The following story is a work of erotic fiction intended for entertainment
purposes only. It includes scenes of racial humiliation sex between adolescent peers. This story is not intended to be read by minors or anybody else who may be unduly influenced by its contents. Anyone who believes that they might be offended by the nature of this story should find some other form of entertainment. This story will take a slave route (between whites and blacks of early America)and its quite long, I hope these points are clear, I the author have personally found slavery to be offensive but after reading much about history and how Africans were treated would like to give a erotic point of view and justice to my fellow African ancestors for I too come from Africans despite my skin colour and my cock colour (lol). I hope you all enjoy reading this story as much as I put alot into writing it and its erotic fiction, thank you. And please comment your inputs be it positive or negative.



The first recorded shipment of Africans arrived in the American
colonies in 1619. a*****ed by Dutch slave traders and brought to
Jamestown, the ten frightened and confused Negroes were sold for a
small sum of money and immediately set to work. The black men
labored alongside white men in the homes, farms and businesses of
the hard working colonists. Not as slaves initially it is important
to note, but as household servants and farm laborers who toiled long
hours for their room and board. There was little difference between
a slave and a servant in 1619. That changed, however, and by 1621
the status of the powerless blacks had diminished considerably, on
par with that of plow horse or f****y pet.

Further shipments of saleable human cargo followed on a regular
basis. Negro women were added to the cargo in 1623, c***dren a year
later. Living conditions for the coloreds afforded little privacy;
sexual intercourse, consensual and otherwise was quite common and
pregnancies were inevitable. The first black baby born into slavery
breathed his first breath in 1624. Many more babies followed and the
black population in the colonies increased to more than ten thousand
by 1630.

The Africans, like any property, were not only owned but also sold
legally throughout the colonies. The founding fathers, Washington,
Jefferson, Adams, northerners and southerners all owned slaves. The
biggest market for the Negroes developed in the agricultural south
where cotton was king and the back breaking labor required to grow
the valuable crop was in great demand. The coloreds, their status as
slaves now clearly defined for primarily economic reasons, provided
the free labor that allowed the white plantation owners to amass
great wealth.

The first public slave auction, held in Charleston in 1638, drew an
enthusiastic crowd. Six large black men and two women, stripped
naked for inspection, were put up for bid and sold to Jonathon
Winslow for $25.00 each. Less than the prices bid for the then more
valuable plow horses, mules and cattle that also went on the auction
block that fine summer day. The humiliated Negroes, naked and
tethered together like a****ls, were herded to the nearby branding
shed with the other livestock. They emerged moments later with tear
streaked faces, in pain and shock from the white hot poker that had
seared a large JW on their dark flanks.

The price for prime slaves increased dramatically at subsequent
well-attended public auctions. Trading in Negroes, buying and
selling the niggers as they came to be called in the south, became
a lucrative business unto itself. Big muscular males to work in the
cotton fields regularly sold at auction for $1,200, adult females
for the fields or plantation house were worth slightly less.
c***dren, and there were many slave c***dren born in what can only
be called captivity, were valued by age: $10 per year until they
were six and could do small chores, $20 thereafter until they were
twelve and could handle hard labor.

Pretty black c***dren, boys as well as girls, suitable for training
as personal slaves sold for premium prices. As often as not these
little ones were used in the most intimate of ways.

The affair between Thomas Jefferson and his slave Sally Hemmings,
the c***dren she bore him, is but one of many examples of a master
and slave relationship leading to a sexual relationship between the
races. Scores of light skinned Negroes, slaves still, became
increasingly visible on every plantation. A few eyebrows were
raised, but nothing was done until a white girl from a fine
Mississippi f****y gave birth to a black baby.

The reaction was immediate and predictable. A nigger slave,
considered by most to be nothing more than a dumb a****l, mating
with and impregnating a white girl sent shockwaves of horror and
disgust throughout the south. Laws were quickly enacted prohibiting
such outrageous behavior. White men continued to have their way with
black slaves, none were ever prosecuted under these laws. But a
black man who dared to so much as look at a white woman was soundly
whipped, castrated or dragged to the hanging tree and lynched.


