Snow Storm (bisexual)

Three nights ago there was a severe snowstorm, huge flakes of snow were falling from the sky covering everything they could. The ground was becoming white very fast and the roads became slick as well. Tommy and his friends were going to be stuck in for the night and needed something to do to keep from getting bored. So Ali suggested they watch one of her porno’s, Ali was that type of girl who liked watching porn with her friends and trying to get them to reenact what they were watching whether her girlfriends were over or her boy friends.

So Tommy and his other roommate Josh decided that they could go along with it, it was sex and it has been awhile since the last time he had sex with a girl. Ali rummaged through her immense collection of porn showing the graphic pictures to the boys waiting for them to nod their heads to the one they wanted to see. A bulge was appearing in Josh’s shorts as the thought of fucking Ali crossed his mind. Tommy was getting excited from the bulge in josh’s shorts and was fantasying about what it would be like to be fucked by best friend. Ali was oblivious to what was even going on for she was deep in her movies trying to find a good one. Finally!! Ali said here it is this one will be perfect and I think you guys will agree with me on this one.

The box she was holding up had 1 girl getting double penetrated buy 2 hung black boys in one scene while in another scene the same girl was being fucked by a white boy while a black boy fucked the white boy in the ass. Ali propped herself up in front of the TV after carefully piling all the movies back in the cabinet under the TV where she had stored them, she turned the TV on and then the DVD player. She grabbed the remotes and popped the DVD in, she turned her head and notice Tommy was staring at josh’s crotch, curious to what was going on she looked at josh and noticed his raging boner bouncing under his shorts and smiled while thinking aloud she said, ‘the best thing about this DVD player I can pause any scene and zoom cock shots to the size of the scene’, not realizing she had said it out loud.

Of course the guys were not really paying attention to what she had said so she started the movie. And like any other porno it started with that annoying Casio keyboard demo sounding music, pictures of the porn stars flashed on the screen in compromising positions while a few credits rolled on the scene. The name of the porn was Hung Cocks stuffing Virgin Holes; of course this was one of her favorites.

She grabbed a set on the couch next to the 2 boys and they all started watching the first scene, 2 black boys entered the scene where a young blonde girl with perky a cup boobs was sprawled out on a bed fingering herself. They proceeded to put her in a position to where they could get deep penetration and both get into her tight so called virgin pussy.

They lubed up their cocks with their split and one at a time crammed their monster-sized cocks into her tight hole. Josh’s cock jumped with excitement from the scene while Tommy watched josh with amazement, Tommy had seen Josh naked briefly while he was dressing before but never had the chance to see josh like this before. Ali started caressing herself rubbing her hands through her hair, down her neck to her perky breasts where she tweaked her nipples and continued down her chest past her belly button and slipped her hand under her pants and panties down to her pussy. Josh noticed Ali was having a bit of fun with herself during the porno.

He also notice Tommy was checking his cock out, so he made it jump in his shorts and tensed it to make it look as big as he could make it. Tommy’s eyes got bigger as he licked his lips and let out a light moan. Ali paused the porno on a scene with the 2 black boys cocks stuffed into the white girl and proceeded to zoom in as much as she could. Josh slid his hand below his shorts and adjusted his cock and balls and tugged on them for a few minutes. Tommy started panting and his cock grew to full mast in his shorts as he watched josh tug at his cock. Ali slipped out of her shirt and bra and then un-paused the porno and slid her hand back into her pants and continued to finger her self, she moaned and got the boys attention. Josh took off his shirt revealing his ripped tanned chest, he then helped Tommy out of the shirt he was wearing revealing his tight boyish tanned chest as well. Both the boys were built quite well since they both went to the same gym 5 times a week and worked out so the ladies would notice their bodies well at least that is what josh thought. Tommy was just going to check out josh while he worked out and check out the other guys as well.

Ali pulled her fingers out of herself and then her hand from underneath her panties and tight pants and proceeded to tweak Tommy’s nipples with her wet fingers and caress his tight boyish chest. Meanwhile, Josh was having some fun himself enjoying the thought that his best friend is turned on by his body he decided to give Tommy a little show and see how far he would go, after all sex is sex no matter who it is with josh thought to himself. Josh started caressing his own nipples pinching and squeezing them, moving his hands all over his ripped chest. Tommy was paying attention now more than ever curious at what josh was going to do next his mouth watering for a taste of the hopping bulge in his best friends shorts. Ali started kissing Tommy’s neck and nipples, moving around his chest making sure to lick suck and kiss every inch of it and not neglect a single part of his body.

