We chose my outfit together and he asked me to take more clothing. The evening is scheduled to last ...
19h we here for ¾ hour drive. Sweaty palms, held breath. "You know it'll be a romantic evening between well-bred people whom you'll be the center of attention." Everything for your pleasure and sensations ... simply divine benefits without fear ... you know that I organize with your pleasures not care? "he smiled at me stroking my neck. "You'll see the house is superb." Indeed a nice house, surrounded by a huge garden palm trees, jasmine, hibiscus, realize from the street. Before he laid down the banner of the game and just open the door of the car. "Welcome friends". I do not know this man's voice. A friendly voice soft. "Welcome we expected," a voice that smiles.
Clinging to the arm of JF He guides me and helps me sit in a chair. "Toast to your visit" and we put my hand in a chilled glass. "I was fortunate to discover Muse through your photos but you're a really delightful woman." "Let me take you all over this house" "thank you Jorge, but I see nothing" "Well take your other senses we will promise you there ... "
It continues a friendly chat about life here, we travel well. Then the conversation slips on gender relations. "We have already talked with Juan and we are confident that you are our goddesses. I appreciate the compliment with a smile, "do you think it is the opinion of all men? ... "JF responds with a smile" I know not! but we do! "
That's what my mind at rest a little. Many refinements in the words of Jorge attentions also: kiss the hand of it, kind humor. I am glad at the bottom of my chair. A few more minutes then remove the glass and JF train gently Jorge? it makes the visit. "
Jorge's arm, not the JF behind us, they comfort me.
The lounge where we were overlooking the dining room open onto the garden, described by Jorge and JF. The pool is bordered by a sports hall with rooms on each side.

"Please sit on this stool. we are in the gym. "
Juan Muriel you'll be able to relax, there are all the scented oils possible. "

He defeated the power of the pants carefully chosen. A cut that opens up the flaps on the thighs when I'm sitting that looks Jorge had to follow ...
then my shoulder blouse down to let my bare chest over the tight corset. He lay down on his stomach on a large table of foam. Blind but still free.
The bra unfastened each side reveals the overflow of my breasts and my panties, half of the buttocks. Arm in the face I feel the warm oil drop by drop beading on my arms behind my back and my thighs. JF began to spread her legs gently and mass up to the feet. "Jorge you want to massage the column Muriel and her arms?". I imagine the figure of our host, the touch of her hands to finger for soft and still warm gives me a thrill.

So here I am in the hands of these gentlemen. Massed quietly back comfortably while JF regularly on my buttocks and the fingers of Jorge coasts along on the swell of my breasts. I am very relaxed, relaxed body and soul ... I imagine the scene and life totally confident. I am almost moved to JF am'assoupir when I return to hugs, forgiveness, massages, take place from the front. The strapless slip and as he finally removed my panties and I offer myself naked with their hands. Of oil drops and again my hands covering from head to tips of toes.
I let myself do with a sensual pleasure. Invaded sweetness, abandoned, I let myself stroking with the hands of Jorge draw my breasts regularly and JF loin and touches my penis totally shaved. His fingers back my thighs still closed. Wisdom evolves imperceptibly into sighs deeper, more insistent fingers, nipples harden and even a slight moisture Women must shine the skin on my lips close.
JF chosen this moment of total abandonment to slip handcuffs on the wrists and ankles. Arms crossed legs open I look like the resumption of sweets, which are not long. Down my neck, inch by Jorge turn on my nipples and I shuddered and Gein, thumbs JF Inside them are of my thighs and between my lips that open onto each other this time my humidity. Comforts become more sensual than sexual, more sensual and my desire is revealed. More curved, goosebumps and chills, moisture and tension, breath and wet mouth on my tongue pinch, squeaks and groans ...
I am bound and blind available to receive these gentlemen ... they give me!