James Winslow, a descendant of Jonathon Winslow, was a coarse,
earthy man with a sharp mind and far reaching ideas. His Mississippi
plantation was known for the particularly fine variety of disease
resistant cotton he had developed over many years of painstakingly
tedious cross-pollination. His herd of black angus cattle and his
thoroughbred horses were, through years of carefully controlled
breeding, the finest of their kind in the south. James Winslow was
proud of his cotton, cattle and horses, and equally proud of his six
hundred slaves.

"Best damn niggers y'alls ever seen," he boasted while showing
visitors around. "Winslow reared niggers'll outwork any other nigger
slaves in the county." It was no idle boast.

The disciplines James Winslow brought to the growing of cotton and
the breeding of cattle and horses, he also brought to the management
of his slaves; his two legged a****ls as he often called them.
Winslow slaves were uniformly dark skinned to withstand the hot sun,
the males big and well muscled to withstand the back breaking labor,
the females sturdy and wide and big breasted to bear and suckle many

James Winslow left nothing to chance, mother nature or uncontrolled,
unsupervised sex among his slaves. By selectively cross-breeding his
best slaves, forcibly mating helpless young females with prime stud
males, he obtained offspring with the physical characteristics and
even temperment he wanted in a slave.

"They's only niggers," he responded dismissively when questioned
about the humanity of the practice. "Can't have dumb-ass niggers
breeding like rabbits, when they want and with whoever they want.
Carefully breeding niggers is good for'em, good for the species."

Good too for James Winslow when he sold prime young slaves at
auction for premium prices.

"Breeding niggers is the lord's work."

Other slave owners attempted to replicate Winslow's lucrative
breeding program, achieving limited success. My dumb niggers won't
fuck when I put them together, was the chief complaint. The females
are too dry to be penetrated by a cock and the males don't get
aroused, were two others.

"They's niggers, Tom, not half as smart as horses," Winslow
patiently explained to Thomas Jackson, Jr. in the spring of 1857.
"They's too dumb to mate naturally when you put them in the stall

Thomas Jackson, Sr. had died suddenly and unexpectedly the previous
year, leaving his s*******n year old son with the burden of caring
for his ailing mother, three younger s****rs and two hundred slaves.
Tom was hardly up to the task and the plantation was failing. James
Winslow, father of a homely twenty year old daughter, saw an
opportunity to marry Scarlet to Tom and add to his holdings.

"Y'alls got to bring the females to heat, Tom, make them receptive
for mating. The males need stimulation to get their attention to
the business at hand. You ever been with a woman, boy? Ever had

Tom shuffled his feet in the loose dirt outside the breeding barn.
"No, sir," he replied, turning away from James Winslow to hide his
blushing face.

Shame surged through his body as the half lie left his lips and the
terrible guilt he felt over his father's death returned with a
vengeance. He could not forget the horrified look of disgust on his
father's face, the last words he gasped while clutching his chest,
"Nigger Lover," before his heart gave out. Thomas Jackson, Sr.,
stricken by the sight of his naked son masturbating while being
ravaged by two slaves, was dead before he hit the ground.

The shock was so great that Tom froze in place on his hands and
knees. Toby, his slave and best friend, had to pry Tom's mouth open,
so tightly were Tom's lips clenched around Toby's penis. "Pull out,
George, and run for help," Toby shouted to a huge black man, another
slave whose penis was lodged in Tom's ass.

"I'm stuck in him," a frightened George replied. "His ass be holdin'
mah dick like a vise."

Toby raced around to help, spreading Tom's cheeks and probing the
rigid sphincter muscle with his finger. George pushed and pulled for
several minutes, popped free, and promptly climaxed all over Tom's
bare back. Toby managed to get Tom home and into a bath with no one
being the wiser.

James Winslow stared at the fine looking boy who claimed to be a
virgin. If he was telling the truth, Winslow had his doubts, then
Tom was indeed a perfect match for his innocent Scarlet who was
unable to attract a man on her own. Winslow decided to probe a
little further.

"Be honest with me boy," Winslow said. "We're both men. You ever
have your way with one of your slaves, boy? Have a nigger gal in
your bed for sexual intercourse?"