Tommy’s cock was jumping uncontrollably in his tight jeans while watching josh excite himself with every touch. Josh moved his hands to his waistline, tummies heart began to race beating faster and harder against his chest and his cock was trying to break free of the tight jean material that was concealing it from the open air. Josh teasingly moved a few fingers under the waistline of his shorts across the from and down the sides, slowly he moved his hands back to the center of his body and then down his happy trail where he paused to play with the little black hairs for a moment. He then proceeded down under his shorts and his tight Tommy Hillfiger boxer briefs that were securing his cock tightly, and adjusted himself.

The bulge in his shorts just grew larger now and outline of his long thick cock could be seen bouncing against the tight material through his underwear and mesh like athletic shorts. Tommy could not believe his eyes, his heart still pounding trying to leap out of his chest his cock bouncing joyously in his pants while he has little orgasmic tingles running through his entire body. Ali still kissing on Tommy sits up and finished undressing herself, she took off her socks and jeans and slipped out of her pink bikini underwear.

She then started to unbutton each button of Tommy’s pants when he reach down and stopped her; secretly he wanted josh to do that for him. Josh slid his mesh like athletic shorts off his hairy tanned legs revealing his tight Tommy Hillfigger boxer briefs. With his left hand he started outlining his hard cock through his tight underwear starting at his dick head and working his way down to the base of his shaft and then continuing on to the bottom of his nutz, with his right hand he gripped his cock through his underwear and squeezed as hard as he could forcing bl**d to move around in his cock and make it look even larger and thicker as it got more excited and pulsed harder. Tommy didn’t realize he was drooling all over himself from the sight in josh's boxer briefs he could hardly contain his feelings and almost burst his hot jizz in his underwear. Ali started caressing josh's chest with her hand while caressing Tommy’s chest with the other. Josh leaned over and started to un button Tommy’s pants, he took his time with each of the buttons down the fly seductively and flirty. After he reached the last of the buttons he grabbed Tommy’s pants by the waist and pulled them off of his hard cock revealing it only inches from josh's hot wet mouth. Tommy tensed his body and his cock jumped trying to reach the hot wet mouth that was positioned perfectly above his cock. Josh tossed Tommy's pants off to the side, straddles between Tommy's legs he started to caressed and kiss on Tommy’s inner thighs while caressing his cock through his undies. Josh rubbed his hard cock against Tommy's leg and tensed it, Tommy’s cock bounced into the air with excitement. Ali was starting to wonder if she was going to get anything out of this. She continued watching the porn; she decided to turn the volume down since there was enough panting and moaning in the room. Her next favorite scene was coming up so she paused the porno once more and zoomed in once she was done zooming she restarted it and looked back at the boys. Josh stands up in from of Tommy and slips his tight fitting boxer briefs off over his perky ass and hard throbbing cock down his tanned hairy legs. His erect throbbing cock extends 9 inches away from his tight body towards Tommy’s face.

Tommy extends his tongue and licks the head of joshes hard cock. Josh’s cock trembles with excitement and he thrusts his hard cock into Tommy’s throat, Tommy makes a choking sound but josh doesn’t pull back Tommy relaxes his throat and starts suckling joshes hot cock. Josh places his hands on the back of Tommy’s head and starts f***efully fucking Tommy’s mouth his hard cock in and out in long hard thrusting rhythm shoving his cock deep inside Tommy's throat pulsing it and trying to spurt shots of pre cum into Tommy’s throat. Ali places her hands on Tommy’s cock and starts caressing it up and down as she tugs at his hard dick teasing his balls with her other hand and she moves up and down on his cock with her other hand. Tommy stretches his arms around josh's body and starts to figure josh’s tight ass, Tommy swirls his fingers around joshes ass pucker and inserts his middle finger into joshes ass. Josh lets out a moan, and Tommy thrusts another finger inside josh's tight ass hole probing in ad out with his fingers as deep as they will go up into josh's body.

Josh thrusts his hard cock in and out of Tommy’s mouth a few more times and then pulls it out and bends down and starts licking on Tommy’s shaft while Ali is tugging Tommy’s dick hard and fast. Josh licks up and down Tommy’s shard caressing it with his tongue teasing Tommy’s dick head with his tongue probing Tommy’s piss slit with his tongue the slowly moves down to Tommy’s tight nuts and rolls his tongue around each of his nutz while sucking and lining all over them.

