan was to sl**p the trip away. Deb knew riding topless kept my juices flowing and I smiled as she grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt and pulled it over her head dropping it on the floor behind her seat. Her breasts thrust forward invitingly as she reached behind to unclasp her bra. I loved her wry smile as she slowly slid the straps from her shoulders and cautiously exposed first her right nipple, then her left, and finally let her bra fall away fully exposing both of her perky 36C breasts to the afternoon sunlight. God I love how they jiggle with each little bump in the road! This time I decided to push her a little further. “Before you go to sl**p, slide out of the rest of your clothes for me this time.” It took some coaxing, but she finally relented because the highway was pretty deserted. She kicked off her sneakers and slowly and sl**pily slid her shorts and panties down to mid-thigh, calf, and over her feet dangling them in front of me for effect then dropping everything together on the floor behind her seat. What a vision, my beautiful dark blond bare naked wife wearing nothing but her smile and a small puff of silky brown pubic hair. “Wake me in time to get dressed before we hit their driveway!” she exclaimed as she reclined and closed her eyes.

Within minutes I could tell from her regular deep breathing that the Vicodin had done its thing and knocked her out. There she lay, head turned slightly toward the window and arms to her side, legs crossed. I reached down and slid her seat back and began stroking the inside of her left thigh. From her knee up her thigh until I could feel her velvety soft pubic hair brushing against the side of my hand and back again. She felt so nice, so soft. After a while, with a gentle tug I lifted her leg up and rested her knee against the console. I lifted her right leg and rested her other knee against the door. I couldn’t resist running my fingers over her golden pubic hair and sliding my middle finger between her exposed lips. So lovely, so warm, and so moist. I stopped fondling her long enough to take some cell phone shots and then to take in the amazing vision before me. And I managed somehow to also keep my eyes on the road… sometimes.

As we approached the first major city, traffic began to pick up. My heart started beating faster as I pulled up on a string of semis. I was about to make some lucky drivers’ day. I pulled alongside the first semi and matched his speed. Oh the look on his face when he finally caught sight of my alluring wife on display! “Oh my god”, I read his lips as he soaked up her beautiful naked body. I watched him snap some cell phone pics then grab his CB microphone as I moved on to the next semi. He was talking on his radio as I pulled up and, since he had a little nicer digital camera to take pictures with, I gave him a better view by spreading her swollen pussy lips apart exposing her soft pink clit and wide-open vagina. By the time I reached the last semi in the string, I had her window down and I was finger-fucking my gorgeous MILF. The view didn’t get much better than that! Deb smiled a little from time to time, but never moved an inch and never knew how many truckers (15 so far) were getting their rocks off while feasting their eyes on her beautiful naked breasts and wide-open pussy.

I was surprised to see a couple school busses and remembered it was Friday night and it was high school basketball season. I slowly pulled alongside the first school bus and saw it was the team bus. If any of those k**s had never seen a beautiful, completely naked woman in the flesh, Deb quickly took care of that. Forty cell phones were flashing away. And if I had any concern about the coaches, they were standing right behind the k**s with their cameras out too. Since they were having such a great time, I pulled a dildo out of the glove compartment, gently slid it into her vagina and spread her pussy lips wide as I rolled down the passenger side windows. Then I leaned over and licked her soft pink nipples. When the cool breeze passed over her wet nipples they stood at attention for forty hungry pairs of high school boys’ eyes and I heard them cheer as I began pinching and pulling them and squeezing her full breasts. I pulled on ahead and put on a similar show for the band bus getting similar rave reviews. By now well over a hundred people had experienced the same sexual pleasure I get seeing Deb naked and spread.

Low on fuel, I left the highway at the next off ramp to gas up and grab some food. I loved seeing people’s expressions as we waited at stop lights. I pulled into a station with a fast food restaurant attached and pulled up to the pump to fill up. Deb was really out of it, so instead of drive thru, I pulled up alongside the restaurant, left the car running with the doors locked and went in for my fast food. It was getting dark, but the parking lot lights provided plenty of illumination. Within 3 minutes yet another high school basketball team bus pulled in and I watched it park only a few spaces away from her. I watched the coach and a couple boys walk by then one noticed her and walked over to the car. Before long there were 15 boys surrounding my car inches from my naked and spread MILF. Some of them had tried the doors, I’m glad I left them locked. The coach, who was already in the restaurant, finally stepped out and called them in. They didn’t know who the car belonged to and I was getting hard listening to these boys saying what they wanted to do to my wife.

What a crazy experience. I grabbed my food and some for Deb when she finally woke up, and proudly walked out to my car and my gorgeous babe and left for the last leg of our trip. As it grew darker I spent less time showing and more time touching. As she began to wake up, I focused my attention on her vagina and clit which was becoming wetter and more swollen by the minute. Her hips began rising to meet my very willing finger and soon she was thrusting into a massive orgasm. I watched her nipples harden and swirl making perfect little circles with every thrust. Afterward she stretched and smiled and asked, “Did I miss anything?”

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8 months ago
Good !! You are a good writer !! like the way you describe scenes .. Many Thanks !
11 months ago
You have some great experiences you like top share.
1 year ago
That was very hot and exciting ride...
1 year ago
That's my girl... !!!
1 year ago
what fun!