"A colored girl? No, sir, never, Mr. Winslow," Tom responded
honestly and with conviction while thoughts of Toby crept into his
mind. "No colored girl has ever been in my bed."

"Good," Winslow said, convinced by Tom's sincerity and further
convinced that he would make the perfect husband for his virginal
Scarlett. "Let's go inside now and I'll show you how we breed horses
and niggers."


Toby, eight years old, was purchased from James Winslow and given to
Thomas Jackson on the boy's sixth birthday. Assigning a slave to
each member of the f****y was a common practice among plantation
owners. Toby was a big boy for his age, black as night and even
without the small JW stamped on his heel, identifiable as a product
of Winslow's breeding program.

Toby obediently followed his Master Tom everywhere, like a shadow,
and slept at the foot of Tom's bed. The little boys played
together, ate together, bathed together...Tom eventually taught Toby
how to read and write, and became fast friends. Tom looked up to
Toby who was so much bigger and stronger than he was. Toby was
fearless, leading Tom to places and doing adventurous things that
Tom was afraid to do on his own.

"How many has she had?" Tom asked after secretly visiting Toby's
mother and her new born baby at the Winslow slave quarters.

"I was number nine," Toby said. "Then my momma had four more and now
this one...f******n altogether."

"f******n babies, wow! Your daddy must be proud."

"I don't know who my daddy is," Toby said softly. "My momma's a
breeder slave. She has sex with lots of different men every day
until she gets pregnant. No tellin' which one is the daddy."

Tom was stunned and very disturbed, but said nothing as they slowly
walked home. There were slaves chopping cotton in the vast Winslow
fields and slaves tending the garden and slaves minding white
c***dren and slaves everywhere Tom looked. They're human beings too,
he thought, suddenly feeling guilty that he was born white. "What's
it like being a slave?" He finally said to Toby. "I mean, like, how
do you feel about it?"

"What's it like being my master?" Toby responded with a question of
his own. "I'm your slave, your nigger..."

"You're not my nigger!" Tom shouted angrily. He hated that word.
"You're my friend. Now tell me."

Toby explained his feelings as best he could. "It's hard to put it
into words," he said as they arrived home. "You got to be a slave
boy to really understand what it's like to be owned by somebody,
Tom, like property. Yes master, no master, all day long."

Tom Jackson thought about it all through dinner and on into the
evening. He made his decision when Toby went upstairs to prepare his

"You can't," Toby said when Tom told him what he had decided.
"You're white."

"I can and I will be your slave, Toby. I mean Master Toby." The
words came out easily and Tom felt as though a great weight had been
lifted from his shoulders.

"Tonight I'll be your slave boy and do whatever you say. I'll start
by giving you a bath."

"This is crazy," Toby said as Tom stripped him naked and urged him
into the tub.
™"Maybe so," Tom said as he took the soap in hand and started to wash
his friend's back. "But it's something I want to do and you sure do
need a bath."

"You need one too," Toby said. "Why don't you get in with me like
we used to do." Toby grinned at Tom, then added, "Slave boy."

Tom grinned back and took off all his clothes. "Yes, Master," he
said and climbed into the tub.

They had bathed together as c***dren, though not since reaching
puberty. Tom's soapy hands on his body caused him to stiffen and
when Tom asked him to stand so he could wash his legs, Toby was
fully erect.

"You got a woodie," Tom said, staring in awe at the size of Toby's
erection. He felt a stirring between his own legs and with it came
an irresistible urge to touch his friend's penis. He looked up at
Toby who was enjoying his role as the master and asked. "You want me
to wash it?"

Before being sold, Toby, along with other prepubescent boys worked
in the Winslow breeding barn. One side of the large barn was
reserved for the horses. Fury, one of Winslow's big black stallions
needed no encouragement once he caught the scent of a mare in heat.
His giant horse cock, which almost reached the floor, quivered with
excitement, his huge balls hanging heavy with semen swayed as he was
lead to the waiting mare. He mounted her quickly, four small black
hands struggled to position his leathery cock at the mare's frothy
hole, and Fury thrust himself home.

It was all over within minutes. Seed deposited, Fury withdrew and
promptly emptied his bladder on the two young slaves who were too
exhausted from their efforts to move away from the powerful stream
of urine. Fury was lead back to his stall for a bucket of oats and
a well deserved rest.