Josh proceeds farther down between Tommy’s thighs licking and nibbling while lightly rubbing tummy’s tight ass pucker with his middle finger to excite his body even more. Josh lubes his middle finger in his mouth and then slowly slips it up inside of Tommy's tight virgin ass and starts probing in and out exploring the depths of Tommy’s ass with his finger after a few seconds go by josh inserts 2 more fingers trying to spread Tommy’s asshole open wide enough to take his hard throbbing cock. Josh continues licking Tommy’s cock while Ali thrusts her hand up and down tugging on Tommy’s cock.

Josh pulls off of Tommy’s cock and motions for Tommy to stand up for a moment josh sits down on the couch and grabs Tommy and positions Tommy’s tight asshole over his throbbing swollen cock and Tommy slowly starts to sit down on josh's cock inching it deeper and deeper into his body taking all 9 inches of it deep. Ali puts one leg over Tommy’s body and straddles his hard pulsing cock under her pussy and slides it deep inside her. Josh is pumping his large cock in and out of Tommy’s tight virgin ass white Ali rides Tommy’s hard throbbing cock thrusting herself up and down as hard as she can pushing his cock deep inside her hot wet vagina. Tommy has never felt anything like this before being sandwiched between his 2 best friends. Tommy is organizing hard his entire body tingling his ass hole tingling from the hard cock that is thrusting inside him his hard cock tingling inside Ali's wet hole. Josh tenses his hard cock inside Tommy’s body sending shocks and tingles all over Tommy’s insides as Tommy pants and moans louder and louder like a little school girl. Ali is pounding Tommy’s cock in and out of her body forcing josh’s cock to penetrate Tommy’s ass even deeper than before and josh lest out a sighing pant and his cock throbs harder and harder as it fills with his hot load of sperm.

Ali pulls Tommy’s hard cock out of her wet hole and josh does the same they switch positions Tommy on bottom josh in the middle Ali on joshes cock so they all get to experience what it feels like to be in the middle Ali can wait till its her turn. The thought of 2 guys in her holes at once makes her orgasm and cum all over josh’s hard cock. Josh is thrusting his cock in and out of her insides harder and harder pounding his cock deep inside her trying to pound her harder than she has ever been pounded before while Tommy doesn’t even have to move because from all of the pounding josh is doing he is also pounding Tommy’s hard dick inside his ass just as hard as he is pounding his into Ali’s hot pussy.

Josh really likes the feeling of Tommy’s dick in his ass more than the other boys at the gym whom have fucked his ass in the pass. Josh can feel his dick filling up with more sperm and not wanting to blow it inside of Ali he pulls his dick out of her body and continue to ride Tommy’s dick for a few more minute while Ali licks her cum off josh's dick. Josh lifts himself off of Tommy’s cock and they make Ali sit on Tommy’s cock. Ali slowly inserts Tommy’s cock in her ass and positions her self so that josh can put his cock back in her hot wet vagina so she can feel what its like to be sandwiched between 2 friends. Both buys are thrusting there hard cocks in and out of her body pounding the last of their energy into her insides as hard as they can, she starts orgasming in both holes covering both guys cocks with cum from her ass and her vagina at the same time lubing them up even more than they were making it easier for them to pound harder and deeper into her body. Tommy pulls his cock out of Ali’s ass and inserts it into her vagina with joshes; this feeling almost makes him blow his sperm all over the place. He holds his sperm back as best as he can as his dick rubs up against joshes inside Ali’s pussy.

Josh moves his cock in and out of Ali while fucking Tommy’s cock. The boys really enjoy this sensation and wish they had thought of it sooner. Josh and Tommy pull there hard wet cocks out of Ali’s body and stand above her and each shoot their hot loads of sperm all over her body and the couch. Ali rubs her fingers through the hot sticky mess all over her body mixing both loads of sperm and lifts her finger to her lips to taste each of the boys’ juices. Josh bends over and engulfs Tommy’s throbbing cock with his mouth and sucks the reaming sperm out of Tommy’s hard throbbing cock until every last drop has been sucked out of it and swallows each last drop.

Tommy returns the favor and gets on his knees next to josh and sucks every last drop of cum from josh’s throbbing prick and swallows. Ali's body is dripping with the boys hot loads of sperm as well as her vagina is dripping with her own cum the boys both get on their knees between Ali’s legs and lick her clit and probe the inside of her body where they both had just fucked there hard throbbing dicks until she has been licked completely clean of her cum and then they proceed to lick their cum off her body as well until her entire body has been tongue bathed by both boys.

Both Tommy and josh pulled themselves up on the couch one on Ali’s left the other on her right side and snuggled up against her, Ali reached for the blanket at the edge of the couch and coved the boy up the best she could and they all drifted off to sl**p.
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You were right, you do have more great stories. Hard as a rock
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Good story