The nudity that worried me, delighted me now. My body is still riddled with all hands feel more and more frequently around and on my erogenous zones. That is sweet and good!
The taste of a kiss from my husband on the mouth is followed by a rogue kiss on my neck along with a tongue stud and a ride that left hand finger linger on my clit that gets wet I know. The pleasures of massage continue while the hands are more intrusive than the sex game was born. I kiss and suck a finger while another hand slips between the lips of my sex and my search. I yell and waves stirred and retained by the bonds, movements of envy and protection hampered by the handcuffs, offered no defense. My clit is so sensitive surrounded by languages ??leads me al'orgasme agile, the trance of enjoyment. I do not hold me and my obvious pleasure in shouting breaths and movements controlled only by handcuffs. I stretch my cock my mouth or my breasts hard, and yet I still want fun and enjoy ... just as they want! I do not count the joys that bring me to nothing for me to receive a new, crazy excited to be devoured by desire.
The two men are bare, I now feel their stiff on my cheeks my mouth my breasts my thighs my belly and my feet .... along with me palpate their hands on all sides.
I no longer try to imagine the lover's face, I imagine a stomach, a tight sex, a silhouette, the game of sex, craving the pleasure I can give ...
I suck sex while a mouth sucks my juice and a finger play on my clit. I would take the palm of my hand stuck in the bonds, I would raise the legs high retained by the handcuffs. I aspire sex tight in my mouth sucks the wound, I tasted it, sucks. I feel that sex lasts inflated hitting my cheek from the inside. I imagine a face contorted hand that grips my heart.
I know the excitement of this man like me who dreamed this scene, he knew me a photo and probably before he masturbated, imagining the moment I would suck, "for real" just like I imagined her desire ... I know it's his tail that I taste as I suck greedily licks and I aspire to his pleasure and the game that I share with my husband.
My language is playing on the open slot of the glans sweet, taste of envy. I feel the desire, the f***e strength of the male. The tension of his muscles and the hardness of his member. My hands twist of not being able to take this line, these balls that I would ride. So I suck, sucks harder and faster perceive the hand that leads. My heart is brimming with envy contained, restrained. The stiff tail of my lover filled my mouth, sliding between my lips. In good female, and I taste sucks, sucks and my saliva drooling and desire.
My sex is also drawn tempered d***k, ate, ate! by my husband.
Unbelievable excitement, I give and receive! I wish he would come, on my face and jute my breasts inflated. I enjoyed again the tongue and teeth on my clit while I get the heat of the liquid on my tongue stretched male greedy. Mixed saliva was my sperm flowing out of my mouth. I ask because .... pity .. implores them calm. The hand that drew up the member has full wipe my mouth and wash my face.
Already hugs resumed without pause, in fact, soft and soothing, calm and relaxing. JF gives me some bubbles and whispered into my ear: "Do not worry my love, on the contrary, a friend had attended your pleasures and joins us to better fulfill you" ... when my legs are massaged by four hands already! I understand that another person has joined JF and Jorge. Still shivering, I remain available ....
"My god you're beautiful and delicious" Jorge breath.
I am naked, arms outstretched, legs apart, lying in front of three men who want to bandage with me and fill me up.

I live totally abandoned, offered, open, bound, blind, images imagined before ...
Enjoyed my body, opens, closes, shakes, trembles, surrounds, sinks, moans, screams, stretches, contorts, sweating, exultant.
Tails of the hands of the mouths fingers everywhere, always ...
It loosens me finally, so I can have my turn to grab me with their bodies. Feel sexes and balls, bellies and buttocks tight, firm necks, arms and legs hard.
Lying between my two lovers sex revolves around my anus already oiled. It takes me gently penetrates me while I open the path. Water in front of my vagina and dilated receives another sex. They m'astiquent and enjoy. Straight legs that meet, mingle. Breasts and buttocks palpated ground.
I took off the blindfold and discovers the two men who meet me, a swollen cock in every hole. Their smiling faces, beautiful k**s that I want and delight me, later, the smile of my husband who marveled excited their envy of me, my pleasures loudly and clearly expressed. I give myself, I close my eyes, I take and I take. We will enjoy ....! all!
We will sl**p little, and will play again in the morning
JF, Jorge and his cousin Oscar (therefore wishes! We know ... smile) and I filled the female ...
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