The other side of the large barn was reserved for the breeding of
Negro slaves. There were ten breeding stalls, each outfitted with a
specially designed rack. Strapped to each rack on her stomach, only
humans copulated face to face, was a black female. She was naked,
spreadeagled, accessible and ready to be prepped for the first and
most difficult of the three f***ed matings she would undergo this
day and every day until she became pregnant.

Three big males from James Winslow's pool of Negro studs would
service her and unlike the breeding mares in heat on the other side
of the barn, females who were already wet and ready to mate, each of
these breeding females, especially the virgins, had to be coaxed
into heat. This was accomplished by a team of young slave boys.

Two boys suckled at her dark breasts while two others lapped at the
folds of her exposed vagina. The intense oral work on her erogenous
zones had its desired effect and she slowly, but inevitably became
aroused. The foreplay continued until the bound female shuddered and
climaxed, causing her natural lubrication to flow. Thusly readied
for her initial penetration and insemination, a tethered black male
with his hands tied behind his back was brought in and secured in
place between the female's wide spread legs.

The more delicate task of orally stimulating the often times
reluctant male to erection required skill and timing to prevent the
punishable offense of premature ejaculation. Too much stimulation,
one suck too many on the cockhead emerging from the foreskin and the
sperm required to impregnate the female might wind up in the boy's
mouth or all over his face. Too little and the hard won erection
might be lost before the boy could insert the male's cock into the
receptive female to achieve a successful mating.

Once connected, the male's reproductive instinct caused him to
thrust deeply into the female who responded with instincts of her
own. The mating continued under the watchful eye of the breeding
master, and others who came to enjoy the entertaining spectacle,
until the male released his seed. A successfully spent male was lead
back to his holding pen, fed chicken and watermelon, then returned
to the cotton fields.

Males who failed to perform, failed to ejaculate inside the female,
boys with semen in their mouths or dripping from their faces were
tied to a tree and whipped. Toby learned the oral skills required
quickly and well, so well in fact that the six year old black boy
spent many an unhappy hour on his bare knees with a white cock in
his mouth...and shortly before he was sold to the Jackson's, with
many a white cock in his ass.

Rhett Winslow, fifteen, a f****y cousin from Arkansas and first time
visitor to the breeding barn was introduced by Hank the breeding
master to the pleasures of Toby's oral skills.

"Watchin' them dumb niggers fuckin' like dogs makes a man all
stirred up," Hank said to Rhett as yet another spent male was lead
away and fresh one, already half erect took his place. Rhett, his
mouth dry as dust, his penis hard as stone, nodded in agreement.

Hank nudged Rhett, pointing out the new male whose name was George.
"Wouldya look at the horse cock on that big nigger? Gonna split
that nigger pussy bitch wide open like a watermelon. Big nigger
won't need no help from Toby."

Rhett's mouth dropped open and his hand dropped to hide his pulsing

"You need some help with that, boy?" Hank chuckled.

Rhett, a virgin, nodded, his thoughts turning to where he could go
to take certain matters in hand.

"Mr. Winslow don't allow white men or boys to be foolin' with the
nigger gals," the master said to Rhett. "He never said nothin' about
the nigger boys. You ever had a blow job, son, get your dick

Hank didn't wait for Rhett's answer, he turned to the stalls and
called out, "Toby!"

"Yessir," came back immediately.

"You ain't doin' nothin' with that nigger's cock, boy. Get your
black ass over here."

Toby came running. "Yessir?"

"Get down on your knees, boy."


"This is Rhett Winslow, boy."

Toby peeked up then quickly lowered his head. Staring at a white
person was ill advised for a slave.

"He's got a little problem that you're gonna take care of, boy."


"Open his pants, boy, and take out his dick."

Toby hesitated, he had never touched a white person before.

"Take out his dick, boy, and stroke it!"

Toby hastened to obey and accomplished the task with no great
difficulty. He had to stifle a laugh...Rhett's little white erection
was so much smaller than the large black cocks he handled every day.
The bright little boy knew that this was different from what he had
to do in the breeding stalls, this was wrong.

"You ever see a white dick, boy?"

