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Looking for models!!!

As you may know I now manage talent!!!
I have the domain for my agency site,, but I still need to design it!

I am casting females of all locations, ages, shapes, sizes, and colors for Adult films.
Different scenes to offer: Fetish, Solo, HJ, BJ, B/G, G/G, Anal, Gang Bang.

I am casting males that are ages 18-45 and are not overweight for Adult films.
Different scenes to offer: B/G, BJ, HJ, Fetish, Solo, Gay and Gang Bangs.
Must be LEGITIMATELY 7 inches or larger.

Respond on here and I'll get back to you
OR send pics and brief info to

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What I've been up to...Fetish Con, traveling,

A little late with updating here, but Fetish Con was amazing!!!
Met so many awesome people and had such an unbelievably great time.
I rode down and stayed with Addie and Psy from Brainwash Productions and filmed with them, Blazed Studios, Divine Studios, JW Ties, and 321 Productions while I was down there.
Worked with so many amazing models such as Amber Lynn Bach, Charlee Chase, Vanessa Cage, JC Simpson, Ashley Sinclair, Cheyenne Jewel, Ashley Edmonds, Dixie Comet, Alyssa Hart, Sierra Luv, Chloe Skyy, and the lovely Addie Juniper of course.
Was lucky enough to make enough friends while I ... Continue»
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In Tampa for Fetish Con until August 6th, book me!

I did a wrestling/Hand job scene today w/ Divine Studios! Worked with 2 awesome girls Vanessa Cage and JC Simpson. I chilled at Blazed Studios after that for a while and will be shooting with them tomorrow! I'm in Tampa for Fetish Con until Aug 6th, so if you are a producer and in the area...BOOK ME!!

Since I always like to share what I've been up to here's what's been happening...
I've done A BUNCH of HJ scenes, B/G scene with Evasive Angles, and have been filming some stuff with Chiana Pixie for and

MUCH MUCH MUCH more coming soon...I have a feeling t... Continue»
Posted by musicguy24 2 years ago

Scenes with Jada Stevens and brand new Pocahontas

Just wanted to update everyone on what I have been doing since it has been a while!
A few weeks ago I did a foursome scene with Jada Stevens, Addie Juniper, and Psy.
The next day I did a boy-girl scene and a few other types of scenes for Brainwash Productions with my close friend Pocahontas Jones.
I've also done several other handjob and fetish type scenes since the last time I updated.
It looks like I could be shooting for a lot more people soon. So I'll try to update whenever that happens and whenever I see a video I'm in is getting released!
Here is an interview I did with Addie Junipe... Continue»
Posted by musicguy24 2 years ago

Performance Pictures with Addie Juniper and Chiana

Just uploaded a few pics from one of the scenes I performed in with the very lovely Addie Juniper. Check them out :) Videos on soon!
I also uploaded a couple pics from shooting with Chiana Pixie for , videos up on there very soon as well :)
Would love to hear some feedback and how everyone is doing!

Posted by musicguy24 2 years ago

I am filming with Addie Juniper next week! I JUST

I am filming with Addie Juniper next week!
Addie looks soooooo gorgeous and fun! It looks like we'll be working together a good bit so obviously I am ecstatic :)

ALSO, I have been doing some filming for and will be working with Evasive Angles very soon!

I JUST created a twitter today, so come follow me on there to keep up to date on all subjects sexy :)
Posted by musicguy24 2 years ago

Tips continued...LAST LONGER IN BED!

From the last tips I've posted I've had some people ask things along the lines of "What's the point of having a bigger dick if I can't last more than a few minutes?"
This is a good point, you can't address one aspect of having better sex while ignoring the other.
Being able to last a long time during sex is even more important than having a big dick like me :P
As a guy your mission is to last as long as needed, fucking your partner until they cum and are begging for your cum.
Some people don't realize that no matter how blessed/non-blessed you are in the field of sexual stamina there are a... Continue»
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Want to see me fuck girls?

I'm very excited to announce I'll be working with Evasive Angles soon starring in B/G films! Keep a lookout!!
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Easy Tips to Make Your Dick BIGGER

I've decided I'm going to start sharing my knowledge in numerous subjects sexual. I'm a freak and do too much research on such things. Let's start with how to make your dick bigger. I discovered it's not an urban legend or myth and you don't need pills or surgery.
Why and how did I stumble across this information? Well I used to have an average size penis and did extensive research on how I could fix that. I came across this all-natural program that quickly helped me gain a couple inches in length and girth and it's continuing to grow. I couldn't find any information like this anywhere else.
... Continue»
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Multiple Male Orgasms!

A year ago I learned how to have Multiple Male Orgasms. My passion for sex is 100x stronger now! haha. All guys should know how! Hit me up for tips!!
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