"No sir."

"Nice, ain't it?"

Toby hated his job in the stalls, the smell, the sticky mess, the
taste of a sweaty man as he licked and sucked him to erection. I
won't always be a slave, he promised himself every night as he cried
himself to sl**p. Someday I'll be free. Some day I'll be my own

"Answer me, boy!"


"Yessir, what, boy?

"Yessir, Master Hank, it's a nice white dick."

"Give it a kiss, boy. Kiss that nice white dick."

Some day things will be different, Toby thought, then touched his
lips to the white penis.

"Give that white dick a real kiss, boy! Kiss that dick like you'd
kiss your momma."

Someday, Toby thought as he planted a big wet kiss on the head of
Rhett's penis.

"Nice white dick," Hank said, taking Rhett's penis in hand and
rubbing it around Toby's face and clenched lips. "Open your mouth,
boy, for this nice white dick?"

Toby closed his teary eyes and slowly opened his mouth. The last
thing he heard as Rhett pushed into his mouth, as he tasted the
precum oozing from the tip...before he let his mind go blank, the
last thing he heard was the breeding master's voice.

"Nice white dick...suck it, nigger."

"You want me to wash it, Master?" Tom said again, thinking Toby
hadn't heard him.
™Toby tried to push the unpleasant c***dhood memories from his mind.
It was no easy task. Rhett Winslow had used him sexually for a
month, sharing him with other cousins and scores of other white boys
from nearby plantations before returning to Arkansas.

The humiliation of being stripped naked, the pain of kneeling for
hours before so many white boys, the taste of semen that was
continuously in his mouth, his swollen anus that oozed the
ejaculations of too frequent f***ed penetrations were constant
reminders of what he had become.

A white boy's whore, the other slaves called him when they wished to
be kind to poor Toby. A white boy's cocksucker and a white boy's
pussy when they wished to be cruel. Rhett's departure made no
difference, the white boys continued to abuse Toby until the day he
was sold.

Toby took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Maybe some day had

"Nah," he said looking down at Tom with a gleam in his eye and
authority in his voice. "I want you to kiss it, slave. Kiss that
nice black dick."

Tom, resolved to live the slave experience no matter the cost, let
the soap fall from his hand. Toby's dick wasn't just a dick, its
hardness symbolized every black slave that wanted to rise up and
stand tall, be free of white oppression. By kissing a black boy's
dick, showing it respect, Tom felt he was taking the first step on
the long road to black freedom and salvation.

Tom showered Toby's cock with kisses as though every time the firm
black flesh touched his soft pink lips another slave was set free.
His own arousal, the tingling sensation radiating from between his
legs and spreading throughout his body was an unexpected pleasure.
A feeling so wonderful that, respect aside, it was reason enough to
continue kissing Toby's dick.

Tom felt Toby's hands on the back of his head, drawing him in, and
then on his ears, holding him back. He looked up, puzzled, eager to
return to his ministrations and waited for Toby to speak.

"You know what I want you to do now, slave boy?"

"What, Master Toby?" Tom panted as he gently stroked the boys's
erect penis with one hand and his own raging organ with the other.

"I want you to suck it."

"Suck it?"

"Take it in your mouth and suck that nice black dick."

Suck a dick? A black dick? Yes, of course, Tom thought, his hand
moving faster and faster beneath the surface of the water. What
better way to show my commitment to racial equality than to suck a
black boy's dick? And maybe, just maybe if I want to, maybe let
this black boy ejaculate sperms in my mouth.

Tom brought Toby's penis to his lips and licked away the tiny tear
that had formed at the tip. The clean taste of the mysterious drop
made him tremble...left him hungry for more, left him anxious to
take Toby's cock in his mouth.

Toby, however, was not to be rushed and he held Tom back by his
ears. "You like that nice black dick, don't you, boy?" He said,
savoring this long awaited moment. A white boy, naked and on his
knees, slavishly submissive to him was a moment too wonderful to

"You want it in your mouth, boy? "You want to suck that nice black
dick, don't you, boy?"

Tom licked his lips, straining forward. "Yes, Master, please,
Master." Tears of desperation appeared in Tom's eyes as Toby
continued to hold him back by his ears. He could hold out no longer.
"Please, Master Toby, let me have it in my mouth. Please let me suck
your black dick."

The two sighs of pleasure merged into one as Tom closed his lips
around the head of Toby's cock, shuddered and immediately climaxed.
A milky cloud of semen containing enough sperm to father a million
white babies was released into the bath water. His hands now free to
wander, his mouth alive with the taste of cock, Tom grasped Toby's
quivering flanks and began to suck.

Toby thrust slowly and methodically and deeply into Tom's wet mouth.
The sight of his black dick sliding between pink lips, his black
shaft sliding into the mouth of a white boy was just too good to
rush. Only...Tom was too eager, too aggressive, Toby realized. He
wasn't submitting like Toby had had to submit, sucking cock because
he had to. Tom Jackson was on his knees with a dick in his mouth
because he wanted to.

Toby began to thrust harder and faster, working for his climax.
We'll see how much he likes it, Toby thought, how much this white
boy likes it when I fill his mouth with jizz.

"I'll do better next time," Tom said as he followed Toby back to his

Toby said nothing. He lay back on Tom's comfortable bed and stared
at the strange white boy who liked to suck dick.

"Really I will," Tom continued, eyeing Toby's cock and the streak of
white semen on the inside of his thigh. "Now that I know how much
semen you make I'll be able to swallow it all when you cum."

Toby, deep in thought, put his hands behind his head and spread his
legs. This strange white boy standing at the foot of his own bed not
only likes to suck dick, but he actually likes the taste of jizz.

"Can I do it, suck you again, Master Toby?"

He's not my slave at all, Toby realized as Tom crawled between his
legs and licked away the streak of semen he'd missed before. He's a
slave to my black dick.

"You can suck me later, boy," Toby said sternly. "First I want you
to go to the kitchen and fetch some lard."

Tom continued to lap at Toby's balls for another moment, then
climbed out of the bed to obey the strange request. He reached for
his robe, the kitchen was in a separate building some distance from
the main house, and dropped it when Toby said, "Go naked, slave

Tom hurried to his task, oblivious to the reason why Toby wanted
lard in the middle of the night, but anxious to return to the warmth
between his legs. Unseen by Tom, an elderly kitchen slave watched
as he scooped some lard into a bowl.

The wise old lady squinted to see which of one of the young black
boys had been sent by his master. Boy won't be walkin' so good, or
sittin' come the morning, she thought with disgust, searching for
her specs. Damn white boys cornholin' black boys...the good lord
outta strike them down to burn in hell.


Thomas Jackson yielded to the pressure and the needs of his f****y
and married Scarlett Winslow shortly after Abraham Lincoln issued
the Emancipation Proclamation.

"Damn niggers think they're free," James Winslow was heard to say at
the wedding. "Niggers have been slaves since they came to this great
country more than two hundred and fifty years ago. Niggers will
always be slaves, it's in their bl**d, and no piece of paper is
going to make us white folks give up our way of life or our

The newlyweds were conspicuously absent while the bride's father was
making his speech. The guests and a very happy James Winslow, who
feared that his daughter would die an old maid, just assumed that
the groom was starting the honeymoon a little early.

Tom and Scarlett were indeed together, naked, their wedding clothes
s**ttered around the floor of her bedroom. The blushing bride, a
virgin, was on her knees, fondling her husband's flacid penis. Tom
began to stiffen, achieve erection only when Toby joined the happy

Scarlett's shriek died in her throat, frozen in place, she watched
in amazement as her husband first kissed the tip of his slave's
penis then took the rapidly growing organ into his mouth. Scarlett
blanched, but obeyed a moment later when Tom brought Toby's huge
penis to her lips and told her to suck the nice black dick.

The Civil War brought many changes to the south and the southern way
of life. James Winslow did not live long enough to see them. He
died, by his own hand, the day after Scarlett gave birth to twin
boys; one white baby and one black.
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Im glad you liked it alot @ moreplease it was a joy to write and the plot twist at the ending as well.
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Elegant, as well as informative! The imagery was absolutely palatable sweetie! The depth of passion with which you create these visions, speaks volumes to the inner you. This was like a cool mist soothing my mind.....Thanks hun.